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Just some photos........Not many!!

By SeeYa

Here are some pictures of my weekend in TN and a couple from the Bandit Run 2012.
Comments are always welcomed!!!

Need wiper, pulse switch ASAP!! ('78 Trans Am)

By SeeYa

Need this, like yesterday!! Leaving for Bandit Run on Wed.
We already bought 3 of them and none work!! Must have the 6 or 7 wires attached! Pulse.

See photo.

Local car show and cruise in.

By SeeYa

Won our very 1st trophies for SeeYa in our local car show event. Our son also brought his '84 Firebird S/E to the show.

Now, some of you may say to yourself as to why my shaker is still attached to the hood?
Well, simple reason...............the Edelbrock that is on there now, has a spacer plate, in which it raises the air cleaner up to high. We of course did not do this.
After the Bandit Run we will change the carb out to what is supposed to be there.

Why mess with a good thing when the car is running great!!

Charlotte Motor Speedway, Food Lion Auto Fair 2012

By SeeYa

Charlotte Motor Speedway, Food Lion Auto Fair 2012

Finally!!! See Ya is complete!!

By SeeYa

After a long and hard road....a year and half to be exact.......See Ya is done!! She runs like a champ too!
Enjoy the pictures and please do comment!!

Three generations of birds!

By SeeYa

Here is a video of all three birds starting up and showing off a bit. Yes, my car is still not 100% complete.....things still need to be lined up and put back on. The Qjet will be put back on along with the orginal shaker scoop.

1st time out in the sunlight!

By SeeYa

Bodyshop men bringing the car out to see how the paint will pop in the sunlight! And boy does it ever. I actually see some gold in there.

~~!!!See Ya has been painted!!!~~

By SeeYa

After a year and half of waiting for this car to be has been done! There are a few things that need to be done to make her complete, and shiney, but it should be done within the next week!

99% of the car is brand new including new seats!!

Can't wait to show this baby off! Here we come Bandit Runners!!!

Dash restoration has been completed

By SeeYa

After weeks of my husband restoring our dash for our '78 TA, it is finally done and looks fabulous.

Check out the pictures!!

Thank you Motortopia and Flowmaster!!

By SeeYa

UPS just came by and dropped these off! WoW that was fast!

And I would like to say thank you to all that made this possible for See Ya. I can't wait to hear this!!


Still need a few parts to complete See Ya

By SeeYa

Well, we are almost complete with See Ya.
I need a few parts and if you have these, please message me with price and shipping to 28054


1-Front driver side wheel flare (must not be broken, cracked and still have the mounting brackets.

2-Complete set up for a 400 motor air intake. Pics to follow.

Merry Christmas!

By SeeYa

Just wanted to share with you some pictures!


The continuing of CYA

By SeeYa

Take a moment to see how C-Ya is coming along. Mind you, my husband is doing this on his own for the very first time. He has support from the body shop men and MANY memebers here and the 78ta site. It is amazing how well this all going!

All new parts have arrived.

Polishing of chrome pieces for CYA/FlyinFeathers

By SeeYa

I am so impressed on who these are truning out! Frank is doing a fabulous job on these!

Day 7 of RESTO

By SeeYa

This is day 7 of DTM process.
Enjoy the new pictures!

Day #6

By SeeYa

Thank you ALL for all your comments and best wished on this resto.
Frank is really enjoying this project and me, well, I just come home from work and see what pictures he has taken and seeing the progress each and every day!


Day 4 and 5 of CYA/FlyinFeathers!

By SeeYa

Frank is making GREAT progress on the car. In 5 days, this is what he has accomplished.
Maybe next week it will be ready for her paint job!

Day #3 of CYA!

By SeeYa

Here is Day 3.
I will need a driver side door and still looking for that front driver side wheel flare!
Let me know if anyone has one out there!

Day #2 of CYA

By SeeYa

As you can see from these pictures, Frank and Tony accomplished a lot in one day. (6 hours) Tony is having a blast helping his dad out with this project.
Sometimes I can't look at these photos, but I know in the end it will ALL be well worth it.
Thanks Bethany for your support!!

Day #1....The resto project!

By SeeYa

Frank and Tony are hard at work taking parts off of CYA/FlyinFeathers.
More pics to follow!

Happy Birthday to my husband....Frank!

By SeeYa

Happy birthday Frank!
Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to our family and projects!!


Heidi, Tyler and Tony!

Look at what Silver Shark83 did with my car!

By SeeYa

I just love it!



By SeeYa

Here are some pictures of the run. Sorry if there are some duplicates.
Comments are welcomed!
If you see yourself or your car, let me knowso I can repost your name!

LOOK! Bandit Run decal!

By SeeYa

Ok, so the decal (Bandit Run) isn't on that straight......I didn't do it!
But here ya go!

The car was loaded up early this morning to be towed to the shop to get the new leaf springs in. Still waiting on the 2nd set which is still in NJ!!

Installing the new/rebuilt rear end.

By SeeYa

Frank my husband is hard at work installing the new/rebuilt rear end. We needed to change out the rear end because this one has lower gears, and need it for the Bandit run. I don't remember what gears are in this one. Chumbrother can help me on this one!!
It is not completed yet, but on it's way!

First here, and now on another site!

By SeeYa

When my husband bought me this 78 TA, I didn't realize how much attention it would get. We are very proud of her, and slowly but surely we are putting her back to original. Many things have been changed out since we got it.

There were many questions I needed answer so I found several sites where I could post my questions. One being here and another is the site.

Each and everyone on these sites are FANTASTIC people and have helped me with crucial decisions.

On Motortopia, our car won 3rd place in the challenges. I was amazed on how well she did! I was also very addicted to doing the challenges. lol

On the site, I was again FLOORED by what had happen while I was at work yesterday.

Our car made the "Spotlight of the month"!!
If you would like to see it, go to:

Click on "forum" tab

Click on the picture on the upper right hand side. That is our car. There are pictures, stories, and even a short video.

Thank you all for making our dreams come true!! We couldn't do it without the "know how" from you guys!

Again with snow in the Carolina's!

By SeeYa

Well, once again we had snow. Though today, it reached about 49 degrees and it has all melted away. We are expecting snow again on Monday. I'm so glad I left NY to come to warmer weather! LOL

Snow and Ice in the Carolina's!

By SeeYa

It is not normal here to have snow and ice where we live. I am near Charlotte, and this was an interesting sight to see when most of the people here have no clue on how to drive in it.
We are orginally from NY and know that you just can't take off or stop like you usually do. But, try telling this to people around here! LO

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