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M –55
Fremont, Nebraska
United States


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Car Show

By NostalgiaT

I got the Dart out to our clubs car show this weekend. Had to pull the intake saturday had a major oil leak. It is fixed now though. Motor ran great. Still a little jetting down of the carb and turn up the idle a hair and should be great.

We had 169 Registered Cars with a little over 220 total. In the show.

Get a chance check out our club page and see the new Video That my Buddy Cory did

Well the Green Meanine made it out of the driveway

By NostalgiaT

Well took the dart out for a drive today. Spent 3 hours trying to figure out why it died on thursday when I was dailing in the carb. Figured it out the ballast resitor on the coil was messing with the MSD 6AL box. New box and it still wasn't running by pass it and it would fire right up when all out fails read the instrutions Dose not need ballast resitor on the coil. Removed it and it popped right off. Finished up the dual exhaust system today all that is left is to add the chrom tips and That project is done. Yea I finally have a car to go cruizing in now.

New Motor is in

By NostalgiaT

Well Cory came over and we preped the car and got it ready for the new motor friday night and dropped it into the car today. He took some pics will get them posted as soon as I get them. Turned out Good. Painted the engine bay black. Bolted on the valvcovers and carb. Having not installed headers before in a car. I found out these will be a little bit of a challange. Will probably have to pull out the brake booster and maaster cylinder assmbly on on side and on the other have to pull the tie rod and pitnam arm to get room to drop the headers into place. Man it looks good so far with the M/T valve covers and the new edelbrock air cleaner under the hood. Want to have it running for the Mopar show. Most of all would like to take it to Lincoln for the Hot Rod super nationals. The rest of the Car might look ruff but the engine bay will look good at least. Worked on it till 12:30 AM on friday and started at 8:30 and finished at 6:00 today on it. Man am I tired but I am also excited to see it almost ready to come to life.

Old motor is out

By NostalgiaT

Well we got the old 318 out of the Dart today and getting things ready to put in the new motor. What a task worked on cars a lot but this is my first real motor swap. Little difrent them fabing mounts and dropping a motor in a home build street rod. My buddy Cory came over and lent a hand. Few choice workds little blood and sweet and lotst of grease coverde clothing we got the old motor out. It is now sitting on the floor of the garage. Now time to get the new one ready to go in. I need to do the rear main seal yet and then it should be ready to swap the flexplate on the new motor. Clean up the oil and grim off the tranny. Think the old motor blew a head gasket and it got oil all over the tranny on the one side. Tranny mount looked a little ruff so spent 9 bucks and got a new one coming for it. Wont be much to look ot this year but it will be a Driver at least. Then maybe I can spend a little time on the T bucket and try to get that to a driving stage also. Would love to get both of them running this summer. Well time for me to crash after a long day of wrenching take care


Dart motor update

By NostalgiaT

Well got the painting done on the motor and finished polishing up the valve covers. Dirty job but they turned out looking good. Still a few deep scractes but hey that is a good winter project this year. Mkes the ones on the bucket look dingy now. So much to do so little time as cuzing season is almost here. Not sure if the Dart will be running for the first club crusie in April but am going to give it my best shot that is for sure. They gent I bought the motor from has a posi unit for the dart also. So looking to go up and get that this weekend and then if we have a few nice days start stripping things down for the engine swap. Only thing I want to do to the motor before I install it is replace the rear main seal. Looked like it might have been leaking a little bit. For 6 bucks I figured it was the time to do it. Also got the new edlebrock performer intake on. Paint the top of the valve covers between the ribs orange to match the motor and we should be all set. Have a new edelbrock carb waiting in the wings for the motor. Ohhh Baby were having fun now.

Green Meanie update New Motor is home

By NostalgiaT

Well I got the new motor home for the Dart today. Trip up to Norfolk to get it. Also found a posi unit for my dart so plan to get that in a couple of weeks. Oh well at least I know where my OT is going to go. Did have some old Micky T valve covers so thinking what do you guys think paint them black wrinkle and polish the top ribs or try to polish them out again. Just trying to decide on what to do with it. Did get it cleaned up and the paint stripped off of it. The motor insides looked great. suppose to have only about 5 nights of racing on it. Needed a good cleaning from the dust and dirt on it. Did get a couple of cans of HEMI orange to paint it with and got it painted lookes great. Took some before pics and will get them posted soon. Then post the after and let you guys decide on it. Checked inside after I pulled the intake off and pulled the pan motor looks great o it should be a good street motor. Not to start getting ready to take the old tired and head gasket blown 318 out and prep for the new motor.

Green Meanie update 3-19-09

By NostalgiaT

Well with a little luck I pick up the motor for the Green Meanie this weekend. Just got off the phone with Summit racing and ordered a set of there store brand headers dual exhast kit with mufflers. Not a real wallet buster 300 bucks or so with the dual exhast kit. Yea Now I should have a car for the Geezer Drags this year in IA. Isn't life grand now after this is on the road I can get back to getting the bucket done also. To quote a friend of mine Love this hotrodding. Fun not to drive boring cars.

Newer Motor for the Green Meanie

By NostalgiaT

Well though a friend I found a new motor for the Dart. A nice warmed over 318 with 360 heads and a nice comp cam in it should be a great runner. I do have a new edelbrock intake and a 600 edelbrock carb or holley carb for it. Now to get a set of headers and new 2 1/2" dual exhast system. About 450 from summit or Jegs. Then we will be cruzing in one car at least. Hope to get the bucket up and running this year also. Trouble is finding time work on the darn thing to many honey do hear lately.

Newest Addtion to the Garage the Green Meanie

By NostalgiaT

My sons 74 Dodge Dart blew a head gasket he said he was done with older cars for a while So I got him a 1996 caviler and I aquired the Dodge Dart. Plans call for a new 360 long block and the normal stuff that will go with this kind of change New Headers Duel exhast new edelbrock carb and maniflold. Won't be a strip terror but won't be a slouch either. If I get real wild might put a 100HP shot of Nos on it for Sh##s and Giggles. Will post some pelimary pics when I get a chance Other then Fenders and quater panels the body is in good to excelent shape. Stay to to this same time and channel for more Inforation on this my first journy into the Mopar world.

Isn't the Net Fun

By NostalgiaT

Well set down with Mike for Motortopia and got some inof on managing our club site on here. Man if you have a little computer knowledge anyone can do it. Lot of cool stuff and much more on the way. Can't wait to see what comes up next also got online and regestred our clubname as a domain name so in a week or two when someone searches for the Stardusters it will showup as our car club. will make it easier to find us on the net and for 10 bucks a year you can't beat it. It will still link to the motortopia site and our webpage on that site. Our new Web address to get to the motortopia site will be 1st or you can still use the motortopia site also which is

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