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Top 3 Reasons Why You're Paying More At The Pump

By bencar

If you read the Wall Street Urinal (a.k.a. The Wall Street Journal) today, you may have noticed that the excuse factory, um I mean reasons are now being given as to why you've been steadily paying more over the past few months for the gasoline you pump into your vehicle. Keep these reasons in mind, as I'm sure you'll see them again, either as they were printed in today's newspaper, or in some reconstructed form in the months to come. Having mentioned the WST article, I thought it might be a little amusing, to now give you a David Letterman style "Top 3 Reasons Why You're Paying More At The Pump" list, and here it is:

Reason number one why you're paying more at the Pump these days: According to an article in the December 23, 2010 Wall Street Journal, people are driving more again. Now, you silly people, how dare you do that. Just stop all that driving, don't be buying any more of those petroleum fueled vehicles, and gasoline prices will drop like a rock. Oh, wait a minute, if you drive less, and don't buy any more new vehicles, than you'll be accused of hurting the economy. Can't win no how, can you?

Reason number two why you are paying more at the Pump these days: The Chinese manufacturers are using more Oil. See, and you just thought all you had to worry about, as a byproduct of the wholesale shipping of manufacturing operations to China, was the loss of thousands, upon thousands of good paying jobs. But, hey, there is a bright side to this, and that is, at least for once, someone, other than Americans, are being blamed for skyrocketing Oil prices.

Reason number three why you are paying more at the Pump these days: Since the economy is improving, there's all these people going back to work, and relating back to reason number one, they're driving more, because now instead of working at one good paying job, all these newly re-employed workers, are shuttling between two or more low paying, no benefit, "Service Sector" jobs. Hey, now all you recently re-employed folks, stop that, just quit all those jobs, stay home, and before you know it, gasoline will be cheaper than dirt. Of course if you weren't already living in a Shelter, you will be after quitting those jobs it took you years to find. Oh, and for the millions more who haven't been able to find gainful employment in years, you can take solace in knowing that you haven't contributed to the skyrocketing cost of Oil, and consequently, gasoline.

Helping Louie The Lizard

By bencar

Strong Keepsakes has asked us to help a fellow enthusiast in need, and I am going to try this method of making this happen.

donate that $1 or $2 to
"Louie The Lizard"
Mark Francis
1340 Rose St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

If you follow this Link , it will take you to one of my Websites, where you can read Louie the Lizard's story, and donate whatever you wish. I will be collecting funds, then forwarding the money to Mark Francis. I hope this works, g-d knows anyone one of us could be where this guy is, or worse, and instead of taking the attitude of no one helps me, I'm trying to do what is possible to help a fellow enthusiast.

American Graffiti Rides Again At The Colorado Cafe

By bencar

For the second time in a week, Ms. Cindy Williams, and Paul LeMat of American Graffiti fame, made an appearance in Central New Jersey. This time the two American Graffiti stars came to the Colorado Cafe, located on Bonnie Burn Rd, in Watching New Jersey. As was the case at the TGI-Fridays Cruise Night, it was a capacity crowd at the Colorado Cafe, with vehicles spilling over into nearly 3/4 of the paved Parking Lot. The restaurant was packed, and while the service slowed appreciably, the food was good as always. Kroozin Productions dun outdid themselves with this 2nd of two great events. The Video can be seen at

Goldylocks, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

By bencar

Seems like Goldylocks, one of the principal founders of this site, has fallen off the face of the earth again. I haven't seen a Post from Goldylocks now for a couple of months.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka, and Happy New Year

By bencar

A merry Christmas, happy Chanuka, and a happy New Year to all my Motortopia friends.

Btw, Jan 1 is also my birthday, I'll be 39 again :) .

The Slant-Six Club Gets Tapped To Present The Prestigious Lee Iacocca Award

By bencar

Our Club has been selected to present the Lee Iacocca Award for hobby excellence at our 21st annual 'Fall Meet.' If we can get at least 20 people to each come up with $30.00, that's right $30.00, we can meet our goal of closing the gap between the $300.00 we have already collected, and the $700.00 we need to collect, in order to meet our obligation of a $1,000.00 donation to the 'Lee Iacocca Foundation.' The amount is small, so hopefully those of you reading this, will be able to help us out, and, if you wish, we will put your name in our Newsletter as a Donor, as well as passing your information along to the Foundation. This is a good cause, in that the Foundation's purpose, is to raise money to find a cure for Diabetes, complications of which took my Mother's life on September 8, 2007.

Just one note, we need to get this thing together by September 5, 2008, so please, if you, or anyone you know can help us, do so soon.

ALL donation Checks are to be made out to the 'Lee Iacocca Foundation', NOT 'The Slant-Six Club', and, as an added incentive to help out, your donations are tax deductible, as the Foundation is a 501c3 charity.

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