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The 1977 Bandit Trans Am Back in its day!

By 1978Bandit

Just imagine if you could go back in time with the money you have today, and buy a 1977 Special Edition Black and Gold Trans Am fresh off the lot!!

What do you prefer, the 2012 ZL1 Camaro? or the 2013 Shelby GT 500?

By 1978Bandit

What do you guys think? I would like to see what kind of interesting opinions you all have! All comments welcomed, but please no vulgar language.

Thanks! :)

College for Racing

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! So I've been looking around for a while for a College that is specifically for Formula 1 racing, NASCAR, etc... Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks!

Hero or Villain?

By 1978Bandit

If You Were A Super Hero or Villain, Who Would You Be? And Why?

Creative comments welcomed

Wing Chun Club?

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys, Ive been thinking about creating my own 'Wing Chun' Club and teach those who would want to learn about the Chinese Martial Art at my University. What do you think? Good or Bad?

What's Your All-Time Favorite Movie?

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! Whats your favorite movie of all time? And why? :)

Walk-through in "Movie Car" show room at McAllen Car Fest 2012!!

By 1978Bandit

Enjoy the video!! :D
My car is the Smokey and the Bandit!!

Targets All New Motorized Kart That Will Get You From 0 to OHH SH*TT in 2.3 Seconds!!

By 1978Bandit


Video down Below!!!

Repost of Car Fest Car Show Coming Up Jan, 27th-29th at McAllen Convention Center

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! This is a repost on the Car Show this January! Remember the theme is Movie Cars: The famous Smokey and the Bandit, Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, The Back to the Future DeLorean (Time Machine), the Ghostbusters Wagon, and much more will be at the Car Fest!! The Car Show will be this January 27th-29th, 2012!! The application deadline was January 12th, 2012 to put your car into the show.

->> Time Doors Open:
-Friday, January 27th: 4:00pm-8:00pm
-Saturday, January 28th: 10:00am-8:00pm
-Sunday, January 29th: 10:00am-6:00pm

-Adults: $10.00
-Seniors: $ 7.00
-Students ages 13-18: $7.00
-Kids 1-2yrs: FREE

-3 Day Pass $25.00

->> Location: off expressway 83 across from The Zone "McAllen Convention Center"

Good Car Names!

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys!! I've been wondering as to what to name my car, I've been trying to find the best name that suits it, but I can't make up my mind as to which one... If you guys could help me out and give me ideas to names that might be a good suit, then by all means let me know :)

***Here are some names I've thought about for a good while***
->> Marilyn*
->> Evelyn*
->> Norah*
->> Lauren*
->> Sharon*

Leave all suggestions in the comments please :)
Thanks!! :D

->> I've added pictures and a Video down below for more of my 1978 Trans Am!!

2012 Car Fest Reminder!!

By 1978Bandit

Hey Guys!! The Car Fest Futuring The Famous Movie Cars is just around the Corner!! Remember to visit my Blog Posts to get ALL details on the Event!! Thanks!!

Below are some pics and a video of the last years Car Fest just so you can have an Idea more or less what to expect!!

New Pics of My Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am For The Car Show In January!!

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! These pic's were taken today and im loving them!! My car had its pictures taken in an indoor enviornment and the lighting was just perfect!! Check out my photos for yourself!!

All comments or questions are welcomed!!

Also go check out my Blog posts if you havent already for the details about the upcomming Car Show this January at the McAllen Convention Center!!

My Trans Am will be featured at the Car Show as the "Smokey and the Bandit" Car with props from the movie!

Back to the Future Time Machine "DeLorean" Making appearance at 2012 Car Fest

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! The Back to the Future DeLorean will be making its appearance this January 2012 at the Car Fest carshow!! Go onto my garage and check out all the details under the Blogs section for the 2012 Car Fest carshow Update!!

Any questions or comments are welcomed down below! :)

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

By 1978Bandit

There have been millions of sightings of the Paranormal in homes, museums, grave yards, the forest, public places, etc... And many people have shared their stories of Ghostly Encounters, whether it be with loved ones who have passed on, or just spirits that occasionally come and go... Sometimes people feel like they're beeing watched when no one else is around. And hear noises that are unexplainable when they're alone in a home or place. And some have even been disturbed while sleeping.
My personal experience with the Paranormal has happened to me more than once. As I was sleeping in my room, I started to hear humming from what sounded like a little child. At first I thought it was my little brother since I share a room with him, however he was sound asleep. So I just layed back down, and as I was falling into a deep sleep I heard the humming again and felt a presence walking in the hallway that leads to my room. And I felt whoever it was that had been there, had put their hand on my shoulder and had started to rub my arm up and down, and as this was happening I couldnt move for some reason. I was literally paraliazed. I signaled my body to move but someone or something was holding me down and I started to have trouble breathing. And this entity just kept humming this distinct tune while rubbing thier hand up and down my arm, and their hand felt as cold as Ice, and was that of a little childs hand. Then all of a sudden, I finally managed to move shortly after I felt that entity start pulling my pillow over my head as if to suffocate me. And I fought and fought it and tried to curse it out in the name of Jesus, but I couldnt speak. Then finally I fought so much that I finally broke free from whatever it was that was there and loudly said, "I rebuke you in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!" Then once those words came out of my mouth I saw a figure run faster than a Track Star out from my room into the hallway and disappeared into the darkness. And I felt my right arm and it felt as if i had that arm in an Ice-Chest. Then I casted it out once more and then after that, I saw a white figure scurry from one corner of the hallway to the other, then I suddenly felt a Heavenly Peace throughout my body and was at ease as if nothing had happened. Ever since then I havent had another experience like that again. Except for one time when I was Sound asleep and felt someone or something literally pulling my whole body off of my bed. I tried to fight it so much, but I was completely paralyzed and like before I tried to make words come out of my mouth to cast it out and nothing came out but mubbling... And so I Yelled in my head "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! Jesus!! Jesus!!" Then whatever it was let me go and I was able to finally wake from my paralyzed body and my entire body was Ice cold!! Then I got up from my bed and said, " I do not fear you! For I have been given the authority over you by God! And you do not scare me, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! I command you in the name of Jesus to leave!! For my home is God's sanctuary, and my body is God's temple!!" Then once I said that I felt peace in my heart and was instantly able to rest in peacefullness.
These things I have shared are 100% true and not made up, my experiences with the Paranormal have been since I was a child, but those two are the most recent ones I can remember perfectly.

->>So tell me guys/and girls, have you ever experienced Paranormal Activity? are you a believer in Ghosts/Spirits?
->>All comments or personal experiences are welcomed in the comment section below.

2012 Car Show at McAllen Convention Center Update

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! I just recently got updated on the Car Show this January! Remember the theme is Movie Cars so I encourage you to head out there and enjoy the Famous Movie Cars listed and many more other great muscle cars, classics, olds, and exotics! The famous Smokey and the Bandit, Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, The Back to the Future DeLorean (Time Machine), and the Ghostbusters Wagon!! The Car Show will be this upcoming January 27th-29th, 2012!! Those of you that are planning to show off your cars the application deadline is January 12th, 2012!! Special thanks to for updated information!! Go check out their website for Trans Am related posts!!

->>Time Doors Open:
-Friday, January 27th: 4:00pm-8:00pm
-Saturday, January 28th: 10:00am-8:00pm
-Sunday, January 29th: 10:00am-6:00pm

-Adults: $10.00
-Seniors: $ 7.00
-Students ages 13-18: $7.00
-Kids 1-2yrs: FREE

-3 Day Pass $25.00


By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds will be making her appearence soon this January 2012! Car Show in McAllen Tx, go check out my web page Blog Posts for info on the Car Show!!

Smokey and the Bandit

By 1978Bandit

The Movie that had everyone falling all over that 1977 Black and Gold Trans Am!! This car was a "Must Have" in the late 70's and is still an Icon to this day!! Starring: Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed, Sally Field, and Jacky Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justic
The Smokey and the Bandit car will make its appearance this January 2012 at the McAllen Convention Center for the "Movie Car" Car Show! Go to my web page to see my blog posts i have about the Car Show this January 2012. There are also other famous Movie Cars that will make their appearance there! Just go check out my blog posts!
If any comments or questions or details needed feel free to leave any statement in the comment section below! Thanks!

Santa's Going as Fast as He Can!!!

By 1978Bandit

Thinking about going Christmas shopping this year? Think again...
This year Santa's got it all covered! He's hauling it all the way to the stores and back to the North Pole so he can wrap the gifts up, and send them to you on Christmas Morning!! Since all his reindeer were killed during hunting season, he must now do Christmas the old fasion way! By using a mopet! However, if you're on the Naughty list he's just going to throw Toliet Paper All Over Your House!! Lol!
So on what list do you think you're on? The Naughty or Nice List?? And were you the one who shot and killed Santa's reindeer?!! Haha!!
All creative and interesting reponses are welcomed in the comment section below!
And remember, Santa's always watching...... and don't be surprised if he leaves a note in your wallet saying he borrowed a few bucks! After all, he clearly needs the gas money!!

Chick-Fila Carshow This Upcomming Weekend December 17, 2011

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! For those of you that live in the RGV, there is going to be a Car Show at Chick-Fila in Mission TX, off of expressway 83 and Shary Rd. Go check it out and take a look at some nice olds, classics, muscle cars, and some exotics. It starts from 6 pm to 9 pm. For every car that shows up gets one free coupon for a chick-fila!

2012 Car Show at McAllen Convention Center

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! This January there is going to be an AMAZING Car Show that is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I must share with you! The theme of the car show is going to be Movie Cars, and they will be featuring the following cars: Smokey and the Bandit's Trans Am, The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, Gone in 60 second's Eleanor (1967 Shelby GT 500), the Back to the Future's Time Machine (DeLorean), the Ghost Busters wagon, and the rest of the Convention Center will be filled inside with LOTS and LOTS of classic cars, trucks, and displays!! As well as outdoor activities and cook-offs!! Live music, and many, MANY great things for a fun-filled family weekend!! I will get more details this comming week and will update my web page so be sure to visit it and dont miss out!!

All comments or creative reponses/ questions are welcomed!!
Thank you!

Location is McAllen Texas, off of expressway 83. near The Zone Action Park.

Which do you prefer... Bandit or General Lee?

By 1978Bandit

Hey Guys! Which movie car suits you best The Bandit's Trans Am, or the Duke Boys' General Lee?!

Leave all responses in the comment section below!
Thanks! & Merry Christmas!!

[Dukes of Hazzard "safe" scene]

Luke: I said no Bo, NOO!
Bo: Ohhh.... I thought you said go...

[Smokey and the Bandit "Road Block Scene"]

Alabama State Trooper: Did you see that? They went right through our roadblock!
Buford T. Justice: You som'b*tches couldn't close an umbrella!

But all I want for Christmas is...

By 1978Bandit


What's on your Christmas List??
Leave all creative and interesting responses in the comment section below! ;)

Movie Cars

By 1978Bandit

Hey guys! Ever since i was a little boy, well about 6-7 years old, my father introduced me to The Smokey and the Bandit movie and from then on I've been hooked on that 1977 TransAm, and now i actually own a 1978 TransAm just like the movie!! [In the words of Buford T. Justice] "Where are you, you SUMBITCH?!!" Haha, I love that quote, he's classic!! Now my next plan is getting my hands on that sexy new BRE-Burt Reynolds Edition Bandit TransAm!! In a 20 or whatever years... uhmm... Anyone got 100k?? LOL, So tell me, Whats your favorite Movie Car and/or Quote?

Leave your answers in the comments section, Thanks! & Merry Christmas!!

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