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New pix of the 65 Ford Truck Project

By Prettybird81

Just added some updated photos to the Ford album. The truck is coming along nicely. Finally found a chrome shop that could handle the long lengths of body moulding so those and the front grill have been sent out to be rechromed. The windshield had to be replaced with new glass... the original accidentally got broken. The side window assemblies have all been reinstalled... Looking for a 60/40 split bench seat to put back in... i'm 5' 1" and my husband is 5'11"... could get a bit uncomfortable with the original bench if i'm driving :) It's just looking real good. I'm not liking the way the front end is sitting at the moment. I like the overall height... but the front end seems too "bouncy"... i'd rather see it a little lower in the front... but don't know what needs to happen to do that. Tires and wheels will be different too... the ones that are on it are a too balloon like for my taste. The rechromed bumper is on and it turned out real good... plesantly surprised... it was fairly pitted. The dash instrument plate is a flat black right now but I think i'd like to see it in a semi/satin finish instead... flat just doesn't seem to go with the shine of the rest of the truck. The door panels are all black and so is the headliner... not sure what i'm gonna do with the seat yet as far as upholstry.

So that's that.... thoughts... suggestions... ideas are always welcome!


Oh Guess What?!! LOL... I'm famous... again... hahahahaha

By Prettybird81

I forgot to mention... I managed to get myself into Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine's November issue...

It was in the Bandit Run section... I wanted to promote the raffle in there... but they used a quote from the track instead... I was a little bummed about that... but it's okay... I went out an got a copy for $h!t$ n Giggles...

Somebody explain this to me... Challenges

By Prettybird81

OK, I kinda "get" why you guys do challenges... maybe it's a little like fantasy football or something like that...

I've voted a few... and I have to say... I vote honestly... I don't always vote in favor in every area of someone that's on my friends list vs. someone that's not... if one car is better under the hood... or the owner has put more effort into describing the car... or it just plain shows better... I vote in favor of the "better" of the two no matter who they belong to. Effort in describing or photographing the car goes a LONG way in my opinion... I also look at what resources the participants might have... if one of the challengers is a 17 year old that's probably working at Pizza Hut for a few bucks I take the time and effort into consideration... what did they do with the few bucks they have... etc.

I have one specific question.

1. how can I tell who initiated a challenge?

I wouldn't be afraid of a challenge... but I doubt i'd ever initiate one... maybe it's because i'm just not all that competitive... shoot... 90% of the shows I attend I don't even bother to get my car judged cause I just don't care that much hahaha...

My day with Skip Barber Racing School

By Prettybird81

Well... lesse... some basics to start

formula open wheel cars
1150 lbs
140 hp
weight to power ratio = to power and torque of a dodge viper... modified frame of some kind of dodge that i don't recall...

manual transmission NOT syncronized = had to learn how to downshift and upshift basically from scratch because while the rpm's are at 4500... rear may only be at 3500 when i let off the throttle... so... had to learn how to pop the throttle to get the trans to drop in... if the throttle wasn't engaged or at an equal rpm to rear then it would just grind.

very little room... clautrophobic at first... hard to get in the seat... get your legs in... had about 10 inches for the gas, brake, steering column, clutch and dummy clutch to rest your foot... foot was always on the gas and brake at the same time. You have a 5 point harness system that is tightened down so snug that you are almost strangled to your seat... and the helmet is very confining... AND HOT... but you forget about it once your on the road... and you're glad for the face shield... i got hit by alot of bugs at high rates of speed...

i learned how to take many different turns... how to brake going into one, see the apex and where i needed to be coming out so i didn't spin out or end up off roading.... i lost control of the rear end once on a hairpin but recovered it.

top speed was 99 based on 4500 rpm on the straight away... i can't remember how they calculated that... it's fast as hell in those cars... you "read" the car literally through your butt... you feel how the car is responding through your butt first... funny.

Here's a vid from a driver's perspective of a road course... you can see where you have to shift and just how tight the steering radius is... just to give you an idea...


i think i did as well or better than the other people in the class and learned alot... as far as the fluff of life activities go... this was very high on my list as far as adventure. there were a number of times during the day that i thought... "holy crap... i can't do that!" especially when they explained the gearing and all the things i had to remember... when i actually saw "my car"... i thought... i gotta go... i can't do it... but i did... and i'm happy i did it. the only time i got nauseated was when i rode in the pace car... that was a tough ride... driving is easier... the pace cars were a cadillac, a jetta a ford something... i asked them if skip barber owned those cars... they laughed and said... no... they're rentals... hahahahahhahaha... the brakes were literally smoking on those cars through the turns... and after the second time out with our groups... we were good enough at driving that we were taking the turns faster than the pace cars could handle... so the last two sessions we went out on our own...

i am now of the opinion that anyone that says driving a car on a race course isn't work... doesn't know what they're talkin about... it's exhausting thinking through the strategy of every turn... fighting the curves and just the force on your body crushing down... it's work... and takes alot of physical endurance... i have a new respect for drivers.

all in all a very cool day...

Lil Hot Rod's Ban One album

By Prettybird81

I just have to say...

Check out CC's Album on the Summit Ban One show... many gorgeous Trans Am's and firebirds...


Ugh... I got a ticket last night

By Prettybird81

I was driving the Prettybird... and got caught for 41 in a 25... sheesh... wasn't even paying attention... and NOT in a hurry... dang it all...


By Prettybird81

Went to check on a couple of projects i've got going... the 65 Ford is looking good. It's on a 90 Ford Bronco frame that's been extended to fit. I wanted to put a newer model split bench seat in the cab... i'm short so having a regular bench seat will be tough on passengers riding with me... so having a split bench will be nice....however, newer model seats are deeper and won't allow enough room for the fuel tank which sits right behind the bench. The nice thing about the bronco frame is that the fuel tank is in the rear under the frame. So we're going to put the fuel filler under the rear licence plate and the old filler neck will just be a dummy to keep the truck looking vintage.

The bike project is coming along nicely... did this as a buisness partnership with the bike builder and it's been alot of fun. We have a buyer for the bike so that's really excellent and nice that it can be done in a paint scheme that they want.

Earlier this year I had purchased a couple of 73's... one a Formula and the other a Trans Am... both 4 speeds. I finally got them home a few weeks ago so I put in a new album for each...

That's about the news here...

Enjoy the rest of summer!

I'm famous... NOT!!!

By Prettybird81

Well... I got to be on tv... and the radio... hahaha... unfortunately it was a live broadcast and i didn't know that so I had no one to watch it that knew me!

It was a pretty cool deal... just got 5 minutes of fame to talk about the raffle Trans Am and St. John's home (the orphanage that the raffle benefits). Learned some about the local race culture and met some cool people... here's a pic of the set... the guys on the show are the owners of the two local major speedways... Berlin & Kalamazoo (here in michigan). They mostly talked about how difficult it is in these hard financial times to get people to come out to the track... how they're trying to offer as much value to race goers and still keep good talent racing on their tracks...

I have some more updates coming on the truck and bike projects and also brought home a couple new birds that I need to get pictures up of... 1 is a 73 4 speed formula and the other is a 73 4speed Trans Am... both in need of a restoration... so those coming soon :)

Thanks for checkin out my page!

So Good to be back home... on the showroom floor!

By Prettybird81

The 79 SE is back at home in a Pontiac dealership showroom this week... how wierd and cool is that? It was just awesome to see what it might have looked like nearly 30 years ago on the showroom floor...

The raffle car is being placed at different locations throughout West Michigan in an effort to sell tickets, gain awareness for our charity (St. John's Home [url] [/url]) and the side bonus is that it also helps the businesses attract attention and gets people through the door or business cards in hands... Grand Pontiac [url] [/url] was celebrating an anniversary... 30 years in business. It was neat for them to have a piece of that history right in the middle of the showroom. Harvey Koning the owner and founder of the dealership was kind enough to pose for a couple photos in the car ;)

I am excited to find businesses that are willing to support this charity by just donating a little time and floorspace... coming up is a 4th of July parade... The car will also be featured at Gilmore Car Museum [url] [/url]is later this summer for a big event.


Just getting there...

By Prettybird81

Hahaha... while driving from point a to point b.... i'm almost always tuned in to my surroundings... specifically tuned into "old metal". Anything that's shiney, fat tires, skinny tires, rusted out, rotting in a field, blowing exhaust smoke down the freeway, a pile of parts in a driveway, something on jackstands or cinderblocks... if it looks like old metal... i see it... and i slow down and do some serious rubbernecking...

Last week I was driving out in east texas going from point A to point B on Highway 380... nice drive... enjoying the scenery... and what do I see? Shiney Metal!!!! Woo Hoo!!! So I slow down... not only is it shiney... it's red... and it's an f body... and it's a 2nd gen and it's a trans am! JACKPOT! So I turn around for a closer look! Turns out the TA wasn't all that exciting... overpriced and not in really great condition... but it was sitting outside a place that sells only muscle cars... and what was inside that building... ohhhhhh... better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day... better than the smell of cut grass after a long winter...and dare i say... almost better than sex ;)

Here's a link to the shop I found...

I'm uploading my own photos next... Check out what was inside... I think you'll like it too!

People doing good things...

By Prettybird81

People doing good things...I just got home from a trip down to Texas... I went to visit my Momma but while I was there I got to meet one of my forum buddies (dgtldesigner) on Steve's sister has lukemia and they're working to raise money to help offset medical costs. Check out Rachel's site and donate if you can!!!


Trans Am Raffle

By Prettybird81

In case you didn't know... I own (for the moment) a 1979 Black Special Edition Trans Am... This car could be yours for $50! Check this link to find out how... ...

here's a fun vid from the bandit run... you'll see (and hear) the car i'm raffling in the side mirror bearing down on the tail of the car that's filming it hahahahaha... freakin awesome experience on Bristol Motor Speedway...


if you have questions feel free to message me about it...

Want a good laugh?

By Prettybird81

I added a video... lol... those of you that know me have probably seen this stupid vid I made while teaching myself how to do a burnout... lol... check the vid tab if you want to laugh your as s off... hahahahaha

have a great day!

Bike Project

By Prettybird81

I got involved as a partner in a bike project... and it's pretty cool... I don't know much about bikes at all and I don't ride... but i'm learning a little bit and enjoying watching this project come together... just thought you might wanna take a look...


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