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Challenger T/A restoration

By CrazyPete

will coming up on another spring and the car is still at the shop waiting for the bodywork. Last fall it was close to paint got all fitted and sanded and epoxy primed and of course one fender didnt fit quite right. So i had to find a replacement fender which i did. But its still not painted yet. I havent had the car here since October of 2008 i just hope and pray this year i can get it back. For those who dont know or forgot i got hit back in September of 2008 leaving a local cruise night. And ive been doing a restoration ever since. The car had some half assed body work done im guessing back in the 80's with lots of fiberglass, filler and horrific patch work. Hell it had 3 different fenders lapped on one rear quarter panel. So ive gone through and fixed pretty much everything its been quite a pain. But the car will be better than perfect when its done i just want to drive her again. The only positive thing was the night i got hit was the night i met my wife which i guess it was ment to be.

My new ride GOLDEN ROD!

By CrazyPete

I picked up this bad boy cheap for the Hot Rod power tour next summer. Check out my new ride who would of thought i have a car like this LOL!

Spady Dodge All Mopar Car Show 2008

By CrazyPete

We had a record turn out today 76 cars showed up at Phil Spady Dodge in Columbus,NE for a all MOPAR car show. Had a great time the drive up was perfect overcast and then in the afternoon the sun came out. They really treat us great free entry, free goody bags including free tshirts, free food and drinks and they even had Miss Nebraska 2008 at the show.

I won!!!!!!

By CrazyPete

2nd place from the blaze 104.1 (local radio station) homebuilt hero's hot rod power tour contest with the challenger. So i get free entry for the lincoln,ne stop with my challenger and a free hot rod shirt. So if you see me out there stop by and say hi!

Project Frankenstein Update

By CrazyPete

Yesterday was so beautiful out i decided to finally get started removing the interior. Since the last 5+ years the car was in storage and mice and birds some how found a way inside the car i decided to start gutting it out. After removing the backseat i found where the little suckers were hiding. After clean up mouse nests and tons of lil rodent droppings. I removed the carpet and front seats and it turns out things were in better shape that i thought. The seats are in really good shape pretty much just like when i bought the car 19 years ago. The carpet is totally trashed though which isnt that big of a deal. And all the interior panels are in good shape as well just all faded out which i was planning on redyeing the whole thing black anyway. All thats left is the dash and dash pad which ive already got plans in the mix for a custom upgrade. The center counsle is the only thing i will have to put work into the rest is just a redye job. Its in good shape it just need a new center lid but i should be able to find something pretty easy. And now that its all gutted i see the floor pan is in decent shape i was planning on having to replace the entire floor but since its not to bad i can get away with just a few patch panels. So its all good i can start to see some daylight to this stage of the project.

Swap meet

By CrazyPete

Well today was the first swap meet of the year here in lincoln. But last night i made a call to a buddy that had a friend selling some big block Mopar parts. Made him a offer and he took it. Scored a later 70's 440 short block, weiand team "G" single plane intake and a timing chain cover. All for $150 needless to say i was happy. So this spring i can start the 512 stroker build for Frankenstein.


By CrazyPete

Well ive been a member here for quite a while and more and more i see alot of bickering. I personally look at challenges ALOT like a car show. When you do a show everyone goes into classes i.e. street rod, classic, muscle car, import, modern, modern muscle and other. If everyone wants some kind of format why dont we break this down. I understand everyone wants wins but how many times do you click on a challenge to see someone with their classic car going against someones daily driver import or modern domestic? Or someones full customized show vehicle against an old rusted farm truck? Personally i come here to have fun and meet people from all over the world that share the same desire. And the whole idea of challenging someone is awsome and i love the comments aspect. But then it always goes into a flaming session because of one smart a** comment, Maybe im a little crazy but i dont care what you own if you take the time and engery to work on something and feel the need to share it id love to see it. And hear about everything youve done and have gone through. But when you stack up a teenagers $5,000 ride against someones $40,000 show car there's gonna be an issue. Just my 2 cents

MOPAR Christmas

By CrazyPete

'Twas the night before Christmas and out on the streets,
Only Mopars were winning against Fords and "Heartbeats."

The stop lights were hung over the streets with care,
Getting ready to change for those drivers who dare.

The children were nestled all snug in there beds,
While visions of Hot Wheels danced in their heads.

My wife was on the phone and I in the garage,
Staring at my Miss Mopar collage.

When out on the drive rolled up such a rumble,
You knew for the owner it was hard to be humble.

I recognized the sound but had to see for myself,
I knew this was no blue oval elf.

I was right, there it was, in it's plum crazy glow,
A '71 426 'Cuda built for go.

The black billboard split as the door opened wide,
A large sack of parts was then tossed outside.

A leg swung out with a tall black boot,
Then there he stood in a red and white suit.

It was Santa, St. Nick, in all of his glory,
"But Santa, please tell me, just what is the story?"

"Where is your sleigh, your eight tiny deer?"
He said "I traded them in on 426 horses and a 4.10 gear!"

"I test drove 'em all, every single musclecar,
But none can beat 'Cheevies' like a Hemi Mopar!"

"And son you've been good and learned all the tricks,
So I'm swapping your small block for a 426!"

Then he grabbed up his tools and went strait to the chore.
The swap took one hour, no less and no more.

This guy was good, but something wasn't right...
Santa couldn't have learned to do that overnight.

He torqued the last nut and then walked away,
"With this," he said proudly, "you'll beat 'Cheevies' all day!"

All at once it hit me, I recognized the voice,
His skill with the tools, his words of choice.

Once I figured it out, it was really no surprise,
This was Larry Shepard in a Santa disguise.

He collected up his tools and went back to his ride,
Put his stuff in the trunk and hopped back inside.

With a whine of the starter, the beast came alive,
And with a shift to reverse, he backed out of my drive.

With pistol grip in hand he shifted into first,
And the 'Cuda jumped forward with a quick but smooth burst.

I could see he was happy about what he had done,
He had turned my car into major Mopar fun.

But he had to be going, he had much to do,
Lots of Hemis to be swapped in hours too few.

And I heard him exclaim as he snatched second gear...
"Have a smooth running Christmas and a Mopar New Year

Garage Build

By CrazyPete

Well finally after being in my current house for almost 3 years i got started on putting up the second garage/shop. This was the whole reason i bought this house. Its got a big backyard with alley access and NO tree's.

Then this was a few weeks later the garage measure's 30x36

getting closer the size really hits ya when the walls went up

Getting closer progress as of the 7th of july

Currently the siding is just about finished my goal is to have it complete by september 1st.

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