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4×4 Tips Every Off-Road Driver Should Know

By Richardo

Many people want to buy the best 4×4 vehicle that can meet their needs. This vehicle has a lot of benefits for all users. It can be used in any different areas, including muddy, sandy, or watery places. You can also drive this vehicle on some extreme conditions. In this article, you can read some 4×4 tips every off-road driver should know. These tips are very useful to help you select and use the best vehicle for yourself. This article can give some important information for all new off-road drivers. You should follow some of these tips, so you can get maximum benefits from your new vehicle.

1. Choose the best vehicle

There are some high quality 4×4 vehicles that are available today. You need to compare some of them, so you can find the best one for yourself. There are some important factors that you should consider, including dimension, weight, wheelbase, aftermarket popularity, and also build-ability. These factors are very important to help you select the best high performance 4×4 vehicle.

2. Take a look at some features from your vehicle

If you want to get maximum benefits from this 4×4 vehicle, you should take a look at some important features. There are some additional features that you should know about this vehicle, including safety system, tires, lifts, and also gears. By looking at these items, you should be able to understand how to improve the performance of your vehicles. Some people want to modify their vehicles based on their needs and preferences.

3. Tune your vehicle regularly

This step is very important to help you maintain the quality and performance of your 4×4 vehicle. You should tune it regularly. Regular tuning can be used to control and check some important items from the vehicle, including tire pressure, adjustable shocks, sway bards, engine, equipment load, and some other important devices. It is recommended that you tune your vehicle at least once every 1 – 3 months to maintain its performance.

4. Buy some additional accessories

This is another useful tip for all off-road drivers. You need to buy the best 4×4 accessories that can improve the performance of your vehicle effectively. There are some accessories that are recommended for all off-road drivers, including air lockers, compressor, fridges, roof racks, sliders, suspension system, tire accessories, camping gear, storage solution, skid plates, and many other accessories. These items can make you feel comfortable with your off-road activities.

5. Learn about some basic driving skills

Not many off-road drivers understand the basic driving skills for operating their 4×4 vehicles. It is important for you to learn about some basic driving skills before you start driving your vehicle. There are some driving schools that you can attend, so you can improve your knowledge and driving skills easily.

They are some effective tips that you can follow, so you can get maximum advantages from your favorite 4×4 vehicle. You should be able to take control of your vehicle properly. Make sure that your vehicle can function normally when you bring it to your favorite 4×4 driving spots. When you follow some of those tips above, you should be able to enjoy your off-road activities without having any problems. Don’t forget to bring all important items with you when doing these off-road activities, for example safety gears, first aid kits, and some other equipment.


Safe driving – Tips that can save your life

By Richardo

We all know that driving isn’t the safest activity in the world. According to statistics, things are looking up, since in most countries the death toll that is related to car accidents is getting lower, which is good news. On the other hand, life is precious and, no matter the statistics and how low they may seem, as long as human life is in danger, we still need to work towards the goal of making traffic completely safe. The reason why we are having so many problems with making driving safe is because the current system depends on human responsibility. To quote Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not so sure about the universe”. An enormous part of car accidents are a direct consequence of human error. This means that no matter how responsible a driver you are, there is still a chance that someone else’s poor judgment can do you harm. In other cases, distractions are also considered one of the major causes of car accidents.
Here are a few things you can do to raise the level of safety when you are an active participant in traffic.

1. Drinking and driving
This is a story that has been told many times before, but people just aren’t paying attention. The same way Vodka convinces you that you can dance, it also convinces you that you can drive like a NASCAR driver. It also drastically lowers your reaction time, makes it hard for you to focus and blurs your vision. When we add all this up, we can deduce that this is a very dangerous combination and should be avoided at all costs. If you fall into the category of responsible drivers, make sure to be extra careful when driving in the evening on weekends, since this is the time most drunk drivers come out to “play”.

2. Cell phones and other gadgets
Most of us own a cell phone or a smartphone and we use them on a daily basis. This habit, in the driving environment, has been known to cause a lot of accidents. If you really need to use your phone while driving, than use a hands free device of some sort in order to avoid being too distracted.

3. Speed limits
No matter how empty the road is or in how much of a rush you are, do not drive over the speed limit. There is a reason why limitations are in place and you are really putting yourself at risk by speeding up. Some people allow other anxious drivers to bully them into speeding up. If you notice that someone is driving over the speed limit and wants you to speed up, signal them to pass you and wish them luck. Don’t allow people to bully you into bad decisions.

4. Children
Kids don’t understand the possible danger of driving in a car. They consider it a fun activity and just another environment in which they can play. Don’t let you kids jump around and play while you are driving. They can be a great cause of distraction and on top of that, you are setting a good environment for them to develop a lighthearted understanding of traffic dangers. Make sure that you purchase child seats that have been safety tested in order to avoid hazards.

5. Paying attention to other drivers
Most people will use proper signalization when they want to communicate with other drivers. Pay attention so you don’t miss the heads up they are trying to give you concerning what they intend to do. Also, make sure you give them the same courtesy. Furthermore, you can always spot a reckless driver purely by observing the way he conducts when he is a part of traffic. This will help you remain vigilant and take appropriate measures to avoid any potential danger.

If you ever end up being involved in a car accident that was not your fault (and I wish you don’t) make sure that you consult someone who can give you legal advice about what your options are. There is no general tip that can protect you from everything but these tips can help you raise your chances and lower the probability of becoming just another statistic.


Car-cleaning Tricks you Would Never Think of

By Richardo

Most people who care at least a bit about their car and who do not leave it to others to wash and clean their cars like to think of themselves as experts in this field. Very few people will admit that they are not that savvy when it comes to car-cleaning or that they could use a bit of help. Well, after you have checked out some of the advice we have for you here, you will realize how much there is that can be done that you would never think of.

For example, would you ever think of using your hair conditioner for waxing your car and giving it that final finish? Believe it or not, but hair conditioners that contains lanolin are one of the best things for that final coat. First of all, they can make your car shinier than the sun and they also protect your car from the rain.

You can also use cola drinks to get rid of the gunk that you get on your windshield after the first rain after a while. Of course, you will still need to wash it away with water afterwards, but for that first attack, nothing works like the bubbles you get in cola. Also, remember to put a towel below the windshield to prevent cola getting on your hood.

Baking soda can also be your ally, this time for washing not your windshield but the rest of the car. You simply pour ¼ cup baking soda into a gallon jug; add another ¼ cup dishwashing liquid and the rest water. Shake it big-time and then store it. When you need something to wash your car later, pour one cup of this home-made solution in a 2-gallon container and you are on your way.

Ammonia can also be of huge help when cleaning your car, both when it comes to the windshield and windshield wipers as well. For the wipers, use a combination of ¼ cup ammonia to one quart cold water. Be gentle when doing this and remember to dry them with dry cloth. For the windshield you actually use the same ratio and this homemade product works better when you use it often, as soon as you see the windshield getting dirty.

People who have children sometimes find themselves in the situation when they need to remove a sticker of some kind from their car. Sometimes, you might want to remove the bumper sticker that you may have put there before. In any case, there is one thing that works like a charm and helps you remove any sticker without leaving those marks that often remain because of the adhesive. Peanut butter is the solution. Just spread it and leave it for some time. This works for other surfaces, not just your car.

When it comes to car interior cleaning, we would suggest using vinegar solutions to get rid of any unpleasant smells. You should start with the 1 to 20 ratio and then ramp it up if it is not working. You just need to find the right ration, trust us.


4 tips for driving at night

By Richardo

Driving is one of the most widespread skills that is quite easily mastered in terms of coordination between the mind and various limbs that are included in this skill. However, being mastered does not necessarily mean being learned. While most of us can simultaneously use hands, feet, eyes and ears, becoming a really skilful and wise driver is a process that lasts for ages.

Night threats

Some driving conditions are more complicated and cause-craving than others and everyone should be very careful when driving under such circumstances. One of such circumstances is the night drive. Although this kind of driving is usually portrayed and romantic and liberating, driving at night carries many hidden dangers and threats and each one of them should be always on drivers’ minds. The best option is not driving at night at all, but if you do have to go on a trip at that time, stick to some basic rules.

Mind the gap

Keeping a reasonable distance between vehicles is one of the main rules in every driving condition, but in urban traffic and in night drives its importance is doubled. When you are driving your car at night and eyes are tenser than during the day, many unexpected things can happen and your speed needs to be adjusted to the dark. Driving at high speed means less time for potential sudden reactions in all kinds of weather. At night, this is even more obvious. That is why keeping the distance is of greatest importance. It leaves you enough time for proper reactions, for immediate braking and that way you protect both yourself, your family, your car and other participants in traffic. Those who did not learn that in during their drive lessons will need to change their driving habits and master the safe distance now.

Slow down

Keeping the distance comes hand in hand with speed control. As cars are being made in a more and more sophisticated way, they are getting more and more comfortable and because of that we sometimes overestimate our motorized pet. Not adapting to the outside conditions in a particular situation might end in a fatal way. If you are driving outside Sydney or Melbourne, through a less urbanized part of Australia, a kangaroo can jump in front of your car. If it is night and you are dashing at 100 mph, it will end up terribly for both the kangaroo and you. Due to that, the night time is the right time for slowing down and staying calm and completely focused on the road. Speed limits that are put on traffic signs along the way really mean that you should drive at that speed. Experts who put them there are professionals who know vehicles and physics and road configuration very well. Following their rules is a clever thing.

Make a break

If you are a driver, you must know that feeling of superiority and excessive self-confidence when it comes to driving itself. It is very often heard how our friends, uncles and other mostly females acquaintances and relatives got from one point to another in ten consecutive ours of drive without making a break. While this insanity might be slightly less dangerous at daytime in spring, because of out overall freshness in that season, doing that in hot summer days or in winter is only insanity. Night drives are also different because you are not in your regular mood then and your body wants to sleep. What you are doing is forcing your body to stay focused and awake. We can often read about fatal outcomes of car accidents caused by sleepy and tired drivers. That is why making a break (or even more of them) is necessary during night drives.

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