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Lincoln, Nebraska
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You want that burger with one hump or two?

By GoldyLocks

Some things just don't seem right, but they are....

I know this isn't really a car story, but we also know that lots of us eat lots of burgers are car show, bike, boat, and plane shows and we thought we would comment a bit on the least to us.

In Dubai (the place with the big building and other things) you can order a one or two pattie Camel Burger.

The folks says it is low fat and good for you.

So next time you go to the Dubai Auto Show...enjoy, I guess.

Read all about it here.

Soothin', Groovin' Musical Roads

By GoldyLocks

Satellite Radio Has Nothing over this Road.

An interesting report this morning in the Wall Street Journal about a singing road; and the William Tell Overture no less.

It seems that the Honda Motor company wanted a road to sing so it worked with the city of Lancaster, California to turn black asphalt into, well, a sort of road and track version of a xyzlaphone.

The length of road is not without controversy in this California city, but you gotta say; in these days of social breakdown, financial ruin on Wall Street, and constant acrimony between the politicians; a little music on the road could be a good thing.

Hey, with all the tax dollars we spend, maybe we could get Arrowsmith on I-80? What song would you like to see notched in your local roads?

Is it a Car? Is it a Boat? A Perfect Match for my house.

By GoldyLocks

A friend passed this one along to me. i just sold my boat earlier this year, but I live on a lake. So, I have been thinking about cars and boats a lot.

And, it seems this is a perfect matched pair. A Corvette Boat.

Offered by Mailbu Boats,this could be a dream present. Hey Father's Day is coming up ;-). I'll talk with my kids.

Washington Sworn in -- Hitler commits suicide.

By GoldyLocks

I started the month with a spoof blog post because it was April Fool's Day, but today I mention some things that are very serious.

It was today in 1789 that our first president, George Washington, took the oath of office. Very important. A great leader.

It was today in 1945 that Hitler shot and killed himself. Very important. Not a great leader. A killer.

Thank god for the freedoms we have and the leaders who helped us secure them. We must keep every vigilant to avoid nuts like Hitler from ever gaining power in any sane nation.

McCain Quits. Romney will Be President. Rambler to become Official U.S. Car.

By GoldyLocks

Today, John McCain announced that he would quit the presidential race and move to the Green Zone and become the Admiral of Iraq.

Replacing McCain will be Mitt Romney, who was running a very strenuous campaign until he quit in favor of McCain earlier this year.

It is reported that Romney, who now drives a Gremlin - retooled with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, will announce that the Rambler will become the official car of the United States and that production on reproductions will start immediately.

Romeny is confident of victory. He has received the endorsement of the RSL AMC (Retired and Still Living American Motor Company employees) now based in Boca Raton, FL.

P.S. George Romney, Mitt's Father, was President of AMC (American Motor Company) which produced the Rambler, followed by the initial success of the Gremlin. The Gremlin was introduced on April 1, 1970. John McCain's father and grandfather were both admirals.

Today is April Fools Day. !!!! :-)

Oh Man o Man. What a Week. CyberHeadache and all!

By GoldyLocks

I wanted to do more. I wanted to help.

But, I could only stand back as our brilliant engineers worked to find the cyberproblem that was keeping Motortopia from loading up for many of you around the world. I just had to stand back and let them work.

We did a lot this week to upgrade the Motortopia data center. In our new world class location, we are getting ready for new developments at Motortopia. But, the last week, well, gave us all a cyberheadache.

The new data center is working great! But the gettin' there was a bit of a challenge.

My usual approach is NOT to blame other. We should all look at our own actions first, and take responsible action to fix the problems. But, I must say, that our team did a great job. Upgraded a data center in record time, and got things all hooked up with multiple backbone providers. And most things worked, but may of you could still not get to Motortopia.

We discovered some problems with a large upstream internet backbone provider. Someone there finally cared and we go this fixed.

We're back, but, oh what cyberheadache.

Thank you all for being online, sending in reports worldwide, and encouraging us all along this week.

Ok, back to bed to get some rest. Just checking to make sure the routes are working.

Motortopia is still here and goin strong.

Thank you, all my Motortopia friends!


Henry Ford says "Give Peace a Chance!"

By GoldyLocks

Well, after stumbling on to the first American car race in Chicago on my previous blog post, I thought I would try my hand a a bit of automotive history today.

And, today's piece involves a boat, a BIG boat, so I thought it might be perfect for Motortopia, to post in the car and boat portals.

Henry Ford made a lot of cars and a lot of money. But, most folks know that he also tried to make peace. Now, I like folks with big ideas, and here is a pretty big one. Henry Ford tried to end WWI. How about that?

Yep, he took a bunch of folks on a boat that he chartered, the Oscar II, and sailed them to England to talk some sense to the politicians and end the silly and deadly war.

And, the left on this trip on December 4, 1916. It is a day in history.

Well, they didn't succeed, but you have to admire a guy for trying.

So, if you own or drive a Ford, you can think of it as a peacemobile today.

f you would like to read more, read this piece from KU History.

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