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The NEW "Louie the Lizard" is back and badder than ever !!

By MonzterRacing

This is an album of my car "Louie the Lizard" It has been redone inside and out since it was stolen in 2009. I got it back in 2011. It was stripped and damaged. I almost gave up on it and hated seeing it in the garage the way I got it back. At least I did get it back. I want to THANK the few real friends on here that supported me with the car and believed my story. Those that didn't care or thought the theft was bull crap etc... the joke is on you. I recovered even through getting laid off my job, a nasty divorce, and even bankruptcy. It has been an up hill battle with life but a couple years ago I met a group of people on facebook that inspired me to get the car back together and not part it out or sell what was left. I worked my butt off to get it done. Even when the odds looked grim. They were doing the very first ever Vega Nationals meet. I made it there only to be rained out. BUT the story is I got the car back together without much help from friends. Just my current wife, my son, one brother-in-law, and a couple of true friends. One repainted the car two weeks before the 1st ever Vega Nationals for free just to help me make it. These pics were taken by a photographer that was also taking pics of my son and my step son for their senior pics. I was honored when they asked to take the pics with the car. This album is a tribute to the ones that helped me get this car back into what it is now and the few that supported my cause. Some updates were done to make it better with one last one hopefully coming this winter. Pics will follow once it happens. Enjoy my rebuild and album hopefully more than my before albums.

THE ALL NEW LOUIE THE LIZARD after all these years I have been gone !!

By MonzterRacing

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This is the all NEW Louie The Lizard. Finally after 5 long years or more he lives again !! After all the stuff that has happened like being stolen by Steve Radin / New Finish in 2010 and my shop broken into and parts being stolen about 2 years ago by what was supposed to be true friends. Now I finally got him all back together. I like the car better now than before. Those that remember it or my stories can look back on the old Louie and see the many changes. NEW motor, trans, hood and scoop, lexan windows, paint, body mods, harnesses, fuel pumps and other fuel components, fittings, etc... When it got stolen there was over $7000 in parts taken by Steve Radin / NEW FINISH he charged $2500 for body work and paint before I could get the car back that was NOT worth $12 and was unfinished. He went on to bad mouth me all over the internet about me not wanting to pay my bills etc... Well the joke is on him !! Obviously I pay my bills as how else would I get this car back together if not ??? I want to thank the few people that tried to help me with their donations and support. I want to say to those that took Steve / New Finishes side and believed his crap that you obviously were not friends with me like I thought. I got over it and moved on. So I have not been here in many years but came back to show the ones that believed me and liked this car that I did get it back together and it is in better shape than ever before !!

I am back but not here very much !!

By MonzterRacing

I just wanted to let my real friends know I am here again after the may years I have been gone. I want to also let you know that I did get my car back from Steve Radin or New Finish. They did a horrible job on the body work that wasn't worth $12 let alone $1200 or $2500. We are in the process of fixing all the body work and paint issues since Steve Radin had it. He had my car for over 2 years and would not give the car up even when my attornies sent him letter after letter which I plan on posting here in my defense some day in the future & sent the Sherrifs Deputies out there. Steve made me look like a fool and bad mouthed me all over the internet and local drag strips.
My good friends that race at Kearney plan on expressing their feelings to him personally. I asked them not to but I cannot keep them from doing so. Steve and his crew also stole over $6500 worth the parts off my car and from me so I am finally almost ready to start assembling it again. LOUIE WILL BE BACK SOON !!! COUNT ON IT !! Bigger and badder than before !! Steve only tought me a lesson with people and I trust NO ONE anymore. !! Business is business the hell with anything else. Friends are friends and family is family. I do my own work now on my stuff period ! So Steve if you hear about this message I am coming for you on the track !! I will get my own sweet revenge beating your car with my car and if your car has my parts in it that will be even better. I know you have a white 2002 Camaro all tubed chassis that runs very low 9's at Kearney & I know about your sons car too !! I promise you that you will see me soon enough !! Oh & I DO PAY MY BILLS STEVE !! I always have !! Ask anyone that has ever dealt with me. Even recently after my bankruptcy you jerk !!
Also, I plan on returning all the money that was sent to me for the Louie Fund a year or so ago. I have all your addresses and once I am on top of my bills again and have the extra cash it is going back to those true friends that helped !! I hate owing anybody & I am not a scammer !! That really upset me when I heard Steve called me that. He is the scammer or he is really a theif !! That is how he has gotten where he is in life. He just found a loop hole in the State of Nebraska's system that helps crooks like him and hurts honest people like me and others. He will get his in the end !! Karma is a real bitch Steve !!!
For the locals that have been waiting on seeing Louie again, He should be out by the end of summer or for sure next year in the spring. Car shows will see him along with the drag strips !! Count on it !! WE ARE BACK WITH A VENGANCE !!! And even a fw new upgreades !!

Important info about helping GET LOUIE THE LIZARD BACK

By MonzterRacing

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I want to pass on something I found last night that made me choke up since I seen it. There are a couple of guys here on motortopia that went out of their way to start a fund to help me get LOUIE THE LIZARD back. I have a direct link to it now so if you read the story already you might know what this is about. I

I also want to let everybody know how GREATFUL I really am so my fiance and I decided that to show how much this means to me we want to get the car back, get it reassembled, and then if money permits us to find a place in these UNITED STATES somewhere to have a car show, gathering, something to where all of the people that helped in any way, can sign either the car with a dry erase marker or actually sign a piece of poster board whatever. Then I am going to dedicate my racing and car shows from that point on to them !!! THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT ANSWERED MY CRY FOR HELP WILL FOREVER BE PERMANENT SPONSORS OF MY CAR AND ME.

The Link is:

My children have been and are a large part of my hobbies and they too are ecstatic to see this. They know best what this car means to me. They have seen the dedication I gave to this car and my hobbies. They too have seen what I have done for others to help them out.

One recent story from last summer was that I offered to put an alternator in a guy I worked with's car for him. I told him my shop rate and he agreed. Well while working on his car he had brought a new belt that was the wrong one. We tried several attempts from several parts stores and finally I decided to take the original belt and match one up that way. COMPUTER WAS WRONG !! Anyway during the driving around we did to get the right belt he started talking to me on a more personal basis out of the blue. He was in his fifties roughly and told me he had to take out ALL of his 401K to pay on his house to keep it and was still behind on the mortgage. He was saying he figured he was going to lose his house and his wife didn't work due to illnesses. Well to make a long story short when he went to pay the bill he wanted to give me the last $40 cash he had and a check for the remainder. I felt really bad for the guy so I told him that I didn't want his money !! He insisted on paying me. I finally told him to give me $20 and call it good. I took the money from him and noticed that the car had other issues. I just told him to wait a minute and proceded to investigate the problem. I found cracked hoses and stuff so I went to my stock I had and just started sizing things up. When I finished he was almost in tears when I told him I didn't want anything for it. Until I left that job he was always soo kind to me. He never spoke to me before the work I did much. He did especially treat me differently when he realized I put that $20 back in his car in the gauge cluster. I asked for nothing to help a guy out !! I do this a lot!! I get a good feeling about it. Now I learned he don't work at all anymore and had come down with a major facial cancer. This all happened this past year. I feel even better of what I did after finding that out !! When he asked me why I did that I told him this. Just tell people who worked on your car. Thats all I ask except for you to not tell them how much I charged you either !! My children have seen me do this a lot. I help out at the drag strips lend my Nitrous Bottles, tools, whatever to help a fellow rodder out in need as well. I have never been greedy and beg or expect things. I always knew how I was poor and what it was like. It sucked as a kid !!

Sorry I have been really SAD and out of the car scene for a while- Need Help !!!

By MonzterRacing

I won't go into all the details but I have been having a really really bad run of luck over the past year or two. I have been deceited by what I thought were friends, lost my great paying job, just finished up with a nasty divorce, and shut down my personal business building cars and engines due to all the stuff I had been dealing with. They say when it rains it pours and now I believe it.
Anyway, I stopped with the cars and working on them as my car had been taken away from me illegally according to an attorney I hired. She has yet to get any results from the guy that took it. He ignores all legal documents sent, won't sign for Certified letters, answer calls, or anything from my attorney.
It all goes to the start of I thought I made a great friend with a person and worked extensively on his car welding on it, re-wiring it, built an engine for it, and more. I also lent him my tools and MY transmission when he blew his up at the track. Well he offered to do the body work on my car for $2300. We agreed. He found out I was going through a divorce and stuff after he picked his car up and was racing in it already. He finally blew up his motor I built (over 90 passes in 30 days) and I was trying to build his other backup motor for him as well. Anyway he had issues with that motor as well and blew it up also. The rod let go literally !!!! He blamed me for the motor work. All the while being nice to me and still saying that I only would owe him the $2300 for my body work he did. Well all of a sudden he wants over $12,000 for me to get my car back !! He is charging me for his motors that also had over $3000 of my parts in that he never paid for yet. He still has my transmission he BORROWED ALONG WITH MY TOOLS !! So I have been fighting to get my stuff back. THE CAR ISN'T EVEN FINISHED!! HE NEVER BUFFED IT OUT OR ANYTHING!! His employee started to wet sand the car but never finished !!
But through the divorce I had to just file bankruptcy !! He ran into a few of my friends and told them I could have my car back for $4400 now but that was not the original agreement !! ALL VERBAL NO LESS !! SO he took my transmission, car, and tools and put them in some storage facility in hiding for a ransom (my attorney said that) illegally because these are two seperate business deals and that is my personal property !!! So the attorney filed for a Replevin Suit but he still won't cough up my stuff or tell anybody where it is. He won't even talk to my attorney !!
So I am at a sad point in life as I worked exceptionally hard to get my car, worked my butt off on building it to what it was, and now lost it to a crooked deal !! What is a guy to do !! I want all auto enthusiasts to think of how they would feel at this point !!
I lost my job, working for half the money I used to make, got a divorce, Became really ill with Diabetes Type 2, and other medical issues that are serious, filed bankruptcy as I was left with all the burdens of the divorce, pay child support but have joint custody, and working to keep the house I was left with out of the divorce. All these things just happened this past year or so. The health issues were caused from stress and stuff.
So I ask where are all the really good people go out there in this world ??? Can a person trust anybody anymore?? Is everyone out for themselves??? I came up with a simple plan that if anybody wanted to think makes sense or has a real heart and acknowledges a persons distress than maybe I can rely on people and friends in another way.
How about if each person donates or donated to the cause to help get a guys car back when he has lost all hope??? What if everybody donated only $1 or $2 to the guy to see how close he can get to getting his car back !!! Nothing more?? A person cannot buy much with that $1 or $2 anymore but maybe a soda or candy bar. But that even depends on the serving size !! I probably will get into trouble for asking this but I am at my end on what to do so I think I will have to come up with the money ($4400 to get the car back) so I am asking everyone to think about it !! Would you do it to help a cause !! To keep a dream alive !! I haven't been able to go to car shows anymore, I sold everything else practically, so I have no way to get that money but to use this idea I just presented. If anybody wants to I am not begging (well maybe I am) Could this really happen ?? Would you do it. We all send out money to do things for foreign countries in need, buy stupid things we don't need, and spend more than that $1 or $2 doing it. Well would you help me out??? I know I would help people out in this situation !!! I have. I have been burned on a lot of things building motors, parts, etc... and I just keep taking the chance and love of the automotive world to keep doing it. I grew up poor as hell and I worked hard as hell for everything I had. I don't want to lose this car !! These Monza Coupes are rare anymore !! I won't get another one !! So who would help ?? If you want to stay annonamus or just send that $1 or $2 for a good cause PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!!
e-mail me at or I don't get on the computer much anymore due to the finances I don't have internet at home anymore. I do try to find a place to get to the WI-FI to use the laptop.
OR just donate that $1 or $2 to
"Louie The Lizard"
Mark Francis
1340 Rose St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

My # is (402) 217-4879

I have a couple of engines I posted on here for sale on my page that I have left and I need to sell the 68 Mustang I have from the divorce as well and then I can get that money towards getting my car back !! Louie and I have a reputation on the internet and local car shows. I owned that car for several years and built it twice with a lot of blood, sweat, and even tears !! I want my car back !!! PLEASE HELP !!! It is hard for me to look at cars, car shows, racing, and even the parts to the car in my garage when I am out there anymore !! I love that car !! THAT car is all I have left !!!! (MAYBE)

Thank You if you understand !! Sorry Motortopia about this but I ran out of options and nothing looks to be in my favor these days !! If you delete this I would understand !!


Pass it round STRONG KEEPSAKE IMAGES here at motortopia has set up a donation paypal account for Louie the Lizard to help me out !! I cannot figure out how to copy the direct link and paste it but may try tomorrow morning. That is where you can use paypal to help me out !! Thanks Pass it around to all your friends and maybe we can get the word out !! I just found out about it !!

Hello all, Sorry I have been gone so long !!

By MonzterRacing

Just wanted to let you all know that I still haven't gotten Louie back from the body shop. Was supposed to be back in May but still not finished.

Good things come to those that wait they say.

Well things have slowed way down for me as I am currently going through a messy divorce. I get to keep the cars and house. Joint custody of the kids too. Other than that it is chaos !!! My normal job has slowed down to 32 hrs a week at times so that does not help my finances.
My health also has turned to bad as I now have seizures due to all the stress in my life. Work, Divorce, teenage daughters, etc... Not to mention this damn recession !!!
I also want to point out that during these trying times I have hooked up with KatsMonte and we are now seeing one another. Thanks Motortopia !!! Would have never guessed I would meet a great person like her through a car sight. It payed (no pun intended) to answer a call to work on her car before the divorce. Who would have ever guessed. But strange things happen !!!
Anyway, hopefully I get things back to normal soon, get Louie back from the body shop, get caught up on all those nasty bills the soon to be EX stuck me with before she left, etc... etc... etc...
I am finishing a motor for a gentleman all the way from Debuque, Iowa soon and one of my own I may be selling. Anybody want a fresh 600+ hp 355 SB Chevy short block give me a call. All drag not a street motor !! I also am selling the 461 HP motor out of Louie too!! Strong as hell and very few miles on it. I have a bigger and better motor going in him !!

Update on Louie The Lizard

By MonzterRacing

Just wanted to update all my friends on the progress of Louie The Lizard. He had been delivered to a friend of mine's body shop and is in good hands for the body work and repaint. I decided to go with the same color he was. I have had a lot of compliments on the color I chose before the storm damage. I found a few parts and missing some as well but they can be installed once I find them. There will be a few changes with the car but nothing to outragous. According to the guys it will not take them too long to fix Louie !! So hopefully I can get him back soon and get the windows, new motor, etc... installed before June's big event here in Lincoln, NE. Also car show season is upon us here and I am hoping to attend some of them soon.

Monzter Racing is building engines a few motortopia members

By MonzterRacing

I just wanted to let people know I have not forgotten them here on motortopia as I have been building some motors for a few motortopia members lately. I have also started a business recently that became official here in Lincoln, NE as of yesterday (Thursday 12/18/08). Eventually I will be posting some pics of two of the motors I have here. One is for newfinish for his 78 Camaro Drag Car which is a 355 SB Chevy that should be able to put somewhere in the neighborhood of 650 to 680 HP on the motor naturally aspirated and no power adders!! I am hoping to have it done this weekend. Once that is completed I am going to freshen up his 383 and make a couple of minor upgrades to it. It will be his back up motor!! Then I just finished a 358 SB Chevy for 69c_10sbc335 for his daily driver that should be approximately 400 or more HP. Then I am waiting on one from chevyluvaz along with his Olds Starfire hatchback that I am going to put a roll bar in and sub frame connectors. Then if I have the time I am going to get on Louie The Lizard and the body work to get him back together and repainted by the time the O-Reilly's Auto Parts Hot Rod Supernationals in Lincoln Nebraska May 29th thru 31st. I have a lot of things to do and not a lot of time. So if I seem like I am not here it is because I have some really good reasons !! I plan on keeping everyone posted with the progress of each task I have going !! I'll be checking in when I can !! Wish me luck !!

Check out this list of cars I was forwarded in an e-mail that are 4 SALE

By MonzterRacing

This is a few e-mails I was forwarded to with some fascinating things this man has for sale. I promised him I would put the word out as this stuff is a dream come true for many. You need to mention that your interest is from the e-mails I forwarded to you so he is aware how you found about it. He has prices and pics upon request. Very nice guy and I would love to see some of this stuff go to good people that deserve them and would be interested in them as their dream cars etc... Please forward this to any and all people you know that has wanted a certain car etc... So much to choose from. In the second message he gave me his phone # so I am sending it word for word along with the other two I have received thus far. I hope somebody finds something there they have always wanted or are interested in. I KNOW I DID !!

1.) Hi Mark, Here is a list of the cars available, if you want pictures, of one or anything specific mail me back. 1970 W30 olds 442, 1969 GTO, 68 Buick GS 4 speed, 1976 Trans Am, 66 caprice ss big block, 71 elcamino, big block, 70 chevelle big block, 74 corvette, 87 corvette, 68 belvidere, 65 coronet, 65 chevelle convertible, 62 chevy impala, 55 chevy, 57 chevy, 68 gmc pro street pickup, 55 chop top pickup, several 74 nova,s, 73 ss nova parts car,71 dart drag car, 55 pontiac, 2 dr hrtp., 2,62 coronet convertibles, 94 z 28 covertible,1970 plymouth satelite, year ? monza spider. There is more, but for now, this should be the main ones, like i said, inquire, if none of these, are what your looking for, or if you need pictures, get back to me. Parts also, engines, trans, chevy, mopar, ford, thanks Denny for Will Rule

2.) Mark, that would be great, posting the stuff, with the email, and you can also include my phone number. my # is 815 554 0030, The prices all vary naturally, Denny

3.) Hi again Mark, i forgot about a few to send you , cars that may be of interest, to your brother in Cal. are a 32 ford 5 window coupe, and a 51 Henery J, and a all steel 41 Willys, with a 391 hemi, and supercherged, if you would want imfo on any of these, or pictures, get back to me. These three are definately not cheap, but exellent projects, that need some finishing, also, have some Mopar stuff, that i need to get to you on another email, in the near future, that i forgot about, 31 plymouth coupe, barracudas, coronets, hemi charger,69 1/2 440 six pac clone, all kinds of mopar projects, Denny

Today is my Birthday

By MonzterRacing

Today is my birthday and I am now turning 40. Where are all the years going?

THANK YOU to all my motortopia friends. Louie is starting to come around

By MonzterRacing

I want to thank all the people that are helping or have been helping in my quest for parts. I have really found out that there are some really, really good people here on motortopia. I am glad to be a part of such a group of people. I belong to a lot of websites but this one has far the better people on it. It is sad to say I have been getting better results here than my own H-body clubs. AGAIN THANK YOU ALL.
I found a perfect headlight housing 65 miles away that I had to pay dearly for after I pulled it off myself. I also bought another one from a guy in Wyoming that had a broken mounting tab. Not sure if I can fix it but it is a spare none the less. I am still looking for few front end parts but slowly they are showing up from all corners of the world.
An old best friend whom I haven't gotten along with since 1996 buried our hatchets and he started helping me sand Louie down for a new paint job. He has even been helping get the supplies and paint. he is going to shoot the paint as he is our landing gear painter where I work. Louie will definitely be a different shade of green when he comes back out but maybe it is time for a change. I think he will look very nice when we are done.
I also want to thank Monzter C10 ( member) from nearby Ashland for his help in all the work too. He has come down to help out where ever he can on Louie. He even went with me on the road trip to get the headlight bucket. He has been dedicated to helping me when ever he has had time.
Well one quarter panel is started with the sanding and some of the front nose pieces I could salvage from the storm. Progress is slow but it will be better than ever if we just take our time. We are fixing all the stresses of drag racing and the nicks and scratches from the last five years of driving, wrenching, testing clips, hoods, etc... now Louie will even have a custom made hood for him. Something he has not had for years. I will be trying a couple of different ideas.

Louie The Lizard is down !!! Bad storm 70 MPH winds !!!

By MonzterRacing

I am a sad guy today. Mother Nature was not nice to us here in Lincoln, NE yesterday evening. A bad thunderstorm brewed up very quickly that had 70 plus MPH winds. In the scramble of getting everything in the garage as I was working on Louie at the time, we left the front clip outside thinking it would be ok there until the storm passed. Well needless to say, we were quite wrong, not expecting the 70 MPH winds. The front clip that was a removeable factory one piece unit was lifted off the ground, flipped over, and slammed back onto the ground so hard it busted the headlight bezel on the right hand side and basically broke the fenders from the nose piece. I was devistated when I seen it. The winds actually lifted the garage door up that was in front of Louie and we had to close it again and actually lock it. It looked like it was going to blow the garage door inwards. Pretty scary moment. The clouds were moving rapidly and swirling. Thank God there was actually no tornados as I was starting to think we were going to get one. There were many power outages and broken trees and limbs. About a block away a huge tree broke off a 2.5 to 3 foot thick limb and it blocked the road. Right next to it another tree was on fire as the power line hit it and ignited it. Trees were down all over town. The same for power lines. Crazy storm. It all happened within half an hour or so. Then it sort of cleared up.
Now Louie is going to have to be fixed and the worst part about it is the Alpine Green Pearl paint cannot be matched easily or at all. The headlight bucket or bezel may not be an easy find either. The fenders are fixable but creased badly in the wheel wells and the paint is scratched up from them falling on the patio and sliding to a rest from the storm. I have to find another coupe or station wagon that is a single headlight unit. My spoiler and lower valance took a bad hit too. They are broken as well. I have a friend at work that already mixed some paint and sprayed a sample piece that some of my other friends liked so Louie may be a different color next time he is seen. I have already started the stripping and sanding. Now the test will be getting the extremely rare parts for the car.
I may need some assistance in finding a front clip or pieces so if anybody knows where one may be PLEASE contact me so Louie can be fixed soon and brought back out. I can use Monza Coupe, Monza Town Coupe, Monza station wagons, Pontiac Sunbirds, possibly the Chevy Vega, the Firenza, Skyhawk, Olds Starfires, and other types of these h-body type cars. They have to be single headlight cars (2 total) instead of the dual headlight (4 total). Thanks if anybody can help me out.

Update on the progress on the car for PINKS ALL OUT

By MonzterRacing

I pulled the old lexan windshield, the front clip, and I have the new windshield (lexan) ready to be drilled and screwed into the car. I pulled the radiator support, plastic media blasted it, and painted it gloss black. I have a modified pair of spindles that had to have a tab tig welded to it once the factory brake ears were cut off, painted gloss black, and ready to be mounted in the car for the Aerospace Components front disc brakes I ordered. These are nice pieces but wish they were a little more user friendly like without the major spindle mod and tig welding. Have the new upper ball joint just need to compress the MOROSO trick springs to change it out along with the spindles.
The NEW Dart Little M block is on the stand and I checked rod to block clearances since I am using 6" aluminum rods. Ready to go to the machine shop!!! The NEW 1095 King Demon RS is here and the Brodix Heads and Bowtie intake have been massaged heavily and flowed. I also have a few custom additives to the intake like a Brodix BB Chevy Turtle installed in the floor of the intake. Really helped the flow numbers for the intake and heads both. We are using a custom grind Lunati 4-7 swap solid roller cam with @ .684 lift and a lot of duration. I can't wait to get it all done so I can hear it and get it tuned in on the chassis dyno.
My job changed my schedule this week so I lost one of the three days a week I had to devote my time to getting the car done. My progress may slow down a little but I will keep everyone posted as I get the chance. I still have a lot of work to do.

2008 Racing Plans -- PINKS ALL OUT or bust

By MonzterRacing

Figured I would let everyone know that I am on the rebuild of the Green Monza. I decided I am going to try to get it all done for this next years Pinks All Out. I have to install a new lexan windshield as I listened to the local glass shop by installing it like an original windshield and it has popped out three times on me now. I plan on bolting it in this time. I am adding a pair of Aerospace Components front disc brakes to the car along with a new 355 motor combo that should have in excess of 650 HP. I bent one front rim and broke an upper ball joint. Wheel stands take their toll after a while no matter how high the car comes off the ground. My car only comes up about a foot or so off the ground and I ride it out to about 60 ft. I then am adding the new Hoosier slicks to the rear. If all goes well I hope to install a NOS cheater system too. If I have time I need to fix a few body dings and scratches and reshoot the paint. These last few years have been hard on the car and it is showing with all the cracks it is getting in the doors, roof, and quarters. I have a lot of work to do but going to try to make it to one of the Pinks All Out in 2008. I am shooting for Bandimere Speedway in Denver, CO on August 9, 2008. Wish me luck. This is where sponsors would come in handy if I had any!!! lol.. :)

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