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Cosmetic Modifications

By 007_SuperCoupe

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After I got some of my performance modifications completed, I decided to start upgrading the appearance of my ride.

First up was a fiberglass hood. At the time my options were limited to a Cervini Mach I hood, an SCP Cobra R hood or an SCP Cowl Induction hood. I prefered the look of the SCP Cobra R with the ram air that was available for the '94-'97 Thunderbirds, but not for the '89-'93 Thunderbirds. I made a few phone calls and although it arrived 2 months past the initial projected delivery date, I received the first production Cobra R hood with ram air for the '89-'93 Thunderbird.

Next upgrade was the bumper...and what a story that is...

First off, when I got the hood, I had a new bumper installed because the bumper that was on the car when I purchased it was in less than good condition with paint rubbed off and torn bottom with no airdam. The new(er) bumper I had on a parts car, so I simply had it repainted and installed. That lasted about 3 months until someone pulled out in front of me and messed that one up. It had too many coats of paint for the body shop to deal with it, so I ended up getting one of the last remaining NOS bumpers in the country. It took 3 weeks to find and another week to be shipped. It was installed and looking great for about 6 months until it got torn off at a curb stop (I was not driving it then!). The I searched to find an early style bumper for the Super Coupe that had the SC embossed on the front. I also purchased a Xenon air dam to make the appearance a little more aggressive (it needed it with the hood) and am installing a motion sensor system in the air dam to warn of approaching items that could damage the bumper. All-in-all the front bumper has cost me about $4500 where as my go-fast parts have only cost me about $3000...Yeah, more money in the front bumper than in making it faster. But I want it to look the part as well as perform.


By 007_SuperCoupe

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My last major modification was getting ported heads installed on my SC.

Basically what I wanted to do was find out how much I could get out of a ported head, but retaining the stock sized valves and cam. I had them ported by a very reputable porter with better than excellent results. The end result was a gain of about 20 rwhp and 20 rwtq from the heads alone. My SC dyno'd in the neighborhood of 265 rwhp and 350 rwtq. I did discover that I had major belt slip above 4300 rpm limiting my overall gains.

In the future, I will install large valve heads with a custom grind cam to get the absolute most out of my heads. I plan on installing these when I install my Cobra supercharger.

Custom Double Intercooler (DIC)

By 007_SuperCoupe

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Another modification that was required by increasing performance was a better IC to cool my intake temps down. I wanted to keep a stock style set-up so I decided on an IC that fits in the stock location and uses 2 stock IC cores. I didn't actually do the welding, but I do more of the design and I've got a close friend who is a excellent aluminum welder. We installed a custom diffuser in the IC to provide better cooling efficiency and shaped the return end tank to reduce air turbulance. After my IC, we refined the design further to provide for better clearance under a stock hood with taller engine mounts. The fan shroud was a requirement to increase the effectiveness of my IC fan. It has been dyno tested to show is effectiveness. Ambient temp, 76*F 4th dyno pull maximum intake temperatures did not exceed 95*F.

This DIC will be removed when I install the Cobra supercharger on my SC.

Supercharger mods

By 007_SuperCoupe

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The first major modification that I performed was the installation of a Gen II M90 from a '94-'95 Super Coupe. This alone provided for about a 20 rwhp increase due to more efficient gearing and coated rotors. I also rebuilt the supercharger and ported both the inlet and outlet of the supercharger.

On the inlet plenum, I had the EGR port filled in with aluminum epoxy and ported to match my aftermarket throttle body. This provides for a much smoother intake that in turn increases hp.

It now sports a 10% OD pulley keeping boost in line at about 14 psi.

I have lofty plans for my future supercharger upgrade. I plan on custom building a lower intake manifold that I will install an '03-'04 Cobra supercharger onto with the liquid to air intercooler.

Initial journal entry to provide a history of what I've done...

By 007_SuperCoupe

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I purchased this car in 2003 in nearly stock form. The only modifications it had at that time were being lowered and a Trans-Go shift kit in the AOD.

I have since installed all the items listed on my modification page, and some of those parts had to be home made in order to get it to work the way I wanted it to.

All the work that I have done (painting excluded) I have done myself or have had a "helping hand" along the way. I take great pride in saying, "I did that" instead of I paid someone to do that.

Some examples of things I've had a large hand in developing is the double intercooler with fan shroud and (an uninstalled at this time) lower intake manifold.

I'll provide a few journal entries to describe the major modifications that I have to date.

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