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Our friend Tinkerbell has passed on.

By Tinkerbell

I am Suzi's friend CorvairJim. It feels odd for me to be writing a blog on someone else's page, but I felt this to be the surest way for this sad news to reach all of Tinkerbell's friends. Suzi's mother gave me her password and asked me to realy this sad news.

One of the hardest things anyone can ever do is to tell one's friends about the passing of another, but sometimes it has to be done. I found out a couple of days ago from her mother that our good friend Suzi Bell, our beloved "Tinkerbell" or "Tink" was killed in a car crash on her way to show her pride and joy, her black Corvette convertible, in her first-ever show in Conshohocken, PA, on the morning of Saturday, June 5th. She was so excited about showing her car, and she sent me a message the day before about she had taken two days off of work just to detail the car to make sure it was perfect. While exiting a local expressway going to the show, the driver of a tractor-trailer apparently didn't see her car on his right when he realized that he was passing his exit. He veered suddenly to the right, physically pushing Suzi's car onto the shoulder of the highway, where it collided with a disabled car parked there at nearly 60 MPH, according to Police estimates.

Suzi was a fine young lady with a real zest for life. she really enjoyed her cars, and every car she ever owned (after the first one, which was a hand-me-down Toyota Camry her mother gave her) was a 2-seat convertible with a manual transmission. Her love for cars stemmed from her father's 1967 Corvette Roadster, which was integral in many of her fondest childhood memories. Her nickname was given to her by a friend of her father's. He thought "Tinkerbell" would be appropriate for a pixieish little girl with long blonde hair and the last name of Bell who wanted more than anything to "tinker" with her dad's car! Tink graduated from Villanova University three years ago and went to work immediately as a paralegal with a law firm she had interned with while in school. She moonlighted as a model, and had done advertising photo shoots for such high-profile companies as Victoria's Secret and Venus Swimwear (which was how a 25 year old paralegal could afford a condo on the Main Line and a Corvette!). Even with a background like that, Suzi was very much the "girl next door", never seeing herself as being above anyone else, as all her Motortopia friends will attest. I first met Suzi when she walked up to me at a gas station where I was filling my '66 Corvair. She wasn't familiar with Corvairs and she was curious about it. We ended up talking for over half an hour, and I invited her to join Motortopia so she could learn more about cars in general. She joined that evening.

Suzi was a Christian, and dearly loved her Lord. I know that she is up in Heaven with Jesus right now, resting in the palm of His hand. Her mom asked me to inform her friends about her passing, and I'd like to ask you all to share your thoughts and memories of our friend as comments on this blog posting.

I Got One! I Got One!! I Got One!!!

By Tinkerbell

Finally! After wanting a Corvette of my own for years, after years of fond memories of my Dad's Nassau Blue '67 big block Roadster, I finally found a car that was set up the way I wanted that I could afford. I had always imagined my Corvette being red, but once I saw this black car I decided that black was just fine! I get the feeling that my MX5 won't be getting nearly as much use in the future. I'm even considering selling it and getting a "sensible" car (as my Mom puts it) for daily use in bad weather. This car won't be seeing many rainy days, and it won't see snow at all. Come on by my garage when you get a chance and check out my new baby!


Well, since you asked...

By Tinkerbell

Over the past several months, I've been asked for a picture of me posing with my car. I don't have one yet, but a friend I went to the shore with the weekend before Labor Day e-mailed me a picture she took of me while we were on the beach. As you can tell, it hasn't been a good summer for my suntan! I hope this is good enough, and you don't mind that my car isn't in the picture.... After all, this is a car website, not just one for girls to show off their lack of a suntan in September! :flirt:

"Sunshine", my 1992 Mazda Miata

By Tinkerbell

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After I graduated from high school, I wanted to get a car that was more my style than the hand-me-down Toyota Camry I had at the time. I wasn't making a whole lot of money, but I was still living at home, so most of what I earned could go to car payments. I found this car at a discount used car lot nearby in an ad in the paper, and called about it right away. I wasn't really all that impressed with it at first, until I learned what these cars were going for. The asking price was well below what the book said it was worth, and my Dad and I managed to talk him down some more. I left the lot with the top down, humming a happy tune (because the radio wasn't working at the time... a blown fuse). I got several years of pleasure from Sunshine, but when she started going through oil and making 'funny' noises (That's not funny - 'ha ha', but funny - 'uh oh'). However, now I can afford the payments on a new car, so I found my MX-5 and sadly bid farewell to my old friend. I still remember her fondly, but I guess her time had come. 204,000 miles is a whole bunch on a little sports car (especially one owned by a young person like me who doesn't really know all that much about how to maintain a car)!

My new photo album, "Dad's Corvette"

By Tinkerbell

CorvairJim was kind enough to send me a bunch of pictures he took recently of a couple of cars that came close to matching my description of my Dad's Nassau Blue 1967 big block Corvette convertible. I broke out in tears when I first saw them - it was like going back in time or having Dad in the room looking over my shoulder. There are a few differences - the car with the right big block hood with the white stripe is a coupe, and the 'new' convertible (not the one I already had posted) has Rally wheels instead of the aluminum spoked wheels Dad's car had. Still, the interior is exactly like I remember it, and the cars are as clean and shiny as Dad always kept his car.

This is the car that got me interested in cars back when I was in pre-school. It made me a Chevy Girl, a future Corvette owner (just wait and see!), and a convertible owner for life! Check out the album and leave any comments (and trophies!) you feel like sending.

Suzi :flirt:

"What do YOU think?" - UPDATE

By Tinkerbell

In the past couple of weeks, I've gotten many responses to my "What do YOU think" blog post asking whether or not I should issue challenges with my Dad's '67 Corvette, since the car was destroyed in a fire many years ago. The overwhelming majority said, in essence, "Go for it"! I have decided to send out challenges with the car, but I am going to be VERY selective about the cars I send them to. Anyone who doesn't like the idea of a challenge with a car that doesn't exist anymore is free to vote for the other car - I know there are several people that feel that way, and I fully understand. Certainly, there will be no hard feelings.


What do YOU think???

By Tinkerbell

When I first posted my Dad's '67 Corvette in my garage, I made it clear that I wasn't going to be sending out any challenges with it because the car was destroyed in a house fire about 15 years ago. Not only that, but the car in the picture isn't even the actual car but a picture of one that looks alot like it - same year and color, same wheels and sidepipes. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been messaged by several people saying I SHOULD send challenges with it as a tribute to the car and to my Dad. I'm undecided now, so... What do YOU think I should do???
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