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Building new "Genesis" 427 Side Oiler. 527 ci. 600-650 HP/TQ

By 427HISS

I'm building a sponsored paid 2010 "Genesis" Ford 427 Side Oiler engine. It's a updated build for this extremely popular engine, and we're bringing it back to life with modern components & machining. .

As I'll explain below, this engine build will be in three magazines and 13 websites. The engine builders name is Dennis Sowder and owns Pop's Performance Center. It is a family run business and they specialize in building the Ford FE engines.

The article's will be about a "comparison" between the old school 427 side oilers, and the new all aluminum 427 side oiler. All three agree that many articles have been written about the side oilers, but this "comparison" has never been done, so we will be "unique",.... With this article. A lot of changes have happened in the last 40 + years to bring the side oiler up to date, with the forging of the block, rotating ensemble parts, CNC machining, all the way through with a dyno run. The article in Kit Car Builder Magazine, will hopefully go into further detail about updating the Cobra's drivetrain, including the aluminum flywheel, twin disk clutch and using the modern Tremec TKO 600 5 speed transmission.

We will be taking a lot of photo's during the build process and will also be recording the build to create DVDs and links on various websites, like youtube, Streetfire, twitter, myspace ect.... For people to watch the step by step process of what it takes to build this Ford 427 side oiler engine. We will break the video into 10 minute segment's for the video websites. I will also burn the entire build on DVDs and either sell or give them away. These will not be anything,.... High tech or professional, just good enough for youtube ect.

These are the blog sites we will be on for the build. (possible more to come)

Club Cobra
Shelby Info
Shelby CSX Info
Team Shelby
Firefly Performance
Ford Forums
Mad About Kit Cars
Ford FE

I have the top four rated Cobra Kit Manufactures, permission, to have a blog and video links on their sites.

Video websites-



Car Craft- John McGann, editor.
Kit Car Builder- Jim Youngs, owner/editor.
Race Car Engineering- Sam Collins, editor.

Just like in past years, we will be attending the "Hot Rod Power Tour" and possibly the "Car Craft Nationals", although it is a very long distance from me, that way the the editor of the "Horsepower" section in Car Craft , can take more photo's and interviews. If you look at that section, your engine will cover two full pages, describing the parts.

One of the best advents we'll be at, is the "Run & Gun" here in Nebraska this fall. This will be a lot of fun for all of us. The photographers (and probably Jim Youngs himself) from Kit Car Builder Magazine, will be there taking pictures of my Cobra and the engine for the article.

Jeff Strong from Keepsake Images, here on Motortopia, will be making me one of his incredible, beautiful and artistic,..... car show boards.

A great friend that has fantastic,... photographic talent, will be taking a lot of the finished photographs for the magazines and all the we sites. He also has a website that I will be including in the credits on all the websites and here.

Please comment if this sounds interesting, informative and fun.

Also, if you have any further ideas which would add to this build, please do so.

I wish I could create my own website but, it's very expensive.

If you have any ideas on how I could make a low priced website, your ideas are welcome !

My 427 Cobra, this stout engine build, having it in three magazines and sharing it with family, friends and every muscle car nut here on Motortopia, means the world to me.

I can't wait to list all the company's, the engine builder, friends & family, to thank them for helping my dream engine,....come true !

Thank you,

Two post low ceiling (8' tall) home garage lift $1,989 + Shipping.

By 427HISS

Filed under: /blogs/browse/t/vehicle/v//p

Hello, I have a two post, four arm lift, intended for the average home owners low ceiling garage. It only requires 8' (89') of ceiling height. It's totally portable if you need the space and it only takes maybe 10 minutes to store it or move the lift to a different location. The post base has dolly wheels so it's easy to move. This is a patented lift so it's the only one on the market. It's great for just cleaning the underside of your car, maintenance (oil changes ect) transmission removal, brake and suspension work, wheel and tire changing ect..... I even placed a sheet of plywood on the arms as a work bench for welding, working on lawn mowers, ect...

It's just like what automotive repair shops use, but this is just a smaller version for a home garage. I will sell it for $1,989 + shipping.

I'm not a employee or a salesman for this company and only need one so, I'm selling this one.

You'll ask yourself, "how did I go without it". It's a fantastic lift everyone.

For more information and photo's, please email me and I can also give you my phone number.

Thank you,

My buddy's having some fun, in my 427 Shelby Cobra.

By 427HISS

We were coming back home from the "Hot Rod Power Tour. I let my friends drive my Cobra and look,.... what they decided to do with it ! lol

A video link is in my "Photo albums and video's".

I built a 1/4 scale RC sprint for my buddy Chad.

By 427HISS

This is a video that was shot, when I presented and gave Chad, this 1/4 scale gas remote control sprint car.

I built this 1/4 scale sprint car, for one of the best guy's on the planet, my buddy Chad. He's letting us build a dirt oval on his acreage, hence, the reason I gave the car to him. He and a friend own a automotive repair shop called, "The Shop inc," in Lincoln Nebraska. They are no doubt, the best mechanics in the galaxy. They also have a chassis dyno so, I guess we'll have to put this sprint on it and see what it pulls. What numbers do you think it will pull ? lol



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