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Is my Chevy HD Diesel in the near future?

By Redneck_Cowgirl

As most of you know I traded my dad's Ford F-150 for the Tahoe I now have. I was given a choice I could have an SUV or a truck. I told the dealership I got the Tahoe from was I want a Tahoe in white. Okay, well the Tahoe isn't white, but I do get a lot of comments on it (most of them are "your husband has a nice truck", grrrrrr!). Nothing wrong with the Tahoe but I have been in love with the HD Diesel since I drove the one we had and I delivered FEMA trailers. Well, since we sold that one I have wanted another one. Problem is I didn't want the payment that goes along with it. The previous owner of the Tahoe is the owner of the car lot I got it from. Ran into him one evening and I was sick of hearing "Oh, I want my truck back." I laid it on the line. You find me a 2001 Chevy HD Diesel in white, crew cab, shortbed, and no redneck hillbilly yellow lights on top. We will trade it even. I kind of knew that deal would be a no go. He has looked and found nothing. My neighbor is a wholesaler and goes to all kinds of car auctions. I was talking to him this past saturday. He was ooohing and ahhhing over it. So, I told him what I really wanted. He said "thats it?" He sees them almost every week. He tells me they can buy the diesel I want and sale my Tahoe on the lot, if he doesn't buy it personally so it would be an even trade. He has contacts from all over. So I am left wondering is my HD Diesel in the near future? I can only hope so.

Good ol' 350 Lemans...Poor ol' 402 Chevelle.

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Those of you that have a wife that thinks she can top you will love this story...or not.

The weekend was spent cleaning out a shed and moving things around in a garage to make everything fit. Well, while that was going on it was time to move the cars to new locations. We also added a new truck to the mix. 1984 S-10 4X4 for my son that will be driving within a year. The truck was backed in next to the garage and the fence, just so that my son wouldn't be tempted to try and take off in it (not that he can drive a stick yet) we put my Lemans in front of it to block the truck. I get excited when I can just start my car. Now understand this car has not been started since last summer. My husband is in the background saying wait until I get the truck and the jumper cables...Im telling you it won't has really old gas and a really old battery in it... I refuse to listen. I jump in the car in goes the keys and I start pumping the gas. First try I hear RRRRRRR (ok make you own sound there for a car trying to start). I stop after 10 seconds, yes I counted I don't want to burn up the starter. Again in the background I hear him grumbling about no one listens to him. LOL - this shouldn't be a news flash for him. I try again. I start pumping the gas I hear RRRR Vrooom! I have no seats still in the car so I am sitting on my little step stool I am so excited I am bouncing around I hit my head on the roof that is the attention getter.The car does not die. She continues to run strong even with my foot off the gas. I let it run for about 1 min. I kill the engine. I hear him say it was a fluke. I started it again - 1st try she started. Now to get it to move he puts transmission fluid in it. I didn't mean to hit the gas like I did (here is my husbands words from day one - it probably doesn't have posi in it. I have left 2 marks twice before in the gravel) I left 2 count em' 2 marks again. One on the grass and one in the gravel. Get the car to where he wants it she runs about 10 more minutes and dies cause she is out of gas. I see the marks... if you know someone that gets really too excited over silly things, add me to that list. I am bouncing around pointing to the car to him saying "See! See! It has posi!" He has this irritated look from the get go. He is in bear mode. He says, "It can do that just once. It doesn't mean it has posi." Oh hogwash! He is just jealous - the Chevelle can't ever leave 2 marks. Grass, gravel, road...nothing. Me bouncing around lasts for a few minutes. I have to go in to the house and put some tires on Craigslist. I hear a car trying to be started...once, twice, three times. I hear the pause and I am peeking out the window wondering if it is my car he is trying to start. Nope. Its the Chevelle. I hear him try again, once, twice, third time I hear it start and die. I see my 15 yr old outside pointing and laughing at my husband (I know he is out there cussing even though he denied it). I hear him try to start the car 2 more times and finally it starts and runs. I even heard him try and leave 2 marks in the gravel...just one mark again...LOL.

If he touches that motor when restoring that will see me in the headlines of all major newspapers. My Lemans has never failed to start and normally on the first try while that Chevelle is grounchy about starting even after its been running. Needless to say the nagging about my car has begun again. I want to drive it! Don't feel too bad for my husband...he can drive his car wheneve and where ever he wants.

Restamp Numbers? New Build sheets & window invoices?

By Redneck_Cowgirl

I was talking to someone the other day about cars. He tells me he has a 69 Yanko Camero all numbers matching. I was thinking WOW. Well as we continued to talk something came out. It is all numbers matching because as he restored it he had the needed numbers stamped on said pieces. He tells me there is a company in California that all you do is send the part to them with the number and they take care of it and send it back to you. This car has all of the restoration documentation. This guy also had a build sheet and invoice made!

I think this is wrong on so many different levels. I am for restoring, cloning, etc...But isn't this fraud? Or is it all part of a new game? To those of us that buy those cars that are all numbers matching (intended to find or not) there is alot of money that goes into restoring and/or keeping the cars in that order. What about my car? We have friends that are "body men" this is what they do. Just so I can keep the car with all the original parts. The only thing on my car that won't be the original is the seats, interior, and the front and rear window. I would have loved to had those original as well but when they are broke, or just plain shot, there is no chance of that. So this will all be documented while we restore it.

What is your thoughts on this? Wrong or not?

Middletown, Indiana Car Show 08/02/08

By Redneck_Cowgirl

My husband went to the car show that was in town over the weekend. He took some pictures of cars he thought I would like to see. I thought I would post them here and share them with all of you. He didn't know how to get them to the computer so my kids did that. He also didn't add what years they were either. So I am rather at a loss.

I love this Monte Carlo. He said it won most factory award. It wasn't very impressive when it started, not the aggressive loud sound. Go figure.

The Viper had a dead battery when they got ready to leave.

I think the Vette is interesting because of the doors.

As you all may or may not know I like the little Corvairs because my grandma had one.

My husband knows the guy that owns this GTO Judge. I have seen it around town before. I love the front plate that says it all. GRRRR!

I want one...doubt I will ever be able to afford but but wow what a dream!

My own view of somethings going on here...

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Most of you who know me know that I have some very strong feelings and opinions about issues. I voice my opinion as I see that I need to. Most know where I stand and once I make a stand I don't back down. I am not always politically correct, get over it.

Why I didn't log in for a while...
I am in the military. Don't bad mouth what you don't understand. This was one sore spot for me. If you don't like the way the country is going, don't sit on your fanny and complain, turn off the tv or pc, get up and do something that will help change it.

If you want to be rude, disrespectful, or just an ass. I don't have time for it. Take your game elsewhere, life is to short for it. I don't get into flame wars, there is no point in it. If I for some reason don't like that person or their point of view I simply don't pay attention to them. I am seeing a lot of grade school games being played on here. I don't trash talk people or their cars. If you want to cause issues with challenges, why accept or even issue a challenge? Thats right it comes back to the childish games.

This is a site designed to show off cars, no matter if they cost that person $1 or $1 million. Its about what they think of them. Yes, when they are in a challenge they are wanting you to vote for them, of course, you do too. For one reason or another that car, truck, boat, special to them. We come here to be proud of what we own. We enter challenges for fun. There are no trophies, no money won, no true bragging rights at the end. Its all about having fun.

With all that being said...I'm back. I will issue challenges and accept challenges. I can take getting beat, no one ever said that my cars are the best...What about you? Can you take the heat of a friendly challenge or will you turn that into an online war?

Been a while...

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Chevelle is fixed and running again. He has driven it 3 times since fixing it a month ago. Me? I haven't driven it this year. The Lemans got a new back window. I love the price we got it for...$0! Might even have the seats that belong in it too. But the seats, dash, and the patch panels for it he will have to trade his Pontiac 400 transmission for. Can't use it in my car. A friend of a friend came out here and offered me $300 for my Lemans. He wants to use it as a race car. I wanted to laugh myself silly.

Got my property tax bill. I almost fainted. They went up almost $1200 for the year. Not sure what will happen with my other property that I use as a rental. If they went up that much, I will be selling it. I make about $5 a month off of it now. I think if I sell it I can pay off the mortgage and still have enough to build a pole barn out here.

Since I last posted anything, I have painted the front porch floor, the shutters, and the front door. I guess the best way to describe the house before was of the mill. Light yellow siding, faded green shutters, white door, and faded red porch floor. Well no more. It looks more like a cottage at a lake now. I painted everything country blue. The door is one that looks like it has panels. So the indents for the panels are painted white, the rest of the door country blue. I think it looks really good. My neighbors across the street hate it and say I should of painted it the colors they were. No thanks. I have worked my fanny off with the landscaping and this is the look I was going for. I thought I had found new flooring for my kitchen until I figured up how much it would be...$1300! My kitchen is only 13 X 16! So the search continues....

Until next time....Have a great day!

Question for everyone about my Lemans.

By Redneck_Cowgirl

I will start with say the Chevelle is down. Crank broke, he pulled the engine out and has painted it just waiting on the new parts to arrive. He didn't know the big blocks had to have the oil that had additives in it. And he claims to be a mechanic? Kidding on the last one....

I am kind of an impatient person. Have had the Lemans about 2 years. I want to drive it. It runs. Just no seats, no back window, and a ton of work and about $7000 in front of us to get the car like it was when it was new and another 5 yrs. It is all numbers matching, that is the plus for it. I have been tossing around the idea of selling it. With any luck I could get out of it what I paid for it $1700. Let me know what you think...Sell it or keep it...and why on either.

I need to do more planning before doing.

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Sometimes I would love to know where I come up with these ideas that I get. I decided I wanted a garden, someone should of stopped me. I worked half a day today, I went to an interview, will have second interview next week. Went to the dollar store and the grocery store. Came home mowed the yard and decided I would start on that garden, I thought hey how hard could it be? The little garden ended up being two gardens! I had to have raddishes, turnips, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and of course sweet corn. In the other garden is pumpkins, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Don't worry I have tomatoes on the back porch in pots. First I started the rototiller. Nothing too hard, was like the power washer. I did the first garden. Then realized I was out of room and would need a second one. They are both out of the way...way out of the way. The hose won't reach (this was unthought of while tilling). I want to blow up the rototiller. My arms, back, and legs hurt. I planted all the little seeds. Had to buy 3 more hoses each of 100'. Enclosed it with my plastic fence. I felt great with all that done. Then my neighbor said "How long will that take you to weed?" Weed? Again something else that didn't come into play while thinking ohhh wouldn't a garden be great? Now I almost hope none of it grows, except grass, which it won't I dug it up first.

That all done, I ate dinner. New energy hit. I marked the landscaping timbers. You know the cute flowerbeds around the mailboxes? I just had to have one of my own. 1 piece of plastic around the mailbox. 8 cuts that was done. 16 holes predrilled. A hundred hits with a hammer to get POLE BARN NAILS in the timbers. I smacked my hand twice with the hammer. After the second time and laying on the ground praying that I hadn't broken anything in my hand. I came up with a plan. When my husband came home, I played it off. But honey your so much stronger than me...he took the bait and the nails will be done tomorrow. I will finish cutting the timber and predrilling more holes...he gets all the nails, we only have two more trees to do. Then I will lay Miracle-Gro Garden Soil around all of it. Seed and plant new flowers. And he wanted me to paint shutters...don't see it happening this weekend. Maybe next weekend.

What about the cars? His is torn apart he broke a cam shaft. Mine well no progress. (I still haven't cleaned out the garage.) I will post pictures of the pretty landscaping soon.

Remember this on election day!

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name)......the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE in the world can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief?

Let's all remember this on election day...if you have family serving in the military, make sure you send it along. I don't care for Hillary, but at least she shows respect for the country she lives in! I had heard about this but a picture is definitely worth 1000 words!

I received this in an email. I edited the email...just kept what was really important, I also did research online and this was in many newspapers across America. As a rule I don't talk politics but this made me so mad...I had to pass it on. I didn't like this guy before and have less respect for him now.

Pressure to vote...

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Here in Indiana our election is coming up quickly. I am already sick of the pressure to vote.

I haven't found anything extremely great about any of them. I get the ideas they try to push...they sound like they are catering to whatever group they are speaking to. I have a suggestion....I don't care what state you pick him from or from what field. I suggestion is to find an American Farmer, nothing more nothing less. Elect him president, he will turn it all around.

I refuse to vote for Obama. I don't like him. He claims he is going to change the world, sounds great, but he can't do it all on his own. Did he forget about congress? He claims he doesn't take money from Corporate America..HUH? Obamas main campaign contributors the credit card companies and the nuclear industry are his primary financial support. Oh and that isnt Corporate America?

Hillary irrates my very last good nerve. I don't trust her any further than I could throw her. She has no real stand on any issue. She cares about no one. I dare anyone out there to find any truly selfless or caring act on her part. Without there being a ulterior motive for the action. And I mean acts not words. Words mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by actions.

McCain...I haven't seen any ads for him, I haven't seen him speak...Oh thats right he is speaking in the southern states, that helps alot.

It isn't like we have to vote for this. Yes, I get it. But I could careless about Hillary or Obama. Here is an idea, lets toss them in a ring, with boxing gloves and whoever wins...wins for the democats.

Pictures of new dog house.

By Redneck_Cowgirl

I am caught up on all challenges!

Miss Riley can't think she doesn't have a big enough dog house. 4ft X 4ft. We haven't put shingles on the roof yet or attached the "porch". We have to level the ground out. She is next to the hot tub. That was her spot to lay before the doggie condo. I mowed the yard for the 1st time this year.

I really want to work on the car this weekend. Not sure it will happen. My husband keeps telling I have to move stuff in the garage first. Not sure where he wants it moved to. I could have a pole barn and still not have enough room. Sad I know.

Was a busy weekend...more sore muscles this one too.

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Last weekend we installed chain link fence and gates my female german shepherd (Riley) has the entire back yard to herself... That took 2 days. Was a great weekend, warm, nice, and I got burned. Neither of the cars got started. But beside the fence my new patio door got installed and I also rolled the yard - all 3 acres of it. Monday was spent either working or moving the last remaining items from the old house. Never so glad to be out of a house. Anyways, I got to start my car! The Lemans sat outside all winter under a cover, never touched. Hooked up the battery booster thing he has. I thought he said ok (he mumbles alot) that was not what he said. I started it. OLD battery and first try the car started. The Chevelle has to be tried at least 3 times even in hot weather, not mine. Well, that got what was an itch to be a rash. I want my car done. I want to drive it. Got to turn the car around and drive it into the garage. Wonder does that mean we will be working on it again soon? My husband thinking he was being funny came home for lunch on Wednesday with his buddy, he started my car 3 times while I stood there. Russ said that was the look of death.

We have a lead on the seats and the windows. I could careless about the body at the moment. I want to fix the brakes and drive it.

This weekend there is a car show in Daleville - 8 miles or so from my house. I wanted to take the Chevelle and my Tahoe. No. They are calling for rain and snow. So we are building a dog house. The plans I have drawn up are so cool. Will have a removable wind wall and the top will be on hinges. Actually big enough that 4 german shepherds could fit in it. I made the bed today. Yes, I sew. It is red with black paw prints and filled with fiber fill and cedar chips. Ok so I am more nuts about my dogs than my car. When the car is done, they get to go on rides in it. I thought about naming the Lemans the Zoomobile, the dogs like to ride all 4 of them (only the 2 shepherds are mine the other 2 are his) and out of 4 cats, 1 loves to ride. Even the bunny likes to go.

Lastly, he came home tonight and told me that Aug. whatever date Bristol race is he is going. YEAH! I have a whole weekend to do whatever my son and I want to do...

My news

By Redneck_Cowgirl

Figures this would happen. I get the car put on here. All the info added. I have gotten to drive the car once. Thurs night my husband gets a call that someone his dad knows is looking for a car. He says he will sell the buick for $1200. What? Wait a minute, that is MY car. Then his dad says he saw a Monte Carlo for sale, yep somewhere between 86 and 88. Ok now the Buick can go. I love the Monte Carlos. I don't like the look of most new cars, there is nothing special about them. I like the agressive box looks. So we shall see. Let you know when I know more.

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