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Trading my dad the 1991 Ranger for 1974 F100 4x4

By Mustang_Momma_2

I finally talked my dad into letting me trade the 1991 Ford Ranger 4banger w/5spd for an automatic truck. With my job cleaning stalls, leading horses, moving hay bales around, sweeping the barn, I really don't want to shift a 5spd home. So, as soon as Dad and I pile our cash together he is buying me a 1974 F100 4x4 360 V8, C6, single cab, long bed, Deep Dark Blue, high back bench seat, No A/C but I don't mind. Will post pics when we bring it home after I register and insure it in my name and put the Ranger in my Dad's. For now I have pics on my phone after my Dad talked to the guy.

Bronco Went Bye-Bye & Hello Mustang!!!!

By Mustang_Momma_2

Dad and I just hauled off his 1971 Bronco that runs with a 302 and a 3spd on the floor and 4x4. The only I broke is the rear window that lifts up on the top cause dad bungee corded it shut and I forgot about it. Anyway we took it down to Exeter to Uncle Don's and unloaded to put his pretty V6 Mustang on the car trailer and swapped pinks with the info wrote out on 'em. Pics coming soon of the Mustang and what all it has. But I sure will miss that blue bronco but it was a good trade I think and now dad doesn't really have to drive his truck everyday now that he has a Mustang but will have to get used to driving a car with manual transmission.


By Mustang_Momma_2

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The motor for Baby is getting looked at and at least has been moved from the back of a truck parked in the corral to the back of my dad's boom truck. I have already started taking parts off like the braces holding the raditor, radiator, air cleaner, the hoses and I got started on the fan. As soon as the parts are off my dad and I are going to see what works and what doesn't with the spare motor and put in and start the car. After that we wil worry about the rear spoiler, paint job, interior, A/C, the back hatch and replacing the window moldings. Pretty soon I will be in the car.

Ranger and TBird

By Mustang_Momma_2

As soon as my dad and I fix the TBird so that it can be smooged and the citation I got in the drive way can be signed off monday. We are going to swap trannies from the parts Ranger to my Ranger along with the door clip so the passenger door can be opened from the out side, windshield, camper and A/C unit will be put on my truck. The nuts and bolts holding the starter, drivline and tranny are pretty tight for little old me to get off my self but I will try one more time before I let my dad do it. I also have to get the shifter off still. Pretty soon I will be back in my Ranger then I can look in to replacing the CD player and speakers along with a new seat cover. Then my mom can have the TBird to drive around in at least the A/C is working properly we have to look at the tranny as well, put the other side upper & lower arms on, check the brakes and change the oil in it. We are going to be busy I don't think I will make it for grandpa's review on the 29th.

screwed for spring

By Mustang_Momma_2

Well, I have yet to find a tranny for my truck and ot is still sitting on the ramps in front of the house. My dad believes he can fix the tranny if he takes it apart. Now if he did that I won't be able to drive my truck until Summer or fall semster to college. I am in the market for a tranny if it is cheap enough and I am debating on selling my 73 4x4 and Mustang II (#Baby II#) not decided yet. I just hope I have a vehicle to drive in January with a heater.

Whoops..... continued......

By Mustang_Momma_2

As I had posted earlier that I had broke my tranny some how. Well, when I took the shifter off and put a short crowbar n it I could not get it to shift. My dad tried it when he got home and got it to shift just fine. But it still screamed at him when he tried reverse. So, I started calling around looking for transmission places that either could fix mine or sell me a used one. I found a place in Sanger but my dad would not let me drive it in cause we don't have the money right now even though the guy didn't ask for it.

So, I asked him if I could drive the '94 TBird again untill my truck got fixed. I also he could have A/C and a stereo. This way he would not have to buy me another vehicle. Now we are putting the upper and lower arms on so I could drive it starting tomorrow. But we don't have two extra tires to put on it and I start college on this tuesday plus a dentist appointment. I already have to cancel my dr appt cause I don't have a vehicle. No way am I allowed to drive his '00 F-150 unless I am with Uncle Jimmy or Nana. Nana's '92 Explorer Sport needs an A/C belt and the A/C units aren't attached just yet to the motor. I will post pics soon as I have a vehicle to develop the film at the store.


By Mustang_Momma_2

Well, I actually broke my Ranger with out meaning too. I have no fifth or reverse. My dad took my shifter off and told me it is not the shifter. Cause i started calling around to some dealers for my shifter that is not listed around. I had no idea how hard it is to find a 5spd shifter for a Mazda tranny. Now I know in case I have to buy one. So, I am going to help my dad take my tranny off so we can get it fixed for whe i start fall semester at Reedley College. I am going to take pics of us taking the tranny off too. Hopefully I can talk my best buddy Lacey in to helping me so Uncle Skip can see what she loks like. I will post more later.


By Mustang_Momma_2

The Ranger is now mine. It is registered and insured in my name finally. With new catalytic, muffler and exhaust. It even passed smog. Now it is my daily driver to college. Now I just have fix the bench seat, cdplayer and A/C. I am finally out of the TBird but I will miss the A/C and radio.

#Country Girl's 2WD#

By Mustang_Momma_2

I have been looking on the internet for 1991 Ranger 4cyl catalytic converter's and comparing prices for the best one. I found one that is way cheaper then the rest. It includes all the hradware that I will need to install it. Then my Uncle David tells me that there are several vehicles I can get it off of and just by adapters or adjusters or maybe it was spacers so that it could fit my motor. When I told my dad he had the most mischevious grin on his face about it. I have a feeling that I will be taking more than just a catalytic converter off some vehicles around the ranch.

#Baby II

By Mustang_Momma_2

Well, it is official. Tonight while I was on fresno craig's list i found a complete motor and tranny, I mean everything was on this motor that you normally don't see on cheap motors. I was very excited about the price it is not every day you find a complete 351 and tranny running, working, no problem for $350.00. I told my dad that I would sell him one of my trucks and comadeer my best friend Lacey to go pickup, move it and put it in #Baby II. That we would even put my car on a trailer and haul her to the Mustang Ranch in Fresno and have the owner get her running for me. But my dad at the last possible second said she isn't even running yet and it is best that we leave her a V6.
So, in the morning I am going to work on her like I say I will be doing. But I am really going to take parts off and put in the back of one of my trucks. Some of the parts i will leave in her. I will take parts off so that we can swap motors. On Saturday I will get a camera so that I can post picks aas I go along working on her. The best part is all my dad has to do is tell me what goes where and man the boom truck to swap motors, I do the rest. This will always teach me how to work on my own cars with out my dad's help. But he don't believe me and says "all little girls still have their dad's fix things that they can't."
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