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Linln LS Facelift!!!


New parts are arriving for my 2000 Lincoln LS "facelift". Hopeing to have everything painted and installed by March. First parts to arrive were 2006 Lincoln LS 2nd Gen fodling mirrors. Last of the parts are schedule to arrive tomorrow.

New 22's


Found a local TBSS owner selling his TBSS. I called him amd asked if he would be interested in a straight up trade of wheels and tires? My OEM TBSS 20's for his aftermakret 22's. He said "yes". So I now have a set of 22" Verde Thorax black 22's with 265/40/22 Lezani tires on my TBSS.

CustomGrille Inserts!!!


I didn't want to spend over a $100 for grille inserts I not like. So I made my own. I had some grille mesh from a previous project. What the hell. I made my own for less then $10. Eleven piec grille insert set.

Also painted the Chevy Bowtie to give a brush aluminum look. Added "SS" emblem to the grille to really set things off. I made two more inserts for the rear valance. No one I know of had ever made rear valance inserts. Think I am the first. Removed the front plate. Still need the right plugs and paint to finish it all.

Brake Up-grade Finish!!!!!!!!


Up-graded the brakes on my Trailblazer SS. Powerstop drilled/slotted rotors with Evolution ceramic pads. Painted the calipers and cleaned the inside of the wheels too. easy install. Need a few days to break them in.

Jaguar Wheels on my Lincoln LS!!!!!


Picked up a set of 20" Jaguar Sentas. 255/35/20 Kumho tires. The new wheels really give the LS a new look stance. I really like them.



I finally got rid of the last of the chrome trim on the Lincoln LS. There was a chrome trim molding around the side window front and rear doors. Took some 1/2" black striping and covered it up. Painting the chrome would a losing battle. Removing the fragile window trim without breaking the clips and sanding down the small areas of the chrome trim would have been a real PITA!!!! So I striped over it. Turned out great. Really cleans up the look more.

Daddys Trailblazer SS Got More Power!!!!


Got a great deal on a Diablo tuner for the LS2. Should add quite a bit of power to the SS. Now I just need an intake.

More Custom Lighting for the Lincoln LS


StreetFX discontinued the Colorstorm unit. I got a bunch of stuff at a HUGE discount. Have everything installed in a few weeks. I will post a video of the Lincoln then.

Magnaflow Catback on the Lincoln LS


Got the Magnaflow catback installed on the Lincoln LS. Had the resonators removed too. Sounds a lot better. The catback had turn downs on it. I found a set of Mercedes Benz E430 AMG oval tips on Ebay. Got them installed. WOW!!!!! they really go well with the ground effects.

Magnaflow Catback for the Lincoln LS


Picked up a Magnaflow catback for the Lincoln LS. Nice deal too. $280

New Toys & New Look for the Lincoln LS


Tomorrow my new rear ground effects piece arrives. Need to paint it and the headlights bezels for the new angel-eye headlights. Plus, paint the new rear surround and chrome strips on the bumpers. Going for the Lincoln LSE look. No chrome except the wheels. On the 25th, I pick up my new Magnaflow catback. Going to have to cut the new rear piece to get the exhaust tips to fit right. can't wait. Going to try to hit a few car shows this summer.

Two "SS"!!!


Last month, I purchased two "SS". Bought a 2010 Camaro SS and a 2008 Trailblazer SS. When I have tje time will take pictures and add them to my garage.

New Mods & Back to Winning Car Shows


Did some work to the LS this spring.
1. shaved, painted, & custom pinstriped the plenum cover
2. painted the fuse cover & strut covers
3. painted & installed BMW M5 lip spoiler
4. installed Alpine W203 CD/DVD player headunit
5. installed new beauty baords, PPI 2300 & 4400 chrome amps, & 2 pairs of Sony 6.5 co-axial speakers in trunk

I started showing the LS again. Took two years off. Decided it was time to start showing it again. So far so good. A lot of the "old timres" love the pinstriping. Several of them are calling it "the NEW Hot Rod Lincoln".... lol.... A lot of the old school guys appreciate what I have done to the Lincoln. A nice blend of old and new on my car.

So far, I have done two shows. Took first in both. I plan to attend several more before the end of the summer. Its no trailer queen. I do drive it regularly. If your not going to drive it, why build it????

Motortopia Thief!!!!!!


Some butt plug decided he liked my 2000 Lincoln LS so much. He decided to steal images from Motortopia and post them on Cardomain as his.

Feel free to leave a comment for the thief.

Car Show Took First and Third


Enter my Lincoln LS and Beretta GTZ/L67 in a local car show. My 2000 Lincoln LS won its class(1998-Present Modified). My Beretta GTZ/L67 took third in its class(Domestic Sport-Compact Wild). The plaques the cars won are by the front wheels of both cars.

3800SC Beretta GTZ Awake From Its Winter Sleep


Got the Beast out yesterdey. She started right up. Took her out for a little spin. Damn did she run strong. Can't wait to get her to the track. SOON!!!!!!

She also got a little

600th Win


Not sure when I got it, but I did....LOL...

500 Wins!!!!!!!!!


Got my 500th win today. Been at it for awhile I Maybe I can get 1000

Baby Girl Born This Morning


Wife and I had our second baby girl born this morning.

Another New Sponsor for the Lincoln LS


Extreme Dimensions had been using images of my LS without my permission. They offered me a sponsorship for use of the images.

Thank You RAZZI. New Sponsor Landed for My Lincoln LS


I just landed a new sponsor for my 2000 Lincoln LS. RAZZI has stepped up and give me a sponsorship.

What would you do??????????


Simple question. What would you do if you had a member here screwing with you?

This is the second time I have had a member here screw/stalk me. The first was _Oz_. I stop coming here last May.Because of the crap here. I only used the site to host pictures/albums. I guess it was August. I get a PM about a journal that was posted here. _Oz_ had posted a journal personally attacking me. I PMed Motortopia about it. It was deleted and so was _Oz_. I assume he had been banned for it.

Now I have Monte. He has been PMing other members here about me. Posting crap in my challenges. Apparently, he feels he has to save Motortopis from me. Before I take it Anyway, what you would do?

It just so happens, _Oz_ and Monte are both from North Carolina...hmmm

BTW Berettastuff does has a "pinned" topic about Motortopia since July 29th, 2006. It is hardly used., the HHR guys, and several others websites also has "pinned" topics about Motortopia as well. Nothing new. BUT Monte feels obligated tto let everyone know.

Mindless Voting OR Someone with a Grudge....HMMM


I posted this ablum on November 10th. 81 pictures of cars I have seen at car shows. Thses are just some of my favorites. Anyway, someone must have been REALLY bored & has a grudge with me. 81 pictures. 81 one stars...LOL.... Just thouight this was funny on how petty some people can be.

100th Challenge Win


Babysride won its 100th challenge

Just Took 1st Place NOPI St Louis


My 2000 Lincoln LS just won its class at NOPI St Louis today. I had two 300C's, Magnum, and a Charger in my class. Not to take anything away from the HEMI/Mopar guys. BUT it felt good beating them. I lost to a 300C last year at the same show.

300th Win


Won my 300th challenge a few hours ago. Can't believe I have won that many. 186 of them with my '91 Beretta GTZ L67. WOW!!! I really need to find a different hobby. LOL

Won my 200th Challenge


Won my 200th challenge. 200th win was with my 2000 Lincoln LS. Bulk of the wins are with the '91 Beretta GTZ L67 128 wins and '00 Lincoln LS 62 wins.

My Beretta L67 Won Its 100th Challenge


My Beretta GTZ L67/3800sc swap won its 100th challenge this morning. Current record is 100 wins & 20 loses. Thanks to everyone that has voted for my vehicles in challenges and to my competitors.

Over 100 Challenges WON!!!


I noticed a few days ago. I have over 100 challenges won. Last check, I was 125 wins & 27 loses. Most of them with the Beretta L67 89 wins & 17 loses.

Top Ten for December Second Place Finish


Thank you to everyone that voted for me. Most of my wins were with my 1991 Beretta GTZ L67/3800sc swap. My 2000 Lincoln LS held its own as well. Lots of hard work, time, and effort has been put into both cars. Congrats to all those that challenged and accepted challenges. The competition was tough. Win, lose, or draw its was fun. Some beautiful vehicles took part. Good Luck to everyone next month. Happy New Year, Be Safe.

Picture of the Beretta GTZ and Lincoln LS in backround.

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