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Major Demolition Begins at Twin Cities Ford Plant

By TATA455

The Ford Plant is finally coming down. Sad day for sure!! They had their own Hydro-Electric plant on-site and still they couldn't keep it going. 86 years of History. Model T's, Tanks, Cars and Trucks all had their time here.

Dec 16, 2011 the last Ford Ranger rolled off the line.

In 2004, a vehicle took an average of 20.77 hours of labor to roll through the assembly line, 3.5 hours faster than might be expected in comparison to other plants. Wouldn't it be something if we could put our muscle cars back together as fast as they were assembling these trucks!! At this same time, the Twin Cities plant was operating at 83% capacity while other Ford plants could only average 75%.

These stellar numbers still weren't enough to save the Plant. Hard to believe!! The UAW workers can surely hold their heads high knowing they did all they could to try and keep the doors open.

I toured the plant as a young boy on a school field trip. I can remember the sights and sounds still today. Watching an entire body get dipped was quite impressive. The automated paint system was equally cool to see in operation.

I also attended many Ford Car shows at the plant parking lot. It was a great place to get together with other Ford enthusiasts.

Read more at these links:


Historic Time-line:

Ford Corporate Photo Site:

RAMC is Building a ZTA

By TATA455

Most of you on this site are familiar with Restore A Muscle Car in Lincoln, NE and the Famous Banshee they build.

Well, they also can build you a ZTA. The ZTA is another Trans AM kit for the current Camaro. While not as exotic as the Banshee, it does offer another option at a lower price point.

While you can get a ZTA built anywhere, you will be hard pressed to find a shop with more experience doing this kind of work than the Team at RAMC.The quality and workmanship will set your ZTA apart from the rest!

Check out the build here and contact them for your own RAMC ZTA!!

Great Ferrari Site - Check it out!!

By TATA455

While I don't personally own one, I have a couple friends that do. My interests tend to lean more towards Muscle Cars, but I still enjoy looking at these exotic machines and the sites that follow them.

I found this one recently and thought it was a pretty good site to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy it too!


Coca Cola 600 Winner is Kevin Harvick

By TATA455

If you didn't get enough of a Racing Fix watching the Indy 500, Nascar put on quite a show last night too with the Coca Cola 600.

There were plenty of crashes and drama to entertain. Racing for Richard Childress Racing, Kevin Harvick brought the Chevrolet powered SS to the finish line first and did a spectacular burn-out to celebrate.

Hope you enjoyed a great day of racing!!

Read more here:

Indy 500 Winner - Tonny Kanaan

By TATA455

I hope all of your were watching the Indy 500 yesterday. Tony Kanaan won putting an end to his long wait to enter the winners circle. It was an exciting race and set several records.

After 12 previous attempts, Tony succeeded where many have failed. His drove he Chevrolet powered KV Racing car to victory.

Jimmy Vasser, the car owner, got to share in the Joy and Excitement.

Read More Here:

One interesting looking car!!

By TATA455

Saw this today and thought I would share it with everyone. This is quite a car. The engine looks so clean!!

Have a look at the 1350 HP SSC-Tuatara. Love it or hate it, you have to have some respect for that engine!!


2014 Corvette Stingray to Pace Indy this year!!

By TATA455

Once again, the Corvette will pace the Indy 500 this year. The car is pretty darn nice looking to me.

Click Here to see photos and more information.

Good Things Sometimes Come To An End!!

By TATA455

Sad day selling my 1978 Black TA. This is hands down the most fun I have had with a car in some time now. I owe a great deal of thanks to Tom VanKempen - Tom's Performance and Repair in helping me get this one rolling again. I think he had some fun with it too!!

It is now on it's way to Fargo ND to it's new home where it will be enjoyed by a new family! It did go to a great guy and I know he will take great care of it.

To heal the wounds, I have started in on to the next project - A 1979 400 - 4spd WS6 T-Top car. It is silver with a black interior. The car is at Tom's and the Engine is out and the machine work is started. Hopefully on the road again by sometime this summer!!

Spring is on the way..... I hope.
6" more inches of snow here today - March 17th

.... And Now we have the Convertible too! C7 Ragtop in Geneva

By TATA455

Check out the C7 Convertible at the link below. Full power and it can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 30mph. Admit it, we would all like one!!!

It was shown for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. Europe is a big part of GM's focus. They are hopeful the New C7 will appeal to the European markets.

Read the Story here & see Photos:

More Photos:

My Photo credit goes to

** The 2014 Corvette is now out in the open - What do you think??

By TATA455

The unveiling was fun to watch and the new Corvette Stingray is certainly different from anything before it.

Post a comment and let’s talk about the new styling.

- 60% Stiffer Chassis
- 450HP Standard
- Over 1g cornering
- Acceleration of 0-60 in fewer than 4sec

*** 2014 Corvette - GM to Release the Details tonight!! The Stingray is Back!!!

By TATA455

For all of you that have been waiting to see what they have officially come up with for the NEW C7, wait no more, it is unveiled tonight at 7pm Central time.

Here is the Link:

Don't miss it. Should be exciting!

An afternoon at Wheeler Dyno Services, Blaine, MN

By TATA455

Original Numbers Matching WC Block.

As always, this step has proven to be money well spent. Walked in the door at 250HP, left at 286HP. Plus you know when you put it in, that everything is working correctly.

Factory is 220hp. Our best pull was 290. But the timing was not set right. Once we corrected that and got the carb jetted right, we settled in on 286HP with a nice strong and wide Torque curve. Nothing like 30% over stock with minimal changes.

We saved another Pontiac.

By the way, it is also one of the more fun things you will do during your restoration process!! It's a lot of work getting these cars back in fighting shape. Consider the trip to the Dyno as one of your rewards!!

Daytona Budweiser Shootout - Very Exciting Racing

By TATA455

If you didn't watch the FOX broadcast of the Budweiser Shootout Saturday Night, you missed some exciting racing! If this is any indication what the Daytona 500 will be like next weekend, you are not going to want to miss it!!

What changed? Well, they narrowed up the Air Intake for the radiator and this has totally changed how the cars draft and how long they can draft. It has really changed how the race is run and in Saturday's evenings race, it resulted in s some very BIG multicar crashes.

They also took away the ability for Drivers to talk to each other. This puts the deal making back to the support teams.

Another big change this year is the cars are running EFI for the first time. Click Here to Read More!

Jeff Gordon was leading the Pack for the last several laps until 4 to go. It was on that lap that everyone made their move to try and take the lead. Kyle Busch inched his way ahead. On 2 to go, all h_ll broke loose resulting in a several car crash leaving Jeff Gordon upside down and unable to finish.

In my opinion, the crash was the result of Kyle Busch trying to block Jeff Gordon, but because Kyle's car was slower Jeff couldn't help but give a push! Jeff really got a ride first sliding on his side in a shower of sparks and then barrel rolling at least 5 times.

At the time of the crash, Tony Stewart had moved up to the front and was in the lead. Once the smoke cleared, we were down to a very few cars still running in this race. I think there were 4 Big Crashes that took out several cars each. I could count only 12 left at the end.

It was a Green, White, Checker finish if they can avoid another crash!

Stewart fell off the lead, but Kyle Busch managed to bush him back to the front. Coming off the last turn right before the Checker, Kyle Slingshot past Tony for a Win of less than a car length! It resulted in the closest finish in the History of the Budweiser Shootout.

Go to to watch some video clips of Saturday's race and make sure you tune in to see the Daytona 500 next Sunday!! With the changes Nascar has made, I predict it will be one of the most exciting in its history. You won't want to miss it!!

** 3,000 Car Collection now on Display!!

By TATA455

If you are ever near Tacoma, WA, you have to stop in and see this Museum. It is now on my list of "Have to See"!! At the link below is a short story and a Video Clip for more details.

Click Here to read the story!

It is one man's collection of a Lifetime Love Affair with the American Automobile. You won't see any Exotic One of a kinds here. Just a tribute to the American Car and the many changes it has been though over the years.

On display are street rods, muscle cars, classics (including a 1927 Lasalle), ugly ducklings - the works.

Put this destination on your Bucket List!!

325 152nd Street East
Tacoma, WA 98445

Next to the Tacoma Dome

*** 48 Hour Camaro Build - Live online!

By TATA455

Can you imagine having your car done in two days!! Well that is just what a group is doing and you can watch it LIVE!! It is going to be a Lingenfelter LS3 powered monster!!

This is being built Live May 16-18!

Just click on the link or cut and paste it.

I have had it on my desktop for most of the day and it has been pretty cool!! They are taking a pretty much stock 1967 Camaro and using quality bolt-on parts from well recognized manufacturers, building a PRO TOURing machine!

As far as I can tell, it is just to show what can be done in such a short time!! Anyway, have a watch and enjoy!!

I have no connection to this, it was just emailed to me by a friend.

** Weekend Trip to RAMC - Restore A Muscle Car

By TATA455

I was at the RAMC facility this past weekend and thought I would share the experience. They have one of the nicest shops I have ever seen for restoring cars. Their inventory of parts is amazing. They also have many desirable cars for customers to purchase and restore. Their dedication to quality work are simply over the top.

Everyone that works there is very friendly from the owner Dave to the part time guys that help take care of the day to day little details. Everyone is there to help your restoration experience be a good one.

One of the things to realize is that they do small projects as well as large ones. Need an exhaust system or complete engine rebuild they can handle it. Do you have a car that has been in storage a an extended period and no time to get it road worthy, RAMC can have you back on the road in no time.

So if you have a driver that needs some freshening up or a rare one of a kind collectible and you want a concourse restoration, they are up to the task.

If you are ever rolling by the Linocoln, NE area, take a little time and stop in say "HI". If you have a car to restore, consider having the Restore A Muscle Car Team take it under their care. You will definitely be happy with the end result.

Tell-em "TA Tom" sent you when you call or stop in.

*** Pontiac does it's last burn out!

By TATA455

It is in the books. The Pontiac Brand is officially out of business. It certainly marks a sad day for the GM brand and the Automotive world in general.


It now rests with Oldsmobile as another major brand in the archives of Transportation History. This is a clear testimonial to what happens when you fill a company with people who really don't know anything about their products or market place and simply how to count beans.

When you quit listening to your customers and think you know better than then do, you will loose your identity and focus. It will only be a matter of time before the writing becomes clear on the wall.

I think we have government regulations to blame for some of this too. I am not saying we shouldn't be mindful of our environment and the impact we have on it or the safety of our cars, but there is a point when you are regulating too much.

Pick up a copy of Car Craft or Hot Rod and see the cover story as the political machine positions to put an even tighter grip on our hobby. We all need to pay attention or our cars will just be something we get to look at, but never drive.

Pontiac - RIP

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