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Still Kicking It!

By Silver_Shark83

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Hello friends, it's been some time since I've been on and involved, lots of life changing events for me, but all is good now, I hope to get on and chat with my friends and scope out all of the amazing cars once again.
The Shark is Alive and Well I have continued to add more show bling under the hood and will post a few pics.
Cheers and Smooth Roads To All

Thanks to all of my friends!

By Silver_Shark83

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I just wanted to thank all of my friends here for the outstanding comments / compliments on the upholstery and headrest mods!
I have yet to find anywhere that folks are telling you such cool comments on things you've done to your ride, and how you just pick up where you left off...conversations and friends!
Amazing Members, and the Best Site!


GTA Headrests Facelift & Install

By Silver_Shark83

I had been searching for a set of 88 GTA seats, I wasn’t concerned about the condition or if the bolsters worked, 95% don’t, the only parts I was in quest of were the multi-adjustable headrests, and the reclining seat tracks, all of which are manual and will work perfect in the 83. Finally I found a set, very rough looking at best, the passenger seat looked as though it had seen a T-Bone, however what I was after was in outstanding mechanical operation, but in very serious need of a facelift!
At first I didn’t think the headrests would work on my seats, but the guru of upholstery told me different. Sure enough push the plastic boot up and it’s the same setup, exact same size stem, everything!
So I took them in to him, we got the GTA headrests out, and the procedure began. Now with that said, had just redone the ENTIRE interior including the stock headrests, and had added 3” of memory foam to those, but they still SUCKED for comfort or just leaning back, neck strain and looking straight out of the T-TOP!
I left them with Jeff at AMA interior for a serious Face lift to match what he had previously had done. He is the dude that did my interior; I highly recommend him, quality beyond expectations, and this guy is a theme and motif guru, and will treat you right on the coin.
I wanted to keep with in the same color scheme and rolled on black.
The original gray hard parts were dyed to black,
The gray cloth front was replaced with the same Leather as he used for the seats.
Jeff modified the headrest with a new foam base that really added depth to the
Headrest, I also had him add 2-1/2” of HD foam to the front…amazing comfort!
The stems fit perfectly into my stock seats, the metal bracket that holds the head
rest down fits exact! I was blown away by the look these brought on.
I have my stock headrests as well; I do like the leather cloth combo however there
is zero comfort level on the neck!

Dude Where Have You Been?!

By Silver_Shark83

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Where Have You Been?!
Hey everyone, I’m still kick’n around and The Shark has another interior mod.
I was on the move with a new division at my company and just didn’t get around to posting much and along with that, When it stays light pushing 10:00 pm, and club members are in the cruise mode…well you don’t stay inside, you get out and take all the advantage you can here in the PacNorwest!
Now that the fine fall weather has hit, dark by 6, rain and more rain, wind and the basic yack, I will be back online again, and the work scene is under control as well.
This past September, the Shark and I celebrated our 27th year of Original Ownership that was truly a landmark, the pic for the blog post is the Shark & Myself 27 years ago on our first cruise!
I took a 400 mile cruise and it was outstanding, weather was perfect and the Shark ran with perfection!

Starting this spring 2010, I had decided to have the original upholstery redone.
It was a tough decision due to the fact that only my drivers seat, outside bolster was getting quiet tattered and the spring below beginning to chow up the foam.
The stock upholstery was OK but after looking at it for 27 years, it was time for a change! I opted to roll with leather bolsters and trim, and gray cloth insets. In addition I had my Shark logo stitched on the upper mid panel. I was just thrilled with the look and comfort lever, I also did new foam and had 2” of memory foam sew in to the upholstery back, and WOW what a difference that has made on those long cruises!

I had been on the hunt for a set of 88 GTA seats, and finally found a complete set of 4. I will be adding more pics to the album shortly.
The price was right the seats themselves were not in the best of shape, however all I was after were the headrests, which were mechanically sound, I didn’t care about the cover because I was going to have them redone in the same leather to match, and the gray plastic parts I had dyed black to match the rest of the interior.
I have posted some pics of the complete interior with the new headrests.
The GTA headrests are the MOST comfortable rests I have EVER had the pleasure of chilling back on. We also added 2-1/2” of memory foam on top of the stock foam and that did the job in regards to long cruise comfort!
In addition I also took the reclining seat tracks, cleaned them up taking them down to the metal, hit them with self etching primer, and then a nice finish of satin black.
I don’t think I can make them any more comfy!

Cheers to all, and thanks much to my buds who wondered if I fell of the face of the earth...LOL...not today at least!
Happy Cruises!!

New Front Speaks

By Silver_Shark83

Well today was a good Shark day, mainly because everything we did worked! With out any mod drilling, dremeling, or any of the other fun stuff that comes along with a fine 3rd Gen!

So First were the front speakers, the dash pad has never been removed, so the bolts, screws and plastic were perfect, no molestation by a previous install.

That made for a quick dash pad take off, the front speaks were the stock ones...Yep stock! And they sounded pretty decent for as old as they are, or so I thought! However as I continue to build the sound system I knew they were in need of replacing, they were no match for what I currently have, so out they go!

Keep in mind that on a 3rd Gen there is very little room to work with as far as the magnet depth, and cone height. The passenger side has a deeper well so no problem, but the drivers side has the back of the speedo below where the magnet sits, and duct work for the side vent, so it's a close fit.

With the drivers side speaker sitting in the well and the plug connectors facing towards the passenger side, the speak wouldn't sit flush, however when I flipped the spearker around so the connections were towards the drivers door, and presto, so use a bit of extra wire on your install!
GM has some funky wire colors as well, so a meter is handy if you have one.

I rolled on Kenwood's 4" x 6", and man those little dudes can pump out some sound! A MONSTER difference from the 27 year old stock speaks...I am a happy dude!

Oh sorry I got so involved I didn't do any install pics!
But I do have a pic of the stock speaks from the day!
And a pic of the new Kenwoods.

Happy, Honored & Humbled!

By Silver_Shark83

I am truly happy, humled and so very Honored, with being choosen for the CROW award!
The Shark has been with me since new, and it will be 27 years this September, I had opportunities to sell, but just could never bring myself to going through with it, and I look back and have NO regrets keeping it, or the coin that I have put into restoration.
The new interior was a gift for all of the awesome years the Shark has given me on the road and the pleasure of cruising!
With the CROW award, it just made this 27 year mark a very special one for sure!
Thanks to All at CROW

The Pic is myself and a New Shark, we made our first road trip, and what a trip it was!

Window Trim, Sweeps & Corner Replaced!

By Silver_Shark83

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I had wanted to replace the interior and exterior window trim, sweeps and the corner guides for some time, and managed to find all new GM parts.
What a HUGE difference that made in regards to noise and the famous 3rd Gen Window Thud...Gone, no rattles, and no leaks!
The variation in noise reduction was instant, and the new trim and sweeps really add so much to the clean finish look, I was thrilled with the outcome.
I took a couple of pics at completion, I highly recommend this cosmetic mod for 3rd Gens with rattling windows or air leaks, or the old trim and sweeps are chipping apart from old age and weather damage..

Thank You Motortopia!

By Silver_Shark83

Thank You Motortopia...The Original Owners Group is expanding with members, and how!
Overnight from 3 to 17! And it continues on!
I was hoping to find the hardcore car freaks that had enough passion for their new purchase to keep it as long as possible...And Guess What, they are alive and well on Motortopia!
A shout to all of the OOG members for telling their friends, and a big kudos to JWF for a big jump start with the membership!
I have to say this group is awesome!
Also the stories of car buying are rolling in as well!
Check out the newest Story from BUGEYERX...just don't eat afterwards...LOL!
Cheers to all!

Oh and the pic...That's me in 1983 with a new Shark.
Floral shirts, levis and Nike corsairs...

You And This DealerShip Suck!

By Silver_Shark83

The Original Owners Group is looking to hear of your moments while purchasing that highly anticipated vehicle…did it take for ever, how was the finance manager, how many times did you get up to leave…when suddenly the NEW deal was purposed! Or was it just simply more than you wanted to endure…and left telling them that basically…They Suck!

The double O blog will be asking about those clean and easy purchases as well…so stay tuned to our blog!

Also we are hoping to have some more members soon, so I know there are Original Owners out there in MotortopiaVille…so take a moment and join our group, all years all makes as long as you bought it…Bring it!


Original Owners Group

By Silver_Shark83

Hello Members of this fantastic site...Motortopia.
Shark here throwing out an invite to all Original Owners who still own that purchased vehicle to join The Original Owners Group

This group is for anyone who has bought a new car and still owns it everyone is welcome, New Rides, Classics, all across the board...All Makes, Models and of course years are accepted.

Post-up about the car, what prompted you to buy new and the particular vehicle purchased...Did you get a sleaze ball sales person, or a respectable professional?
Do you have any tips to share...We want to hear about your experience!
If you are an Original Owner, come on and join I am looking for all of the O-O’s out there, the group is fresh but membership is on the move!


By Silver_Shark83

Awesome site and Fantastic Members!


By Silver_Shark83

Thanks to all of the members for the greetings and kudos on my TA. I am adding more albums in the order that I have modified the Shark. I have many more to go!
Once again Thanks


By Silver_Shark83

Hello and thanks for looking at my TA. I am still putting my pages together, and the editorials, I will be updating regularly as I post up new pics.
Thanks again!

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