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Yummy Carbon for Neo

By Rayman

Friday could not have taken any longer but finally the clock said 5 and I could hit the road home then it was yet another waiting session for the fiancé to come home from work...... we jumped into the Hyundai and took on the road to Envied Customs.

Arrived at Envied Customs at about 19:30 and pulled the car into the garage, taking no kak Walter & Arnel started to strip the parts that wanted to come off.

And the wrapping started 1st was the hood the design chanced from the original plan but it looks so much better doing the whole hood and not just a part as it brings out so much detail.

Next was the roof and then it was the wing, after wrapping the roof Walt decided that my Bee sting looked crap and I had to agree so being the nice peeps Walter & Arnel are they popped on a VW Scirocco’s aerial, now that looks sick on my ride.

Wow Arnel really has a very very good eye for detail she makes 110% sure everything is PERFECT!!! We did not have time to do the side mirrors but will be doing it this weekend coming and if my cash allows it some more bits to be done. We left Envied Customs at about 00:15 and got back home just after 01:00. I just want to thank both Walter and Arnel for working till so late on getting my ride ready for the show and for doing such an awesome job. All I can say is wrapping is not as easy as peeps think.. well not to do a professional job.

More work to be done this weekend ;)

New look for the Hyundai

By Rayman

The dude that did our company car’s branding gave me a sweet deal on wrapping my ride but now I need some advise, must I go matt black like my rims or carbon and then would it be a clever idea to do it at all as my car stands uncovered day in and day out so it gets lots of sun will it damage the wrap??

Here are a few ideas I have I need some petrol heads input besides it does not look as good as Nick’s he did for me a while back with carbon but i did it quick in

My ideas I will also do the roof and then should I also do the boot lid?? Also should i do the complete hood or go with the sexy curves
Or should I go with this that Nick did for me with the carbon?

Your input will be much appreciated

New Rims!!!!!!!

By Rayman

Friday night I started to get excited coz then it only hit me the next day I will be finally fitting some 17” rims on my Hyundai Accent Hatch SR!!!!

Here are pic’s of them putting them on and then I did a little photo shoot.

Pic's in the Album

9000RPM Club Go-Karting Meet

By Rayman

For me the meet started off by fetching Carl aka Captian in the one and only Walker Ville as poor Falkor’s heart is in for surgery...... Good luck Falkor hope the surgery goes well.

After picking up Cap we head of to the Dome for the meets photo shoot, arriving there myself and Cap had to get some food as we were starving, then we shot down for the shoot where we were about 15 to 20 cars most was Toyota’s and hot ones!!!!!

We convoyed to Randburg Raceway we where about 15 cars and wow did we turn heads!!!! We got to the Go-Karting late so we lost our spot but they manage to let us get one session in of 10 min and we where only seven peeps that could go...

Results in Album

Japfest in Max my ride Magazine

By Rayman

Here is the artical of the Japfest in a local South African Mag:

Japfest @ The Rock

By Rayman

The day had finally come for the very 1st Japfest ever to hit South Africa….. emotions where running high from stressing like your final exam to happiness & joy when you got to drive your dads car for the 1st time.

There had gone a lot of planning a dedication into this event from the Fueltopia SA members side and let’s not forget the help and advice we got from the one and only James aka Jimmydramma.

The evening of the 19th was like Christmas eve there was no chance in hell we were going to get any shut eye unless you pass out and I don’t know about the rest but I passes out at approx 01:30 and got up at 03:30 to get ready for Japfest baby!!!! 1st I had to get Zion to start had to jump her with Neo, then I was off to get Legend and the promo girls.

As the girls were getting ready and making themselves pretty myself, Wesley and Legend where loading Zion & Neo with everything we need but then we ran out of space just about to fall to my knees and cry I heard the rumble of a Jap motor with a cone… it was Captian to the rescue with Falkor!!!

Loaded and ready we hit the highway to hell well you can almost say so with all the road works going on!!! Finally we completed the journey to The Rock Raceway… adrenalin pumping high in all as we got there as we knew we had a long and busy day ahead of us and yes we got to spend the day with beautiful Jap cars what more could we ask for!!

We got to where we got told we can put up our stand and jumped right into it all hands aboard!! Thx again to all that helped with smiles all the way!!! Ones we were up and ready the boys started to wash their cars and the girl made sure we got fed thx to Chef La-Rochelle.

Unfortunately we got asked to move our stand, but we got to move to a better and more in ur face spot…hehehehe

Ready for the Jap crazed people we heard the sweet symphony of Jap motors convoy rolling in….. Beethoven himself could not compose such an awesome amazing sound like that!!! Ofcoarse the promo girls and camera man was at the gate to greet them with Fueltopia flyers and get a snap shot of all the sexy rides faces and yeah some of there sexy asses who can resist a R34’s yummy curves!!!

The other stands around us where: Max My Ride, Spares inc, Meguiars, Ernmore Graphics, NF Octane Boosters, Zoopedup & Turbo Direct

The day kicked off with all the Jap cars hitting the track for the parade lap!!! If you were not a Jap fan and you where there then what the hell where you doing there…lol well if you where one of the doubters I can bet my soul after seeing and hearing the beautiful Jap cars around that track you wanted to sell your current ride and get urself a Jap car!!! As we were going around the track there where two cars drifting in the middle of the track it was awesome I felt like the coolest dude under the sun in my Nissan!!!

Then it was time to see some drifting action from the Suicide crew.. wow that was stunning and made me want to try and get my FWD to do that…. My time will come…lol

After the awesome drift show Fueltopia got asked if our promo girls would like to be flag girls….if you have ever seen girls go craze at a shoe sale you have seen nothing yet.. all of them wanted to go at once!!! They got the opportunity to start the drags for the Minimoto (pockets bikes).

Mean while Captian took the rest of the girls and Legend the camera man and went to all the wicked rides to take some pic’s of them and ofcoarse with the hot Fueltopia girls and at the same time introduced them all to Fueltopia.

Going through the cars was breath taking, there where Honda’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s, Subaru’s, Mitsubishi’s, Suzuki’s, Mazda’s and then some non Jap cars: Chev’s, Mini, Opel and VW’s

Next up was the gymkhana and wow what action went down on the track from standard rides to turbo’s boosting and tyres screaming Scoobies vs R34’s, Toyota vs Opel you name it it went down, and the promo girls where right in all the action starting the gymkhana and getting wacked by the sun.

Finally it was time for the 200M drags!!!! First there was some free runs so all could get their cars tuned and comfortable with their surrounding!!! Fueltopia got asked to start the drags and mine dream came true I also got to go down to the strip and push the button for the lights…lol one lined the cars up and the other controlled the lights. Some awesome races went down many was head to head till the end and if it did not end in a tie it was won by inches but like a very cool dude from a kick ass movie ones said “ does not matter if you win by a mile or and inch wining is winning”

We at Fueltopia would just like to say thanks to the 200sx club and all that was involved making this day a great success and letting Fueltopia be part of it and it all was for a great cause but next year we will go bigger and better.

Thanks again to all the members that came out to help and the promo girls, sorry I’m not mentioning names as I’m scared I leave one out and get beaten up for it…lol But I must say a BIG THANKS TO LEGEND AKA Matthew for taking all the awesome pic's for us.. ur pic and angels are just getting better and better!!!

Also a big thanks to E TV & Max My Ride Magazine for covering the event.

There will still be a blog on the results of the events and a few blogs of the drivers profiles so keep your eyes peeled!!!!

alrighty then Here are the link for now to the two albums on Fueltopia. http://www.fu...pfest-sa-2010

Yummy Skyline

By Rayman

This Skyline just pulled in here at my work it is one of my clients cars, it is not registered here in SA yet and he has a white one for sale for R 150 000.00 then it is registered here in SA GP but it must be a cash deal.
As big as the exhaust tip is, is how big the pipe is that goes all the way to the turbo. The turbo is good for 800HP.
The hood, boot lid and body kit is all made from Ali.
So I just had to share as I’m a Nissan

24th July Kyalami Ferrari day

By Rayman

Wow what a great day!!!!!
There was approximately 140 Ferrari from old to new road cars and track cars.
There was a F430 with a twin supercharger conversion that puts out 707HP and down at the coast 740HP the conversion is R 800 000.00 or £ 67 681.90 this Ferrari was one of the 9 that was in the pits with Forza Racing the place where one of my buds work.
Myself and my girl each had about 6 laps around the track and we had a few close calls but Paul is a great driver and corrected his mistakes fast and every time...
The best was when all the Ferrari’s lined up on the track for the parade lap and all of them revved there motors it was like an Italian symphony, it put tears in my
Will upload the video’s soon

Beetle Project Update

By Rayman

Well I have not been involved the project for a few weekends now as I have been pre occupied with other stuff, but the project has had some new developments.
First off all they discovered that the new chase is bend and that the gearbox that came with the chase and rebuilt SP1600 motor is not engaging 1St gear.
I have a strong feeling that the chase got bend when they but the body on to it as they have some weird way of doing it coz they had to find a away for only two people to do so coz the owner just could not wait but hay that is not my
So now he has decided to use the old chase with the old gearbox and the rebuild 1600 motor.
They have started to cut most of the rust away but after my inspection of it on Saturday morning I can see there is still loads to be cut out and once that has been done I will give a hand to do the welding for them as they only have a MMA machine aka stick welding and you cant do thin body welding with MMA so I will do it with a MIG welder aka Co2 I will use 0.8mm ER70S-6 MIG wire.
I know at the moment it does not look like much but give it a few months and this project will take your breath away..... I hope....hehehehe

Part 1:

SEAT Sports SPCA Charity Run 11/07/2010

By Rayman

I arrived at the meeting point at 7AM and was the 1st of anybody to be there so for a few minutes I was stressing if I was at the right place but not long after the Seats started to arrive.

We where approximately 28 cars where 98% where Seats....
We where meant to start the run to the SPCA at 8AM but we ended up only leaving at around 9:30AM coz we where waiting for all the ppl to come but after a while we just could not wait any longer and started the convoy down the road to the SPCA... WOW did I feel slow between all the
We all pulled in to the SPCA armed with Dog & cat food and some warm blankest for the animals,
We all put the food and goodies for the animals in a big pile and took a walk around the SPCA looking at all the homeless animals but I must confess I did not take the walk coz I cant handle seeing all the sad faces I would end up taking them all

So Thx to the Seat Sports Club for the great charity run and hope to see there members soon at our events.

VW Golf Steering Wheel Mod

By Rayman

So after having the golf now for a while now I decided it was time to add something to it to make it look a bit better.

I scored the steering from a bud but it was blue so I just sprayed it with some yellow 2K just so it does not look common.

Somewhere in the whole spraying mission I lost the center part so I had to make a center plate ells it just looks cheep.

I had some 3mm 316 stainless steel at work so I marked it drilled it and cut it with a plasma cutter but had to use a radius kit to get it right.

VW Beetle Project

By Rayman

So this weekend I went over to help my soon to be brother in law Mat I have posted a blog up before on his Beetle regarding the stripping of it for it to get resprayed, well on Saturday he got a new chase and motor at a steal for only R 2 200.00 the motor is the 1600 SP beetle motor that has been totally rebuild and the chase has been sandblasted and rust treated so all we need to do is rubberize the bottom, it also has new shocks so all we need to do is unbolt the body of the old chase and pop it on to the new chase.

I will add a video clip of us starting the new motor, all we did was use a battery and jumpers we put the black jumper on the negative of the batter and on the exhaust to earth it and then the red jumper on the starter and positive side of the battery then ran a cable from the coil to the positive of the battery and took a wire from the starter that I touched on the positive of the battery and walla she started…..

So we started the stripping work now officially 1st we had to remove the fender that took longer then expected as of the rubberizing we had to cut away with a stanly knife to get the socket on to it once that was off we had easy access to the bolts that keep the body to the chase there are 8 bolts on each side two on the front and on the suspension one on each side, so they are all off now so now it is just on the motor side then we can lift the body off and get it 100% prep for spraying it.

We still got loads of work ahead of us but the new chase and motor is good motivation..

White dash trimmings

By Rayman

So this weekend I did a small mod on the Nissan as I feel bad coz I never drive with her anymore since I have gotten the Hyundai.
Went to one of the most known car spares shops here in SA Autostyle where I bought Vinal spray for only R 90.00:

-First thing to do is take out the head unit.

-Strip all the trimmings

Wow there was tons of dirt ones i striped all the trimings off

-Wash the trimmings so no dust or dirt can screw up the spraying

-Hanged it up to spray makes it a lot easier

-Gave about 6-7 coats

Wow the end result was a lot better then I expected!!!

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