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New Paint - Car is purring

By Jims5543

I inherited some money and my wife insisted I spend it on me. So I decided to get the 7 painted, it was getting long in the tooth and needed it bad. All the track days and Ax's had taken its toll.

So I toyed with a matt black paint job then decided it was getting played out and went with a respray. I chose to delete the rear spoiler because the car originally did not come with one and I had the shop fill the emblem holes and holes from the spoiler. I got a new splitter for the front and a new CF hood, which I am not loving too much anymore and may paint over it.

I have not posted in here in a while I have been busy out playing with her. I took her up the the Dragon and she got 22 MPG on the highway (and 10 in the mountains :D ) she ran flawlessly.

I put nearly 2000 miles on her that trip and she never missed a beat.

Did some tuning pulls, Houston, we have traction issues.

By Jims5543

I took her out Dec 31 and did some tuning pulls, video in my garage, and had a hard time keeping her planted in second gear.

Every time the tach hit 5K RPM's the tires gave up their fight to keep traction and let go.

I was running 15 PSI and trying to sort out my fuel maps up there, I am still a tad on the rich side but thats o.k. for now.

I am turning the boost back down to 10 PSI (backing out the plate on the waste gate, I had it cranked all the way in) I have a 10PSI spring in there pressed to get 15. Back when I had my T04E on her the T04 would loose boost up high, I tried to force a little more out of her with the wastegate setting.

I also bought a set of tires from Edge Racing my Yoko's were shot and probably a good piece of the traction problem. I bought a set of Falken Azenis RT-615's. I'll see how they hold up.

I have declared the break in done.

By Jims5543

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I am boosting at will and just staying clear of redline. I am not taking it over 6K RPM for the next week or 2 and will finish cleaning up the maps to 6K then work on the 6-8K maps.

I had to try WOT in second gear again on a warmer afternoon with warm tires to see if I was imagining the other morning. It was about 82° out and I had driven her for a good 30 miles so I figured lets open her up again.

I turned onto a 4 lane road that was empty and nailed it in 2nd gear at around 3K RPMS and took it to 6K. She practically jumped off the ground. Once she hit 4500 RPM the back tires gave up the fight for traction and she began fishtailing ever so slightly as she rocketed to 6K RPM.

I shifted to 4th and calmly drove about another 1/2 mile as I collected myself, then I just uttered the word...f*@k.... and drove on. That was the only word to describe it.

This is going to take a lot of getting used to. For the first time since I have owned this car, I feel like it could easily kill me. It not that I do not like this feeling its kind of a rush, it just I have developed a whole new respect for this car and a quiet fear.

I was pretty sure it WAS a 10 second car before this break in, my butt dyno says there is easily another 100HP in her now. Could this car possibly be a 9 second car now. Could I have finally hit my elusive 500RWHP? I hope to dyno it in the next month or so. I am really looking forward to Autocrossing it again now.

I am considering some Kumho MX tires for her now since my Yoko A032R's are just about done. I have never really been impressed with the grip these tires offered. Plus now that the rears are almost bald I am going to need to treaded tires for a drive to NC.

I will try to shoot some crappy video of it at WOT in 2nd and 3rd gear soon so you can see the insanity.

The last project I have now, I have a turbo blanket on its way here from Titan Motorsports, I just picked up some header wrap for the downpipe and I am going to insulate the turbo, its throwing a lot of heat into the engine bay.

Nearing engine break in completion.

By Jims5543

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I considered tearing up a 2004 Mustang GT this morning that was paying with me. I was sure I could do it short shifting and boosting to 7 lbs. I passed it would have been fun though, this car is such a sleeper, its almost comical when a muscle car steps up.

I decided in an effort to get this crap over with the last 400 miles +/- will be done at interstate speeds of 70-100 MPH.

I did 100 miles this morning in about 1.3 hours. Very Happy

I got out late, and hope to get out earlier tomorrow and get more like 200 miles on her, then as far as I am concerned I am done.

I want to tune to redline Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

All I can say is with the porting work, and this new turbo..... holy crap!!

I am looking forward to opening her up soon. This car warps your sense of what fast is.

i.e. my 3.6 swapped 911, I though it was slow and found out it was probably a 12 second car. My rx7 in its old trip was probably a 10 second car and was brutally fast. If I floor it, it feels like it is leaving the ground.

I am nervous about mountain runs because I am afraid this car will get me in over my head in about 0.0002 seconds.

Self control is going to be the key.

Another 100 miles gone!

By Jims5543

I did a nice drive this morning. I filled up from the lake drive and I am now getting 20 MPG. Considering I was driving at triple digits for a good 10 minutes on that tank I am really happy with the mileage.

I am hoping to tick off another 200+ tomorrow. I am hitting the highway this time and making some time.

I have, up to this point been driving slower but now with 400 miles left I am heading to the interstate and ticking off some 80 miles per hour miles and getting this over with.

600 miles left!!

By Jims5543

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Another 200 miles down, and it seems like 19MPG is becoming the norm for the car. I am hoping for more in the 20's when I drive her up to NC in the spring so I can get some range out of her. When the gas light comes on I have 2 gallons left in my 14 gallon tank. If I can get 22 MPG on 12 gallons of gas that will give me a 264 mile range. Which is the same as my FJ.

It was a very uneventful drive through the Sugar lands of Florida. Pictures soon.

I gave her 1/2 throttle in second gear this morning and she urned sideways on me in a flash, it seems like this turbo spools up much faster than the old one. The power pours on fast and hard.

I did a stint along the Northeast side of the lake where I was doing 90-100 on empty roads with no one in sight.

Most of the time I was cruising along at 70-80 MPH, on very empty roads.

The little towns along the west side of the lake (Moore Haven, Lakeport and Buckhead Ridge) were pretty rough little towns, although Buckhead had a peculiar charm to it as I rode through it.

It was very cool this morning but, as I got back into Stuart it warmed up nice enough to roll both windows down and open the sunroof.

The car ran like a champ, my only concern the whole drive was the oil pressure seemed high, but then I remembered I was running 20/50 in it now so that is probably contributing to the added pressure.

I have to check the mileage but I am heading towards the home stretch. I hope to be doing some more street tuning with my mechanic / friend next weekend.

19 MPG!!!

By Jims5543

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19 MPG!! say it!! 19 MPG!! was as blown away this morning when I filled up the RX7 and went 180 miles on 9.5 gallons of gas.

I am past the 1100 mile mark and did another oil change this morning.

I have tweeked the maps a little more and I am amazed how fast the turbo spools, even at 1/2 throttle I am seeing full boost at 3K RPM's I suspect at WOT I will see full boost int he high 2K RPM which is just fantastic. This should make for a VERY quick setup.

I unplugged one of the two 11" fans I have on the radiator and I am seeing 170-180 on the engine temps now, before I was only seeing 150-160 and thats just too cool.

Radio has some interference from the engine, well, actually the Sirius is, I bought a insulator from Radio shack today and I am putting it in in the morning. I hope to be able to button up the Intake next week too after the Holiday. I have my new piping and elbow in.


By Jims5543


I have a radio again! My Sony X-plode deck seemed to have taken a dump a while back, I never dealt with it, but with these stupid boring drives that make me want to put a knife in the side of my head, I needed something besides just the CD player. The FM was not working basically negating my use of my Sirius.

I had a plan, I pulled the deck out and ran up to Best Buy, I told the salesman I wanted another Sony X-plode deck and it had to have a i-pod input.

I got one for $99. I went home and it plugged right in to the plug from the older deck, I was done installing it in 5 minutes.

I plugged my Sirius into it and now have tunes.

I listed to the history of Howard Stern this morning as I racked another 60 or so miles on her.

The new engine break in is going smooth.

By Jims5543

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I now have 200 miles on the new engine. Its running strong. I had to pull some fuel out of the fuel maps and tweek the timing a bit.

I am surprised how much torque this new engine has with its porting. I know, I know, there is no way a rotary has torque. Well, I took off in second gear this morning (not awake yet) and I have NEVER been able to do that in the past, and I have a 9.5# flywheel now too. On top of that I barely touched the gas.

I filled it up with gas today, tank #1 is done and I am #2 of about 10 tanks I need to run through it before the break in is complete. I got 15MPG and considering the first 50 miles of that tank was pig rich and it was all city driving, I am happy.

I would imagine 20MPG on the highway may not be out of reach.

I had one of our work trucks detailed today in addition I had the RX done up too. I looks a lot better with a coat of wax on it.

I have one A-hole incident, I was driving with my son to a sand castle building fund raiser and some moron in a pick em up truck decided he need to fly up on me and tail gate me for 2 miles. I was in a 40 MPH zone already doing 65 and he had to be doing 80-90 to run up on me like he did. We came up on a traffic circle and I smiled. On the other side of it he was no longer on my bumper and a few buses back. LOL! I may not be able to floor it yet but it can still turn good.

Speaking of which, I had been driving the 911 for so long and with the RX7 off the road so long I forgot how well it cornered.

I went around a traffic circle last night and I was amazed how fast I could take it. This struck me as funny because I used to think the RX7 was a handling nightmare with street tires vs. slicks. Its been too long......

I cannot wait to get the break in done so I can tune her and unleash the GT35R.....

I drove Black Sunshine Home

By Jims5543

Finally, after almost 2 years I am driving her again. Man I missed her.

Now come the 2000 mile beak in on the brand new engine. I have 20 miles so far and only 1980 miles left.

It was running really rough when I first got in it, I was sort of bummed out. I did some data logging with the Motec and looked over the maps.

I decided to pull some timing out of it, that seemed to help, but, on the drive home she had no power. I looked at my lambda and I was running way too rich. I pulled some fuel out of her and took her for spin, a little too lean, but I have the overall fuel trimmed -10% so I pulled 3% off that and now she seems happy.

I have to drive down to Jupiter tomorrow for an sand castle building contest with my sons school. I am going to take the laptop too and tweek the maps some more if I have a chance.

I feel she is running strong enough now to take her some distance. I can finally take off from a light without holding anyone up so I have made some progress.

I cannot wait for 2000 miles to pass so I can get the plastered into the seat feeling from her again. With the new maps she already feels like she wants to jump off the street and take off.

Pics coming soon.

Let the tuning begin!!

By Jims5543

I am off to start tuning the motec maps on my RX7 to compensate for the new bigger primary injectors.

Then I start breaking in the engine.

The smile on my face is huge, its been 2 years since I drove this car.


By Jims5543

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... and my wallet is empty.

I was impatient, I decided to go dyno the RX7 too early with only 450 miles on the engine. I ended up spinning the rear bearing and cracking an apex seal.

This has worked out for the best because I pulled all the stops. I ordered a GT35R Turbo and upgraded my primary injectors from 550's to 850cc's. I also had the 1300cc secondaries rebuilt and flow tested.

The engine is back together and almost ready for the car. We expect it to be back on the road in Mid October.

With all the fuel system upgrades we did and now the turbo and injector upgrades I am anxious to see how much power it makes.

The streetport work was tweeked while it was apart as well.

I hope to see the Turbo and injectors next week so we can get her together.

I will put 2000 miles on it before I ever think of pushing it, this was a VERY expensive mistake.

I have been challenged for the 1st time....... and 2nd and 3rd

By Jims5543

I have never bothered with this challenging this but what the heck, 3 people have challenged me and its turning out like I expected.

My 1st Challenge

By Jims5543

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I have no idea how this works but, O.K. I'll play. I have been away a while and really busy.

The RX7 has a brand new engine and is getting ready to be dyno'd we are pushing for 460RWHP. Dyno sheets to come soon along with some Autcross and track footage.

Our 1st photo Shoot

By Jims5543

My brother and I have started a Video service for advertising. We have been pounding the pavement looking for clients and locations to set up our LCD screens for advertising. Our Website is almost complete and ins under construction right now. We should be up and running in about a week.

So our 1st customer was a dealership that likes what we have to offer. We got to do a video shoot with a 2007 E63 AMG this sucker has 500+ H and man does it move!

We strapped video gear to my Porsche and I chased the AMG around for a while passing it and it passing me for some really cool driving footage.

Then we strapped the gear on the AMG and did some driving. We were happy with the footage we got and look foward to releasing our 1st commercial.

We might have a house lined up next week.

Some people just don't understand

By Jims5543

It was too beautiful out today. When I got a call to go pick up some equipment we were having repaired 70 miles away, I was happy to run out jump in my P-car and take a ride.

Hmmmmm.... interstate or secondary roads. This was a no brainer. I drove along the Florida coast with the top out and the windows down enjoying this great day and the great sights.

I stopped off in Grant, FL and took a couple pictures of the Indian River and Grant Island. Grant Island is a small Island (duh) that has houses on it and you can only get to by small boat.

I turned to get back in my 911 and take off and decided to snap off some pictures of it. It was really clean for the first time in ages and the sun was making it look like it was glowing.

Some guy pulled into the lot with his beat up old rusty Toyota pickup truck. He was looking at me like I was crazy taking pictures of my Porsche.

I made a comment to him as I was getting into my car and he was getting out of his truck. Something along the lines of, I must look silly. His reply was a simple and stern, "Yes you do."

As I drove away I thought about that guy, he will never understand what its like to have a passion about cars. Something I have had since I was a teen.

Some people just don't understand our passion for cars and its impossible to explain. You have it or you don't.

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