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2010 Plymouth Road Runner Concept!

By K1M_and_J1M

I came across this wild looking Road Runner concept that is going to be built from a Dodge Challenger!

First we see new 2010 cars converted from Challengers to Plymouth Cuda's and 2010 Camaros converted to look like Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams!
Now I came across this being auctioned off on eBay!
This is part of the write up of the auction.

Up for auction is the Road Runner Concept Car.
It’s the rebirth and new interpretation of one of the most legendary muscle cars – the Plymouth Road Runner.

This stunning concept was created by independent designer Michael Leonhard and gained attention through several magazines like Hot Rod, Mopar Enthusiast ... and numerous auto blogs. The concept has cues drawn from the Road Runners of ´71 and ´72, albeit interpreted in a modern key.

This is a unique opportunity to get this faboulous muscle car concept in working and driving condition. The car will be built as a one-off in cooperation with a world leading and renowned company specializing in coach building and concept car manufacturing.

The auction includes manufacturing of a running vehicle using a 2009 Dodge Challenger 6.1 L HEMI platform and drive train with an all new body. Finished off in show quality! The winner of this auction will get the chance to witness the birth of this exclusive and one-of-a-kind car!

All for a starting bid of only $950,000 U.S Dollars! YIKES!
I think the Hemi Challenger is just under that from the local Dodge dealer lol ;)
So what a deal on one unique ride!
So put your bids on quick! lol!

Check out the You Tube video here!

So what do you think of the car besides it's over the top price tag?
Being an old MOPAR fan I love it, But the price is only for the rich and famous!

I'll stick with our new Camaro Thank You very much!


Old Chevy Hood Ornament ?

By K1M_and_J1M

Hi folks!
I recentley came across an old Chrome Chevrolet Hood ornament that was hiding in the garage rafters and have no idea what it goes too?
It looks like it could be to a truck or car from the 30's or 40's? It's kind of big and roundish so thats why i am guessing the decade it was from.

Can any of you experianced older car fanatics tell me what this is to?
It is in the original box and is in great condition!
Part number is on the box too.
It must have been my grandfathers as i don't even think my late father knew it was there either. Looked like a block of wood but I reached for it and Wow! There it was. A brand new Old Hood ornament in original box.

So what do you think it could go too?

Thanks in advance!

Jim & Kim

Finally Getting the New Floor Pans In.

By K1M_and_J1M

Well it seemed like forever but finally started cutting out the old rusty floors and putting in the new replacements.
It's a Dirty Job but someone has to do it!
Hmmm Maybe I should have gotten Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs under there!

There was lots of rust! Rusty Jones didn't work to well on this rig!
But after a couple days,Lots of measuring,cutting wheels, welding rod and dust everywhere. The passenger side pan is in!

Not really looking forward to the drivers side but Got to "Git R Dun"!
So here some pics of the floor project unfinished or cleaned up.

Now for the other side!
Long way to go!

Finally got our Black 2010 Camaro RS/SS!!!

By K1M_and_J1M

Well I never took the time to let a few of my friends know that our new Chevy Camaro RS/SS came in.
So here ya go Guys and Gals and other Camaro fans!
Man I have just been to busy and having to much fun with the New RS/SS going on day trips up in the twisty hilly mountain roads!
To much fun!

Been a long time since I had a Camaro of any type!
All the way back to 1977 in a Yellow Z/28 which looked a lot like how Bumblebee started in the first Transformers Movie less the Rally Stripes.
Although I did have my 1984 15th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am and another 1984 Trans Am after that.

Man I can't tell you and express how cool this car really is!
It is really very close to the Concept car and has more power than I will ever need or use! But I am having fun trying! :D

This is the Automatic version with the Sport Mode Transmission and Paddle shifters. Heck It's just missing a clutch pedal!
405 HP is nothing to sneeze at and more power than has come in a New Camaro Stock in a long time when they came with big blocks! The Standard Transmission Camaro with the LS3 has the 425 HP. But a LS9 will pop right in if ya got the money! wink wink!

The low roof gives it a chopped look and took about a day to get use to it.
Really makes the car look wider than it really is.
And the Concept cars roof was about an inch and a half shorter!!! Wow! That would have been tight!

If your like me and tend to hold your arm out the window on a nice Summer day. Your arm is over the roof lol ! So if you keep one hand holding the rooftop you'll have to lean it forward to do the same thing lol! No biggie!
The door line is also higher than most so it might feel a bit awkward at first. Just another little thing to adjust too! I already have.

Still very cool like a modern Califormia Hot Rod in American Graffitti.

People talked about blind spots in some forums I visit?
Hmmm...Maybe for them but I had no trouble with them.
The wife either. She was wondering what are they talking about it's fine. Wow and coming from her then it must not be an issue!

Adjusting the mirrors to your liking and your all set to go!
The rear view mirror is a bit on the big side cause of all the OnStar gizzmos in it. But if you move it all the way up as far as it will go and tilt it down it's fine! No issues here!

But the wife and I do agree the OnStar controls should be somewhere else and not in the Mirror! The center dash pad would have been a better place.

Besides that this car ROCKS! It's a Vette in Camaro clothing!
You just want to drive it all day and watch the rubber necking and triple takes of people looking at your car as you go by.
You cannot go and stop anywhere around here as someone will come over and start asking about it and wanting to check it out!

One surprising moment we had was when we were stopping for gas and a fancy sports car that was following behind us pulled into the Mobile Station and as I got out I had seen it was a beautiful black Maserati Quattroporte S! Well he never stopped to get gas he just drove by very slowly staring at our Black RS/SS while we were staring back at his car! Wow!
He just kept staring with his mouth opened and gave us a nod and thumbs up and drove out still staring as he went the other way!
WOW Now that's a compliment!
It was odd but Kim & I both looked at each other and thought we had seen the driver of it somewhere on TV Just couldn't place him.
Anyway we do have some plans for it but it is still early and the aftermarket have just started getting items for this car.

Unfortunatly most we cannot do cause it will void the factory warrenty.
Unless it comes from GM Performance Parts and have them installed by your dealer then it's ok.

Once thats over I am sure it will be flooded with aftermarket parts!
Lots of cool stuff out now like Immitation Carbon Fiber Ground Effects, Performance Exhausts and Intakes, Superchargers but cost a kings ransom cause they are the first out there.
But they'll come down as more manufacturers get there products available. Heck even GM can't get there accesories out the door fast enough!

I know I want a front chin spoiler and a different rear Diffuser (valance) under the rear bumper.

We'd like to add a Corvette style Center exhaust with a diffuser like on the ZR1 Vette as well.
I don't know if it will ever happen but if someone made a ZR1 Cowl hood with the clear acrylic center that would be the cats ass!
But for now we are just going to enjoy it the way it is, No Ground effects, No Vinal stripes. Just a bad in Black Camaro RS/SS!
GM Chevrolet Did it right! Thanks Guys! The fun and "THE HUGGER" is back and better than ever!

Crane Cams Shuts Down it's Plant...

By K1M_and_J1M

The news just gets sadder everyday, I guess it's not just the Auto manufacturers hurting in this poor economy.
It's also really hitting the Aftermarket Automotive Manufacturers bigtime as well.

Crane Cams, A company that's been around for 56 years or so shuts it's doors even though there website is still up.

Read about it all here:

I have to wonder and worry which High Performance automotive company will be next??
Competition Cams? Moroso? Edelbrock? :0

Chevy Monte Carlo 2008 Calenders are Ready for purchase!

By K1M_and_J1M

Monte Millenium Generations Club and 2KMC both have there 2008 Monte Carlo Calenders up and ready for sale at Cafe' Press!

If your a member or just a fan be sure to check them out!
They make great Christmas Gifts to that Car Crazy Monte Carlo Fan or just a car nut!

Get your "Knights of the Millennium" MMG Monte Millenium Generations Calender here:

and Get the the 2KMC Calender here:

Time to Change the Battery. UGH..

By K1M_and_J1M

Well wouldn't ya know it,Cold weather in the 30's and ready to go to an after Thanksgiving Day gathering and the battery in the car is crankin' sloooow. Ut Oh!
Checked the cables and terminals and all seem good.
I can't blame it though,It was six years old starting on seven. I should have changed it sooner.But you know you always tend to overlook the battery until it's to late.
One day it's fine ,The next day Poof! Nuthin'
It was a good excuse to try one of those Optima Yellow Top batteries I have been seeing advertised and talked about.
Maybe a good idea since Kim wants to put in a better sound system in the near future so she can play all those CD/s and let the neighbors know she's coming a mile down the road.
So we'll see if there really worth there weight in Gold.
Damn things are heavy too that's for sure!
Who ever designed the area where to put the battery in a 6th generation Chevy Monte Carlo SS needs there head examined!
It was mostly just wire cables in the way.
It looks big enough where it is but is still a tight squeeze in there specially if you have big hands but with a little jockeying around did finally make it in it's hole.
The battery tray was a little caroded but not to bad,Cleaned up ok.
I'll replace that in the spring and have it powdercoated red with some other parts I am having done.
Well It's one more part I won't have to worry about over the Winter!
I hope!

BMR Rear Strut Tower Brace installed

By K1M_and_J1M

It's been a great year to work on the Mrs.Monte Carlo SS!
We got a lot done to it this year and more plans on the way.
We just wanted to Git'r Dun as much as we could before Winter moved in.

I ordered and installed the last piece to the puzzle in the handling department with a rear BMR Strut Tower brace and brackets last weekend and finally got a pic.This with the front Strut tower bar and front & rear SLP Swaybars and BMR Lateral arms with the KYB AGX adjustible gas Struts and Eibach lowering springs will finish off the suspension and handling modifications for it as it handles like it is on rails with NO body lean during my recent sp1rited driving adventure.
I think the wifes nerves from our moutain ride have finally come down to near normal. She found out the passenger side brake pedal needs to be fixed as it doesn't work at all! hehehe :D

So what's next will be determained next year.
I already know she want a new Stereo system and she might buy that herself.The trunk does look a little empty.
Some bigger wheels and tires are being considered as well.

When the car gets older I will consider bigger engine mods like getting it bored out and Ported heads,A bigger Cam so I can install a Turbo or Supercharger But these are in the far future unfortunatley.Probably when I take over the car for myself.

But the Company I work for is moving out to Madison Wisconsin after it was purchased last year and any new mods will have to wait till I find another form of work in N.H.

But the wife loves the car and isn't planning on a new one till the New Camaro is finally on the Showroom floor,Then I will take the Monte Carlo. Unless I buy the Camaro ;)

Just a couple Car Crazy folks!
Kim & Jim

Finally have the MPD Hood painted and on.

By K1M_and_J1M

Well what seemed like it took an eternity and a day to order,arrive and be delivered to the body shop and then prepped and painted was finally done a couple weeks ago.
Now I don't have to worry or listen to my better half asking me did they call and say "it's finished & ready yet?"
Uhhh...No Honey,Sorry,Not yet.

Well it was another item well worth the wait and Kimber was like a little kid at Christmas time opening presants when she first saw it parked outside at the Autobody shop.
If she said "Oh My God" one more time I was afraid he might actually show up and say what the heck do you want now! lol

Well they did a cracker jack job on it to and came out very nice.
She is really happy with it and that's all that matters .
Thank God for that! Oops There I go now! Sorry Boss! hehe! :D

I am not a big fan of Ram Air style hoods and there are only a few different versions for the 2000-2005 Monte Carlo's.
Personally I prefer Cowl Induction style on any Chevy myself. But unfortunately no hood manufacturer made one for our year of Monte Carlo SS, Kind of strange I thought.
But Kim really liked it and wanted a new style hood for a long time so decided to order it anyway.

After the paint had time to seal and harden I wanted to add the finishing touch and put on some Ram Air decals of the side of the scoop.
After receiving them they just looked kind of small & cheap looking,So I tried a different graphic seller, They were larger but still not what I was looking for.
I looked up OEM style emblems & decals for earlier GM Ram Air hoods or whatever but came up with about the same result,
I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for.
But I'll know when I see it.

A week or so later I came across some custom raised and polished stainless steel Ram Air letter emblems and a Camaro SS scoop grill on eBay.
BINGO! That's the ticket laddie!
I found what I was looking for! (even though I had no idea what that was) :D
They were pricey & not your $7.99 Joe decal shop decals or plastic fantastic factory emblems, But then again,You get what you pay for!

I knew these Polished stainless Ram Air letters would go nice with the SLP polished wheels,So added those to lightly accent it a bit.
Kind of like jewelry for the car.
So that about does it for the exterior unless we get some new wheels & tires in the future.
My bank account will be sure happy about that! It sure needs a rest! ;)
If your wondering where I got the Hood,
You can check them out here.They might have one for your car or truck!
Peter is great person to talk to and work with!

Saturday Night thoughts and opinions.

By K1M_and_J1M

Not much happening here tonight in Cow Hampsha or TV so I thought I would just type whatever comes to mind and ramble on.
As I type I do have the Laguna Seca Sports car race on Speed TV.
I am not much of a Prototype Sports Car fan, More of the lesser powered GT racecars that they race with them,To bad they spend most of the coverage on the Prototypes, I would rather watch the Ferrari's Lamborghini's Vette's Mustangs Vipers and Porsches go at it.
I wonder what happened to Jaguar and Aston Martin?
There gone...huh. To bad....

Actually I would rather watch FIA World Rally Championship racing. Man I miss Speed TV covering that.
Those little four wheel drive cars like Citroen C4's Mitsubishi Evo's and Subaru WRX STi's doing over 100 mph flying through the air on skinny dirt roads through the countryside. Those dudes are either Crazy or have Iron balls!
They have my utmost respect!

F1 is well, Just not doing it for me anymore.
I'll probably watch the race in Brazil Sunday to see which rich spoiled brat wins the 2007 F1 Championship.

Besides that I have been thinking of what else to do for our Monte Carlo SS.
Thinking of a Big Brake kit to put on the car but then I will have to buy bigger wheels and tires for them to fit.
If we do I most likely won't go bigger than 18's. Bigger than that and it would start to look kind of like one of those Jada DUB City toy Die-Cast cars and we don't want that.
When they get To Big they look kind of silly.

Trouble is wheel style and tire choice,We like the white lettered tire look (Hey I'm Old School!) but don't see any that size with the raised white letter's.
I've pretty much covered the Suspension & Handling Modifications for it and just ordered the BMR Rear Strut tower brace just to make it complete.
The next Mod I know will be the cars Computer (PCM)

I had started to customize my 1994 Silverado but I kind of lost interest in it and stopped and put all the time and money into the Monte. It was just more fun to do.
Maybe I just need to go out and get a Bessy #7 or another car ;)
I know the wife has her heart set on either a Cadillac CTS or the New Camaro coming out in 2009 sometime.
Hmmm... That is a ways away still, Ahhh decisions decisions!

Handling Goodies Finally on the Monte!

By K1M_and_J1M

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Well it's been a while since I posted our first Blog on our Motortopia Monte Carlo SS page so I thought I would finally update it.
Were having a good time upgrading her car and making it better than stock.
We finally got our SLP Sway Bars back from Goodhue powder coating and installed them last week along with the BMR Lateral arms. The BMR Trailing arms and new brackets were installed a few weeks previously along with the KYB AGX Adjustible gas struts and Eibach lowering springs.Man that's a job I wouldn't want to do a second time on this car. But the end result was well worth the effort! Although I may be a quart or two down on blood. If you have stock on Band Aids,It just went up! hehe!

There are still a few things under the car I need to replace to clean it up under there, But are minor and cosmetic only.
But believe me,They will get done!
We took her out for a ride this past weekend up in the North country of N.H. on Rt.149 and Wow! What a differance,She handles the twisties and hills like a slot car and absolutley no body lean, Much better than my old IROC Z and Trans Ams I have owned in the past! We are very pleased! But I think I scared the wife on some of those hilly 90 & 180 degree corners! lol :).

Kimber's Baby! Our MC SS

By K1M_and_J1M

Filed under: /blogs/browse/t/vehicle/v//p

My girl and I bought the white 2001 Monte Carlo SS pictured new back in the fall of 2001,It was our first new car together.

Our 2001 SS has only around 49,000 miles on her now and looks as good as she was on the showroom floor up at Banks Chevrolet Cadillac in Concord New Hampshire.
It's driven everyday and not garaged in winters.But always kept clean!

It has an Aluminum and Polycarbonate CAI Air box and Corsa Cat Back exhaust with a Magnaflow High-Flo converter and Hogan downpipe with U-Bend delete are really the only slight HP mods for the engine.
Will be getting a reprogrammed PCM for it in the very near future either from Milzy's Motorsports or ZZ Performance.

There are a few handling & brake mods like Speedbuilt Strut tower Brace.
Drilled slotted counterbored and plated brake rotors.
BMR Trailing and lateral arms.
SLP Sway Bars
KYB AGX Adjustible struts with Eibach lowering springs and a host of other mods to put on.
But we just wanted it basically to look and sound different than other local Monte Carlo SS's around our area.
I hate looking like I have something everyone else has.
So stock is not an option!
Well we think I succeded in that department as there is not another white one just quite like it in these parts anyway.
We sure are known now in town and around the area as it turns heads everywhere we go and always starts a conversation with other Car Crazy auto fanatics !
We meet a lot of cool people! And a lot up at New Hampshire International Speedway during the race events as well with a lot of Monte Carlo owners in the parking lots from all over.
It's really fun to chat and see everyone elses car and what they have done to it!
It's always an ongoing project though to make it a little bit better.

Below is our webpage where we keep a few pics and links on for easy access when I am looking for something for our Monte.

Hey have fun with what ever you drive! Chevy,Pontiac,Ford, Dodge,etc...It doesn't matter, Just have fun and enjoy and let the Good Times Roll!

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