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New LED Tail Lights

By Sinister

Well these are a new piece to my puzzle that I have had in my possesion for over a little month I finally did the install and the turn out is awesome, a newer look for an older car on the rear and definitly alot brighter than the factory bulbs.
I have it set at the sequential mode for both my turn signals and the brake lights...I have three videos up and the 1st is a test run without the lenses just to make sure that everything is running properly, the 2nd video has the 4-way hazards going and the car running...some of you are probobly wondering what it sounds here you are, and the last video I am pressing on the break light to show the way it lights up.

Enjoy the pictures only 2 and the videos!

Here is where you can purchase from if it catches your interest---> http://www.sp...tore/home.asp






Car Domain Site!

By Sinister

To my unexpected surprise my car was voted "Showoff of The Week" now I am getting tons of comments and it looks like I have inspired a bunch of people that have the same style of Car!

Cool Stuff...and here is the site

New Stuff for 2009!

By Sinister

Today my new LED Tail Lights finally came in but I won't be able to install them until after I move to my new place next week, from the picture I can see that everything is there and's somrthing new for an older car which also gives it an updated look.

Here is what the full kit consists of...

4-Electronic Boards
2-Reverse Back Up Lights LED
2-Flashers for The Sequential Turn Signals
2-Corner Bulbs LED
All The Wiring & Screws

Motion Custom Car & Truck Show 2009

By Sinister

The last of the 3 indoor shows for the year...The club had the most cars in this show which was on March 27-29...we had a count of 17 cars in our display including a 2010 Camaro SS again loaned from G.M. and a live Interior build on one of our members 3rd Gen. Camaro.
The club came home with a lot of hardware & cash...14 out of the 15 competing cars either won or had runner-up plaques...4 Class Winners & 10 Runner-ups.
I am happy to say that the judging was more fair in this show compared to the last one and I got 1st in the 80's Custom Class where I went up against 10-12 other cars of all makes & brands that were from the 80's.
To add icing on the cake this is where I got 2 more signatures in the engine bay...1 from Stacy David (Gearz T.V. Show) and the other from John Schneider (Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzrd) right beside the Chip Foose sig,..they both loved the car and congratulated me on the win in my Class...that was the highlight of the whole show for me![

"Bo Duke" giving me a Good ol' Hazzard hand shake!

The link for the pics from the show...Enjoy!!/b]


Performance World Custom Car & Truck Show 2009

By Sinister

Well this was the 2nd of the 3 and a competition show that was very tough but you all know how the politics affect the judges was a weekend show from March 13-15 I decided to help another club out by submitting my car in the show wich we had a very bad spot and the judging was horendous...they classified my car against trailor queens that are well over $150,000.00 + I had no chance in winning or even placeing because I do drive the car in the summer and I didn't build a coffee table, oh well...I had a great time getting the hotties to pose for some pics on the car and on the 2010 Camaro SS that G.M.loaned us for the show, There were tons of beautiful machines there and I am happy that I was a part of it!

Here is the link to the pics from this show...Enjoy!


Canadian International Auto Show Toronto 2009

By Sinister

It has been a long, cold winter and I have 3 Car Shows under my belt already in the span of 6 weeks...spring is here now and I can't wait to start cruisin' again with the T-Tops off lol!

My first Show was The Canadian International Auto Show held at The Toronto Metro Convention Centre & The Rogers Centre (SkyDome) it was a 10 day long show Feb. 13-22...featuring the new vehicles for 2009 and a handful of Custom Cars for the hardcore enthusiasts...that was a lot of fun because I got to meet & talk to a bunch of people who loved the car...I was with my car club (C.C.F.B.G.) Camaro Country F-Body Group promoting the club. [url][/url]

You can take a look at all the pics that I shot from this show by clicking on the link...Enjoy!


Let The Crusin' Begin!

By Sinister

Spring has arrived and the car is finally on the road for 2008...I have finished with this past winter's upgrades and now it is time to enjoy the car and some shows until next winter when it goes back to the shop for some more modifications and upgrades..."Drive Safely" and most of all have fun!

New Badges/Emblems!

By Sinister

I got rid of the old "383 & Sinister" Badges/Emblems and went with a more traditional look with some new stuff that I ordered from Year One...all I had to do is just re-paint the "383" red from black because the striping is black itself & it would've been kinda hard to see, also I re-touched the red in the flag Badge/Emblem because it was a paler red? I was going to do it yellow but I thought why not have something that matches the color of my calipers instead & it will be something different/unique & definitely much much better than the other ones that were on before! (Don't mind the pics they were taken from my iPhone and the clarity isn't that good)

This is after I pulled the old stuff off & started fresh... is the flag fender Badge/Emblem...

...the new hood Badges/Emblems...

...and a full view of all the Badges/Emblems!

Car is finished so far...

By Sinister

Well here it is, the car is done until later this year when I will add the new big brakes, tubular K-Member/A-Arms & the air ride kit in the fall or more probably next winter, I am still waiting for 2 parts to come in the mail 1: New front turn signal lenses (same kind) 2: Billet Camber/Caster Plates, here are the pictures that you all have been waiting for...enjoy!

I'll start off with the new HID headlights, it was a breese to install, it only took about 2 hours which consists of 2 power wires & a ground that hooks up to the factory wiring, the only mod that has to be done is to trim the headlight holders/buckets on the back so that the back part of the lights fit through...that is it! after that little mod everything was in place and lighting up the garage LOL! I am really happy with these lights because it's something different and I have only seen 1 other 3rd gen Camaro that has them...I think that I am the only one in Canada with these headlights on this type of car... are a couple of close up shots of the HID's... is a pic of where I put the ballast's, right in the front...outta site & keeping cool from the air flow, now I just have to tidy up the wires neatly and we are in business... can see here the side shot of the headlight & wheels tucked in nicely, kinda like a Pro-Street Look from the front...

...from the back side, I love it how it looks...

...I put my iPhone on the rear rim to give you guy's a general idea on how deep the lip really is...

...finally the car itself on the, well not technically on the ground but on the ramp lift, the stance is nice and the new Bose "Octane" Rims really make it look wild & unique!!!

BOZE Forged Billet Wheels!

By Sinister

I just got a little christmas present in the mail today...Brand Spankin' New BOZE Wheels for my Camaro, I went up a notch on the size from a 17's to 18's...(18X8 front & 18X10 rear) that should fill the gap a little better between the tire and all I need is the rubber which is going to be the Toyo Proxes T1-R's 245/35/18 front & 285/35/18 rear.
The Torque Thrust II's are going to a new home...on a '91 Convertable Camaro, I was getting a little tired of them since everyone in their right mind has them now...wherever you look you see them on everything these day's...the BOZE have a more straighter spoke design to compliment the straight lines of the car...

New Xenon Projector Headlights!

By Sinister

Well I decided to splurge out some more cash on some new Head Lights, I went with a Xenon HID Projector kit...they are a little pricey but worth it for a unique look on the car, when it's all here & installed I will post up the pics!

Engine Upgrades!

By Sinister

I just got back from Straight-Line Racing Performance Shop in Toronto and everything is back in order for the Engine Bay with the freshley painted block, the new intake & the new master cylinder in it's place and the Carb re-jeted "Leaned out because there was a ton of black smoke" coming out of my tail pipes last year (Sorry for the smoke screen to those that were behind me everytime I hit the accelerator)...but something just didn't look right to me...

...then it dawned on me that I had to polish up the Carb to make it shine along with the rest of the Chrome, Billet, I started to the job of taking the top part of the engine apart again and begin polshing the Carb with "Nevr-Dull" which took me about 3 hours of elbow grease, then I was beginning to think on what would it look like if I painted the "Demon" letters in red? So I'm off to the closest Hobby-Shop for some model paint and I buy a pack with an assorment of different colors.

I liked the red color beause there is alot of red accents in the engine bay and I know that some of you would of said to paint it yellow to match the car...but the red turned out really good...I'm very impressed!

Then when that job finished...I happened to glance over to my valve covers and noticed that th Bowtie & Chevrolet was a little dull from the heat and what I retouched the red "Bowtie" and painted the "Chevrolet " letters yellow...I turned out even better than the original, tomorrow I will be going back to the shop to give all the painted parts another coat.

After I get the new rims on the car I will post up new pics and I will be doing a couple more upgrades later this year hopefully before summer...

You will either see it in person or you will see the pictures!

More Bling!

By Sinister

I also added anew Edelbrock "Endurashine: Waterpump, along with a New March Billet Alternator...the list just keeps on getting Bigger & Bigger!

New Stuff Again!

By Sinister

Today I recieved my Transformers Autobot Horn Button...HeHeHe!

New Air-Fresheners & Key Chain!

By Sinister

I'm sure that most or everybody has seen the movie "Transformers" well today I recieved this nice little addition in the mail...COOL!!!

Car Shows!

By Sinister

Here are some pics from previous Car shows 2004 - 2006 and some from this year (January 2007), Meeting Legendary Car God Builder Chip Foose & Hot Car Goddess A.J. from "Over-Haulin" see the changes that I have made to the car...Enjoy!


By Sinister

Just like what the Title say's...I was skeptical at first but I decided to finally add stripes to the car, and it look's like a different animal now...I'm glad I did it!

2007 Modifications!

By Sinister

Engine Upgrade:

I finished a complete valvetrain swap in the car in December which I replaced the Hydraulic Roller Cam & Lifters with a Solid Roller & Lifters, also new Springs, Chromoly Pushrods & new 1.5 Pro Magnum Roller Rockers.
I also replaced the March V-Belt Pullys with a new set of serpentine ones and I changed the Speed Demon Carb with a Mighty Demon Carb...more fuel needed!
I did a Engine-Dyno in where I got a H.P. increase with the new I am at 511 flywheel H.P. & 395 Torque, not bad at all!

Interior Upgrade:

I swapped the Hurst Dual-Gate Shifter for a B&M Pro-Ratchet Shifter and made a Custom Aluminum Shifter Plate & I installed a Custom Stereo Bracket with some L.E.D. lights that light the "Camaro Z-28" looks pretty cool!

For next Year Rims & Tires will be the next change and Big Baer Brakes will be added on all 4 corners...Man! what a money pit, but I love it!

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