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M –22
Webster, New York
United States


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Things are different!

By ChevroletBuick1

Been a while since I posted. I would like to become more active on here again!

I'm back at school at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. Happy with where I am doing what I love. I work at Valley Cadillac in Rochester NY as well.

I'm still with my girlfriend of 4 years. She is at school in Geneseo NY. She recently received her dad's 2004 Hyundai Elantra. Pretty nice car I must say.

I have been collecting license plates still but not as much as I was before.

Tractors are still a thing. Just got a second 70s sears and that will be a project.

My 2006 Saturn Vue finally bit the dust. The motor had lower end knock and needed lots of suspension work. I ended up driving it to the junkyard. Had 112,000 miles on it.

I did end up buying a 2012 Honda Accord EX sedan from the same place we bought the Vue, CRV and my dad's old Ranger from. It is a very nice car and a lot of fun to drive!

Glad to be back and see that this site is running better! Hope to get back in touch with a lot of my friends here!

What's been going on this summer

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey everyone! It's been a while...I hope you all have been doing well. I have been having a great summer so far and I keep forgetting to let you all know!

First, my Saturn is doing very well. Getting new tires next week!

My dad bought a 1978 Yardman moped back in May. It was running! Then I drove it around the block, parked it and then the motor was seized! I unseized it and got it to run but not well. At this point it needs the carburetor adjusted to run correctly, then we can get it registered and on the road! I will upload pictures at some point.

My girlfriend got a new puppy in April. His name is Parker and he's a lab mix. He's a lot of fun and has thrown up twice in my car :)

I graduated from high school in June! I'm going to a community college in Rochester for GM auto service and doing an internship at a Cadillac dealership! I'm very excited!

I have been working on models and have like 10 more to build, Will try to get pictures up for you all to see!

Last but not least, you all know I collect license plates I'm sure. Well I joined ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collector Association) because this year they were having their annual convention in Rochester, NY which is 10 minutes away from me! I went and completed my 50 state run of license plates. I also had some help from a collector group on Facebook. I am always looking for more to trade with! I usually pay $1-2 per plate. If you have any laying around please let me know! i will get some pictures of them up too!

Thanks for reading my post! You all are great friends and I hope to talk to you all soon! Please let me know if you do have any plates though! I do appreciate it! Any state, year or condition! Thank you again!


Cool news!

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey everyone! Have some news for you all! I was accepted into my college of choice which is a community college in my area. I am going for automotive service-GM. I went to an informational meeting and I have to do a paid internship at a dealership in the area. I also have to travel daily to a seperate location for the actual automotive classes. My parents decided that because I will have a lot of money in tools and such it would be best not to take a bus everywhere. So they said I will take my dad's '06 Saturn Vue and he will get a new car! I'd like to think this is my first car. I have done the majority of the work on it and really have gotten to know it. It is a 5-speed manual 4 cylinder! I am very excited.

Now, he did get a new car faster than I thought he would...we picked it up 3 days after he told me this. He ended up buying a 2010 Honda CR-V AWD. It is either a 2.0 or 2.4 4 cylinder. I haven't had time to look! It is automatic. It's very stylish and I'm not a Honda guy but I sure do like this car. It runs quiet, shifts perfectly and looks brand new. Pictures will come up when I get around to getting them! I took it for a short drive and for a 4 cylinder it felt pretty powerful!

All in all we are all very excited. We now have the 2006 Vue, 2010 CR-V and a 2010 Odyssey. Let me know if you guys are interested about my school. I would love to tell you what the facilities are like (lets just say amazing). I have a few model cars to put up as well. That should happen soon! Hope to hear from you all soon! Take care!


Hey everyone!

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on here very much. I have been super busy. I'm back in school but have the day off tomorrow from school because my area (Webster NY up near Lake Ontario) is supposed to be around -30F. I am in my senior year of high school now. I am going onto college next year. I have chosen to go to Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY for automotive service. I am very excited! I am also looking for a job in my area but I have to be 18 to work at autozone which is kind of what I want to do or I may try getting a job at a lawnmower shop in my town. I have started with ebay and that has been working out well! I am still with my girlfriend. It has been 3 years! She is now going to college at SUNY Geneseo and I'm very proud of her! I have been building models and I have a lot of models and diecasts to upload here when I get the chance! I'm thinking about consolidating my diecasts into a photo album but keeping the models as cars. I still have a clean driving record too :) I'm trying to keep it that way. I've just about perfected the art of 5-speed. I love it so much! I'm hoping to have my own car very soon! Of course that will be pictures galore! I've also been working on computers and I recently built my own for gaming and on a budget (Only spent around $100) and it's all modern parts. If anyone has any questions about computers you can ask me! I have lots to update about. I've been working on lawnmowers, snowblowers and riding mowers. I'm very happy doing it and that's why I'm trying to make it a career! I'm glad I've had all of you as friends on here and I hope that maybe I'll see some of you someday! I'm going to try to get as many cars up as I can so you all can see what I've done :) Hope you all had a great christmas and are off to a great start this new year!

Your friend,


Model kit championship

By ChevroletBuick1

Well I didn't win! But that's ok. I love the Camaro I built, and there's always next year! Here are the winners! I think they were definitely worthy of winning!

I think save the manuals is such a cool idea!

By ChevroletBuick1

Car and Driver has been doing save the manuals for a few years now. I love driving stick and auto just seems so boring! I thought you all might enjoy this campaign too!!


April Updates

By ChevroletBuick1

Well last month I forgot to mention that my girlfriend and I went to Disney World in Florida! It was awesome and we had a ton of fun!

First I will start off with model cars. Ok I know I havent been doing much but I have been super busy. The visible V8 has stopped me once again and I've been working with it little by little. I did get a model car to build today though (4/2). So that will be something to look forward to in the future.

I got the Ford R11 riding mower out for the spring and now as I look outside it is snowing! Great! It came out and started right up. My black Murray mower is having a little trouble. I am doing a valve job on it and it isnt going as planned. Hoping to have that running asap. The Sears has a 12HP Kohler to go on it but havent gotten around to cleaning out the motor since now it has dirt inside the oil when it fell off into the lawn. That will be a project! The John Deere was recently sold for $125 and I couldnt be happier!

The toshiba laptop I bought has not let me down once. It was recently upgraded to a 250 gigabyte hard drive and Windows 8. I also bought the Gateway netbook and that thing has been perfect. I took it to Florida with me and it was easy to carry and was super powerful. It was also upgraded to Windows 8. I have a bunch more computers that I have been working on, selling and trading. Just something that is a little hobby!

I have been looking for a job too! Not sure where I will apply yet.

I am still looking for license plates, car emblems and memorabilia and computers and parts now! I am willing to pay shipping or whatever!

well I think that is about it for this update! Will be up here again asap with diecasts, tractors etc.

Thanks for everything!!!


picture upload trouble?

By ChevroletBuick1

This could be only me but is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures on here? It allows me to get to the upload screen but after I upload my pictures they aren't there! I think the people of motortopia need to update this site asap!

New Computer now

By ChevroletBuick1

Just had to buy a new computer after I broke the screen on my old one. $125 bought me a Toshiba Satellite. IT has an AMD Dual Core, ati graphics, 4 gigs of ram, 200 gig hard drive, windows 7 64 bit and it runs like a top. I think it was about time to retire my Dell anyway. My mom used it everyday for 5-10 hours before I got it! She ran a database from it and many other things. So it was getting a little tired. This one is in perfect condition and has not had any problems.

I also sold an Android Netbook I had laying around and tomorrow I am buying a Gateway netbook.

Oh and I found a free air compressor on the side of the road...yeahhh that doesn't work

Thanks everyone!

Feb. 23 2013

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey everyone! Well heres a short update since I haven't really been up to very much.

I am working on the visible v8 engine, just waiting on one piece to get in from revell. Thats about it for models. I don't have any new ones to work on!

The sears suburban is getting a new motor put on. It is an old Kohler motor from a Cub Cadet. 6 less horsepower but much easier to maintain than that expensive engine that was on there. I would really appreciate it if someone had some old car can be put on the grille. Let me know!

Still collecting license plates, message me if you have any!

Trying to sell lots of stuff too. Have lots of computer parts that have been crowding my basement.

Thanks for everyone's support. I will try and get a model kit or two to build soon!


Saturn Vue Mirror

By ChevroletBuick1

Well, last week I was backing the vue into the garage for the night. Trying to avoid hitting my moms honda or my grandparents new town and country, I ended up using the garage wall to take off the mirror on the vue. Make fun of me all you want! But I feel accomplished knowing I put the new mirror in. This is a step by step album showing how to replace a Saturn Vue power mirror.

Visible V8

By ChevroletBuick1

I started building the visible V8 today. It was missing one of the wrist pins for the piston. I must say Revell makes it very easy to get a new piece! They have a place online where you can get a new piece sent in a week or so! Will update you guys when it gets here! Must give respect to revell!

New Camera

By ChevroletBuick1

Just purchased a new camera today! It is a Nikon Coolpix S3300. It is very nice and thin and takes awesome pictures. You will see some! I am going to re-upload all the pictures I've taken with my iPod which has been the last few models and diecasts. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe!


January 2013

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey everyone! I like giving out these updates!

Well I will start out with my models. I have been going to a goodwill and getting some good scores! I hope you all enjoy looking at them! Also, my birthday is on Thursday (January 17th) and I am hoping to get a few more kits to work on!

Next, my riding mowers are doing fine. The black murray has been out in its first snow and has been very fun. The john deere got pullet out of a snowbank and is running and will hopefully sell in the spring. The sears is parked until I get the parts to fix it. The ford has been in the shed until spring.

My dell latitude e6500 laptop has had a RAM upgrade from 2gb to 4 because I traded an old desktop for a newer laptop. I also had a 320 gb hard drive but it failed so I am running an 80gb hard drive. This computer goes everywhere and runs absolutely great.

Also for my birthday I am hoping to get a new camera after my old one developed all these problems. Then I will retake all the pictures I've put up recently since my ipod does not take the best pictures.

My girlfriend and I are still going great and I look forward to dragging her to car shows all summer :). Our 25 month anniversary is on my birthday!

Ok we got 2 FEET OF SNOW in one night 2 weeks ago, and the last 2 days have been in the mid 60s. The weather around western NY is so strange. I hope you all have had a great winter and haven't had any damage!

I've been pretty busy with school so I'm not on here too much, but I always take a look at what you all have to look at!

I am still looking for license plates and car emblems! Message me if you have anything!

I'm glad you all have been helping me out with my model kits. It's very cool to have friends that are willing to do that!

Thanks for reading my little update! Talk to you all soon.


New Year!

By ChevroletBuick1

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had fun!

By the way, how much snow do you all have? We have around 2 feet here in Western/Upstate NY. (We drove when a foot had fell in 2 hours and the plows hadn't come). The Saturn does pretty good in snow, while my dad pushed and I drove it. Be safe out there!

Be sure to check out my new cars!


New Year!

By ChevroletBuick1

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had fun!

By the way, how much snow do you all have? We have around 2 feet here in Western/Upstate NY. (We drove when a foot had fell in 2 hours and the plows hadn't come). The Saturn does pretty good in snow, while my dad pushed and I drove it. Be safe out there!

Be sure to check out my new cars!


December 28th 2012

By ChevroletBuick1

Hi there everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to the new year. My Christmas eve was filled with surprises. My mom came home from her walk saying that there was a fire and shooting about a mile away from us. (I don't know if any of you heard about it) But we did not have to be evacuated, but we could not leave until the situation was cleared up. This shooting has been pretty tough for our small town.

Anyway on a happier note I am working on a new model. I have another one to do when that one is done too! I enjoy seeing all your recent builds too. I am looking forward to the summer and seeing car show pictures as well! I'm still looking for license plates! If you have any let me know! I will trade too! Thank you everyone for your continuing support!


November Updates

By ChevroletBuick1

Hey everyone, thought i'd give you all some updates of what I've been up to recently.

I have been trying new things with building models, I will be trying simple green on my GMC Syclone so I can repaint it and make it look a lot better. On the way I have: A Hemi Cuda and a Charger Super Bee. Can't wait to show them off!

Next, I have gotten two new riding mowers since last update. One of these is a 1977 Sears Suburban 18 HP with a 3 speed hi lo transmission. Way cool. Haven't got it to run yet. Next is a 1984 FORD rear engine mower. I found that on the side of the road! It runs great and mows better!

School is you know school. Got some good classes and some not so fun! But ya know as long as my grades are good I am happy.

Speaking of happy, one month from the 17th of November I will be celebrating 2 years with my wonderful girlfriend. It has been so much fun and I am looking forward of whats to come.

License plates...don't think theres anything to report here! Gotta get on that.

My laptop is running better than it ever did. I had my girlfriend's father put Windows 7 on it and it has been running much faster. So many thanks to that, I am typing this on it. (Dell Latitude E6500)

I think thats all for now! Thanks for reading. I enjoy looking at everyones pictures and posts. Also thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I appreciate all of them. I will be sure to write more to you guys. Thanks all!


car emblems

By ChevroletBuick1

Hi there everyone, just throwing this question out there. Does anyone have any car emblems or decals that came off their cars? Would you be willing to give them to me? I like them and sometimes I put them on my mowers or on other things. Please let me know if you might have any! Thanks all!



By ChevroletBuick1

I've been working hard on lawnmowers and model cars. Looking for some parts for a 1956 Ford F100 Model kit, please message me if you have some parts from this kit.

So today I took my road test...AND PASSED! I did it in my mom's 2010 Honda Odyssey.

And I got some Illinois Motorcycle license plates. I dont have any others! I am still looking for more license plates from anywhere, please message me if youd be willing to send some!

And of course my girlfriend and I are doing well. We have been spending a lot of time together.

That is all for now. Thank you very much for reading!


in recent news...

By ChevroletBuick1

Well I should start off with lawnmower update. I now have two riding mowers, the murray i paid $20 and the John Deere RX73 lawnmower. I sold the John Deere LT155 recently and made some money.

Next, I went to a estate sale in my neighborhood and picked up 3 license plates. I got a matched pair of yellow on blue NY license plates as well as a blue on yellow NY trailer plate. These will have pictures to follow in the next few days. Also, kidcope1969 was nice enough to help expand my collection with an older california plate and a newer one as well. I am also expecting a Texas one from him as well. Thank you very much to him.

I have built a model, just haven't got around to putting it up here.

I got my own laptop from my mom and a desktop computer from the side of the road.

I've been super busy but of course always have time for my wonderful girlfriend. It will be 19 months on july 17th and i couldnt be happier. We went to prom and had a great time.

I have really started to enjoy garage sales more than I used to, now I've actually been making great deals with people. Thundercat will love that I paid 10 cents for a mercury cougar emblem, new in box. I will post pictures of most new things that people will enjoy. Now that I have my own computers I will try my best to be more active on this site with more blog posts, pictures etc. Thanks for reading


License plates!

By ChevroletBuick1

Sorry I havent been active much on this website! School makes it tough.

Anyway last night I noticed my neighbor had cleaned her house out and went over to look. One box had some car care things. I dig through and I found 5 NY license plates. 4 of which are yellow and blue and one has the statue of liberty. This was a great find!

Also, during february, I visited my family in massachusetts. We went out for the day and came back that night and my aunt said she had something for me. They had gone to an antique shop. Turns out what she had for me were 1929 and 1948 massachusets license plates! They are very nice!

My great uncle sent me 4 rhode island license plates, and said he will look for more. These are from mid-late 80s-early 90s (still have date stickers on them)

Pictures will come soon of the whole collection so far!

Always looking for more, if you have any you'd be willing to give away, please message me. I only use them to hang on a wall.

-chevroletbuick1 (Chris)

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