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pretty cool video of my car man I love those rims


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heres a short video of us at Corvettes At Carlisle celebrity's pick parade in front of the grandstands. Usually I have my kids tape it but they werent there that day so THANK YOU SO MUCH Don..... ANd I really love the look of the new rims on her. Thanks for looking..

A little Corvette history. And a dream comes true


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It was a dream of Chip Miller the founder of Corvettes at Carlisle to locate the number 3 Le Mans corvette it was lost over the years and he knew the anniversary of the race was coming and he thought being an avid corvette lover how cool it would to locate the car restore it to its once race day glory and return it to Le mans for the race. Well a few years ago Chip past away from Amyloidosis. And his son Lance took over his dads crusade to return number to Le Mans . This year at Corvettes at Carlisle they had The number 3 car right on main stage for the world to see. But for the icing on the cake they also had a racer from the great historic race there as well. John Fitch was one of the original drivers in the 1960 race. It looks like Chip Millers dream will come true after all. Thanks to Lance and the team that put it together number 3 will return...

Corvettes at Carlisle 2010


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WoW is all I can say... It had to be the best show I ever attended. Once again I was picked for Celebrity picks award and got to drive in front of the grandstand. http://regist...photographers That is a fregin honor to be picked by them.... I got to meet old friends Ive known for years and got to meet some new ones along the way. I entered the downtown parade again this year and that was SO much fun. I can wait till next year Carlisle sure does know how to put on a show!!!! From the sutocross to the burnout contest the beauty contest the parades vendors installs and tuners. There is something for everyone... And how more American can you get then the American flag made out on the hill from Red White and Blue CORVETTES!!!!!

PINKS all out @ Maple Grove


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I was picked by the PINKS crew this weekend out of their car show series. It was cool got a really neat award. And I seen the film crew at the car and when I drove in so Im hoping it will be on the tube.... The races were great I got some goofy pictures of me doing the arm drop haha. And got a nice coat of sunburn to boot.
Ill be sure to add some photos. There were tons of amazing cars and trucks to be seen

my car on the news


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check this out my car was on the news 2 times this morning :D



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10-11 Sring Flea Market


1 Grudge racing/test and tune

2 UTI High School Challenge

7 Auto Locator Grudge racing

8 Sunoco Race Fuels money trail 1

10 Doug Foley Drag Racing school


16 PINKS rain date

21 Auto Locator Grudge racing

22 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 2

23 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 3


31 LODRS rain date


4 Auto Locator Grudge racing

5-6 NMCA Muscle Car Nationals

11 Auto Locator Grudge racing

12 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 4

13 VW June Bug Classic

18 Auto Locator Grudge racing

19 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 5

20 Sunoco race4 fuels money trails 6

25 Auto Locator Grudge racing

26 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 7

27 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 8



2 422 All-Stars

4 Geezers at the grove rain date

9 Auto Locator Grudge racing

10 Summer flea market

Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 9

11 Super Circuit Shootout

Sponsors Challenge

16-18 Super Chevy Show

23 Auto Locators Grudge racing

24 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 10

25 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 11

26-29 Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

30 Auto Locator Grudge racing

31 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 12


1 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 13

6 Auto Locator Grudge racing

7 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 14

8 Pa STATE ET Championships

13 Aut6o Locator Grudge racing

14 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 15/Super Comps

15 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 16/ Super Comps

20 Auto Locator grudge racing


sunoco Race Fuels money trails 17

22 Pa State Junior Championship

27 Auto Locator Grudge racing

28 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 18

29 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 19


3 Auto Locator Grude racing

4 Sunoco Race Fuel money trails 20

5 Sunoco Race Fuels money trails 21

11 National Dragster Challenge

12 Auto Locator grudge racing

18 Auto Locator Grudge racing

19 UTI Funday Sunday

25 Auto Locator grudge racing/test and tune

26 King of the Track/ET racing


2-3 Track closed


11 Doug Foley Drag Racing School

16 10K Footbrake

17 5K Footbrake

20 Open test


30 Junior Dragster Challenge

422 All-Stars

30-31 Ghost and Goblins at the Grove


6 Fall Flea Market

13 Turkey Trot ET

2010 Cruising and Car show dates

May 15 PINKS ALL OUT - Cruise the track

JULY 2-3 GEEZERS AT THE GROVE - car show and cruise

JULY 16-18 Super Chebvy Show- Car show

I can transform ya!!!!


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Heard this song and thought it would go good with a slideshow of my car so tada here it is...

He is at it AGAIN.. The painting of my spoiler yeah right!!!!


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Well My painter friend is at it again. I am letting him go at it on my car.Told him to use it as his business card . I get so many people at shows or even gas stations or at the grocery store ask me "How much did that cost?" I really dont have any answers to that.....
Ive seen paintjobs other people have posted online quoting them at 20-30 thousand dollar jobs.. WHAT!!!!!! If I had that kind of money Id own another vette...
I hear the hours they have into their paintjobs and the cost of the paint.LOL.
Not to sound stuck up or anything BUT those 20-30 thousand dollar paint jobs aint got crap on me :) Well My buddies skills I just sit and watch the mad genious at work.

My car would NEVER have got this far if it wasnt for the help of my friends... I feel quiet blessed.

This was suppost to be on my spoiler but he painted my rear hatch :D Im cool with that

Been a busy month


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Heres the past 3 shows I attended.
little bit of everything Been a great summer hate to see winter coming. Have to put her away till next year Its ok I have a few more things I want to do to her and winter is the perfect time :D



a Corvette lovers dream come true Corvettes at Carlisle


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What a Blast it was!!!! This was the first year ProCharger had a booth and asked me to display my vette with them. Ill tell you what a great bunch of guys.....I loved talking to everyone about how great my procharger is and all the mieage I have on my car no one believed me but I did hit 228,000 after the parade.
All the greats were there Lingenfelter, Callaway, Kerbeck. The custom vettes the numbers matching old racing vettes. to trailer queens all were there. Sharing a small feild in Pennsylvania for the weekend.
The instalation alley was poppin corvettes being torn apart and put back together right before your eyes. Everyone was lined up at ECS tent for a tune or talking shop. They did a great job on my build I will stand behind those guys and their work till im blue in the face they did an AMAZING job on my gears tranny interior roll bar racing seats blower cam package alky kit. THEY DO IT ALL!!!!! they will even FIX cars that other tuners at the show screw up... HAHA got to love that one.
If you ever get the chance to entend this show its a MUST SEE to believe. Hope you like the photos.

Im gonna be on display at Corvettes at Carlisle!!!!!!!


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Yesterday I got a strange request first from an import tuner mag/forum. They wanted me to do an interveiw for them still on the ropes about that one?
Later that night I hoped online again and checked my email and I got an email from ProCharger.
"Please contact us about your car and Carlisle"
So I did they asked if i still owned it DUH!!!!
asked if it was underconstrution and what not.
I answered back Its still mine. Yes its still show quality. BUT I added racing seats roll bar more power since they seen it last :D If that was ok?
Im gonna be the only vette at their display booth I feel so firgine honored I could about cry.....
I usually cook for 4 days in the open fairgrounds have to be up against 20,000 corvettes. Never get to leave the car.
This year I will sit in a AC'ed tractor trailor all paid and get to look around for once. I cant wait........

check out the sound of that engine


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just got some more work done to the car dont sound to bad for a car with over 230,000 miles on it :D

Increased the psi on the procharger to 10 increased the fuel injectors and rails to 60 lb added a ls2 intake blower cam package roll bar new seats its pushing 525 rwhp and 500 tq now

Just a few photos with me and family


Just a few photos of me with cars and family trips Ive been on.

3rd times the charm


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I just received a message the other day from a friend on myspace that he saw my car in Super Chevy. So I had to run out and buy it. let me tell you the third times the charm.

The first time I was in super chevy I had no idea (like everytime its been in there I didnt know) I was in a car chat room on yahoo and some kid from the heartland told me he saw my car in a magazine he stoled from shop class that he was about to cut up for a colgue for school. I was like BULL****!! excuse the french but I didnt believe him. So he swore up and down it was my car and that he would send it to me THANK YOU strange

The second time was less dramatic I was just looking at pictures from the show at the grove and spotted it in the feild lol it really dont count but I think its funny..

can you find my car? here ill help you out lol

Now from the other day finally one of just my car alone and they even said a few nice words about it...
Now my car will live forever in the pages of Super Chevy.

My trip to the VETTE DOCTORS


First let me start with EVERY TIME I go to the VETTE DOCTOR'S I get lost in NYC.... Its not fun but some how I escape..This time I got to see the Empire State Building haha.
Drove right up 34th street.

Even got to go threw the Lincoln tunnel

I was never so happy to see New Jersey..

Corvettes at Carlisle 2007


Carlisle always puts on such great events but this years vettes at Carlsile was AMAZING!!! With all good you must take some bad the fairground was hit but a major storm and many vettes had damage. I got to meet so many people from online one was Sue62Corvette what a sweet lady she is. And she even waited around till I showed up at my car to met me. I also got to meet Reeves Callaway a true corvette icon. There were 10 thousand vettes showing. And I was picked by the GM's head paint manager from Bowling Green Corvette plant. What an honor that was. The parade down town was also a great time. Me and sue survied the heat and made it home safe. To me thats one heck of the way to end the summer....

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