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State Sponsored Cyber Terrorism And Motortopia (How We Got Where We Are Today)

By bencar

Hey, here's a good one for you folks, a friend of mine who owns a Repair Shop, recently bought a Snap-On Ratchet Wrench, and on the handle was stamped: "Made In China." Now how's that for a kick in the pants. For too many years, too many dumb Americans bought into the malarkey that American workers were overpaid, had too many lavish benefits, and if the poor beleaguered American companies were to be able to compete, they had to ship their manufacturing offshore, euphemism for shipping their operations to places like China, where the workers' benefits consist of don't get sick, don't grow old, where the method of handling the byproduct of the manufacturing process, is dump it, or bury it, where there are no worker safety protections to speak of, and wages are pennies per hour.

Well folks, now we're reaping the rewards of the corporate propaganda too many bought, and among other things, WE are financing the Chinese military build up, and their efforts at cyber sabotage, and one form of that, is overloading their enemies computer networks with SPAM.

We, at least a good number of suckers, did all we are now experiencing, to ourselves.

Hurricane Sandy Interuption

By bencar

If you have not seen or heard from me since 10-29-2012, you can thank a Pine Tree, and Hurricane Sandy for that. I just got power back tonight 11-10-2012.



If I'm Gonna Pay For Something With An Image On It

By bencar

If I'm Gonna Pay For Something With An Image On It, then the image may as well be of something I own, and thanks to Zazzle, that's exactly what I can now do. I can get virtually ANYTHING T-Shirts, Hats, you name it, with images of my cars on them. Can even may them available to others that might want those images of the vehicles I own, minus the Ben's thing of course. I like this concept.

Follow this Link to see one of the items I have my vehicles on.

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad And New Hope Pa

By bencar

Here's a Link to what became the alternative to a cancelled Car Show I was supposed to attend on July 29, 2012

Unbelievable Power Steering Pump Failure

By bencar

Try this one on for size. Son and Wife come roaring over to the house around 3:00 P.M. to tell me that the Wife's car is stuck over by the Bank. So, I jump in my Truck, and Wife, with Son and friend following in his Truck, barrel on down to see what went wrong. When I got there and lifted the Hood, I see the Power Steering Pump Pulley, with the Shaft attached, hanging out of the front of the Pump. I had just put that Pump on barely 3 months ago. The only good news, was the car was at idle when all the carnage took place, so other than another Pump, and a new Serpentine Belt, and some fresh Power Steering fluid, there was no other damage. Mind you, I had to change out the defective Pump at the Bank Parking Lot, then return it for a credit, since it was still under warranty.

In over 37 years of working on my own vehicles, I have NEVER seen a Power Steering Pump Shaft walk right out of a Pump, like that one on our Buick did, no less a Pump that was barely 3 month old. Thank g-d it didn't let loose at highway speed, or there would have been serious damage, beyond just the destroyed Belt and Pump. Oh, and I pitched a fit about the Belt, so Advance Auto gave me discount on the new Belt.

Here's the latest installment in the Transmission from Hell saga

By bencar

Here we go again, this time to remove and replace the defective B & M Torque Converter with a American made Hughes Torque Converter. Joe and Mike at Hoffman's Tranmissions Plus had the honor of removing the Transmission (the infamous Transmission From Hell from the well known Performance Parts Outlet in Ohio), and removing and replacing the B & M Torque Converter. After the Converter was out, Joe pressure tested the B & M Converter, something seemingly overlooked by the astute folks at B & M, and found the source of the fluid leak. The weld that secured the Hub on the front of the Converter, had a pinhole leak in it. So much for quality control. The Transmission is back in and hopefully other than some minor tweaks, this will be the end of the Transmission from Hell saga.

The photos from this latest installment can be found at http://www.fa...;l=043337125d

FacelessBook Photos Of "A Gathering Of Mopar Folk

By bencar

If you go to http://www.fa...l=58ea1f1e82, you can view the photos from "A Gathering Of Mopar Folk" on 11-19-2011, and if there are ANY Mopar owners on this Website who live in NJ, check out http://www.fa...915166352071/ for the next gathering.

So Where Have I Been?

By bencar

Some of you, the few who are active on this Website, may have noticed I haven't posted much on this site this Summer. The reason is, lack of time, and that I have been mainly using my Facebook Albums and Hotrod to display my Car Show and Cruise Night photos and Videos.

On a even less enjoyable note, the Transmission in my 1976 Trans Am let loose on Labor Day, I have no money to fix it with, and unless some miracle occurs, like some company comes out of left field, and says-"Hey we want to sponsor your car"-then I don't know when it will be drivable again.

Trans Ams Day Out 2-3-2011

By bencar

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If you go to http://www.fa...;l=7c35944cf6 you can see, and read about just how far my Trans Am got today.

Top 3 Reasons Why You're Paying More At The Pump

By bencar

If you read the Wall Street Urinal (a.k.a. The Wall Street Journal) today, you may have noticed that the excuse factory, um I mean reasons are now being given as to why you've been steadily paying more over the past few months for the gasoline you pump into your vehicle. Keep these reasons in mind, as I'm sure you'll see them again, either as they were printed in today's newspaper, or in some reconstructed form in the months to come. Having mentioned the WST article, I thought it might be a little amusing, to now give you a David Letterman style "Top 3 Reasons Why You're Paying More At The Pump" list, and here it is:

Reason number one why you're paying more at the Pump these days: According to an article in the December 23, 2010 Wall Street Journal, people are driving more again. Now, you silly people, how dare you do that. Just stop all that driving, don't be buying any more of those petroleum fueled vehicles, and gasoline prices will drop like a rock. Oh, wait a minute, if you drive less, and don't buy any more new vehicles, than you'll be accused of hurting the economy. Can't win no how, can you?

Reason number two why you are paying more at the Pump these days: The Chinese manufacturers are using more Oil. See, and you just thought all you had to worry about, as a byproduct of the wholesale shipping of manufacturing operations to China, was the loss of thousands, upon thousands of good paying jobs. But, hey, there is a bright side to this, and that is, at least for once, someone, other than Americans, are being blamed for skyrocketing Oil prices.

Reason number three why you are paying more at the Pump these days: Since the economy is improving, there's all these people going back to work, and relating back to reason number one, they're driving more, because now instead of working at one good paying job, all these newly re-employed workers, are shuttling between two or more low paying, no benefit, "Service Sector" jobs. Hey, now all you recently re-employed folks, stop that, just quit all those jobs, stay home, and before you know it, gasoline will be cheaper than dirt. Of course if you weren't already living in a Shelter, you will be after quitting those jobs it took you years to find. Oh, and for the millions more who haven't been able to find gainful employment in years, you can take solace in knowing that you haven't contributed to the skyrocketing cost of Oil, and consequently, gasoline.

Helping Louie The Lizard

By bencar

Strong Keepsakes has asked us to help a fellow enthusiast in need, and I am going to try this method of making this happen.

donate that $1 or $2 to
"Louie The Lizard"
Mark Francis
1340 Rose St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

If you follow this Link , it will take you to one of my Websites, where you can read Louie the Lizard's story, and donate whatever you wish. I will be collecting funds, then forwarding the money to Mark Francis. I hope this works, g-d knows anyone one of us could be where this guy is, or worse, and instead of taking the attitude of no one helps me, I'm trying to do what is possible to help a fellow enthusiast.

Members Calendar

By bencar

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I made it! Well almost, read on:

Dear bencar,

Congratulations, your photo has WON!!! Your photo received enough votes to be placed in this year's 2011 Pontiac Firebird Calendar.

Your photo is currently pending review for final approval.

A separate email will be sent out in the near future to obtain your shipping information to receive your 2 free calendars!

Once again congratulations!


Member Calendars Contest Voting

By bencar

Hey, I've made it to the Final round of Voting, please, everyone, stop by, and vote for my Trans Am under the Firebird listing.

Member Calendar Website

By bencar

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My 1976 Trans Am is being featured this week on Member, at, along with another Motortopia Member's Firebird at So stop onm by the Website, got to the Pontiac Calendar listings, and vote for our cars.

If the above Links don't work, then just go the Website via , and find the Pontiac Calendar listing from there, then vote for my Orange 1976 Trans Am, and the other Motortopia Member's purple 4th Gen Firebird.

American Graffiti Rides Again At The Colorado Cafe

By bencar

For the second time in a week, Ms. Cindy Williams, and Paul LeMat of American Graffiti fame, made an appearance in Central New Jersey. This time the two American Graffiti stars came to the Colorado Cafe, located on Bonnie Burn Rd, in Watching New Jersey. As was the case at the TGI-Fridays Cruise Night, it was a capacity crowd at the Colorado Cafe, with vehicles spilling over into nearly 3/4 of the paved Parking Lot. The restaurant was packed, and while the service slowed appreciably, the food was good as always. Kroozin Productions dun outdid themselves with this 2nd of two great events. The Video can be seen at

New Photo Albums

By bencar

I have four new photo Albums for you all to peruse, starting with the Memorial Day Parade, Somerville NJ, Unforgettable Autos Show, Galloping Hill, and Woodbridge Main St Cruise Night at

Amatuer Videographer's Group On Yahoo

By bencar

I just created a Yahoo Group for us amatuer Videographers to hang out in, go to http://movies...ideographers/ , and check it out. Now we have another place to Post stuff about all those Car Show and Cruise Night Videos we create :) .

This Site, and The Activity Level

By bencar

I don't know about anyone else, but while I have hundreds of people on my "Friends List", only a handul are even a little bit active on this site. Now I'm the first one to say that this site is not one's full time job, so it's not like I expect everyone to comment every time on a Photo or Video Post, but I think Goldylocks, and the rest of those responsible for this site, need to do a little Profile pruning.There are people on here I haven't heard one peep out of, for over a year.

Smokey And A Bandit Run 5-22-2010

By bencar

Part 4 of the Video segments from The Smokey And A Bandit Run-Whiskey Cafe 5-22-2010 is now live

Whiskey Cafe & A Bird Run

By bencar

Thanks for all your comments and Votes, the Videos (4 parts) will be up soon I hope.

Spring Englishtown 2010 Car Show

By bencar

If you liked the photos, you'll like the Video even more.

My Trans Am In February 2010 Pontiac Enthusiast

By bencar

Check this out, my 1976 Trans Am made it into the pages of Pontiac Enthusiast's February 2010 issue (page 17)

Here a Link to the article.


A Challenge

By bencar

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Hey, I finally have two challenges going on. Check them out, and if you like, give me a vote or two.

Goldylocks, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

By bencar

Seems like Goldylocks, one of the principal founders of this site, has fallen off the face of the earth again. I haven't seen a Post from Goldylocks now for a couple of months.

Life Comes First

By bencar

On Friday, October 23, 2009, a co-worker and friend of mine, lost his battle with that bastard called Cancer. I had been debating whether or not to go see him the day before in the Hospital, and finally came to the conclusion that I had better follow through on my thought. I could have waited, I could have spent my time doing fun things first, but somehow, I just had a sense that this was one of those times when I had better heed the warnings about my co-worker/friend's condition. The very next day, while sitting in front of this Computer, taking care of some personal things, the phone call no one ever wants to get about their friend, came. He's gone now, and if I hadn't listened to the warnings, and my inner voice, I would have missed out on the only chance I was going to have to visit with my friend, and let him know I cared about him.

It was extremely hard to go into work today, and sit at my desk, in the little Office I shared with my friend. Every time I looked over at his Desk, I had to choke back the tears, every time someone asked me how am I doing, it was all I could to keep my composure. It is highly doubtful that the darlins my friend and I work for, will miss my friend (Mike Karp), for as long, and as much as I, his other friends, and family will. Mike and I had our moments, but we somehow got through them, and if Mike knew you needed help, he was there for you before you asked, now, I wish I could learn how to fix people, like I can Cars, Model Trains, and Computers, so I could be there for Mike.

Somerville New Jersy Cruise Night 7-3-2009

By bencar

I've only managed to make it to two Somerville New Jersey Cruise Nights this year, and of the two, this one was the best. The most accurate way to describe this night, was that it was like a scene out of American Graffitti that night. I did do an amatuer Video of the event, but this thing deserved to be on TV.

My 1960 Plymouth's 30 Seconds Of Fame On HorsepowerTV

By bencar

I was going to Post a copy of the Clip from RTM Production's 'HorsepowerTV', that has my 1960 Plymouth in it, on Yahoo Video or Youtube, but the DVD has all these nice legal restrictions with it, so I can't. If you want to see the Clip, I'd have to E-Mail a copy to you.

A-2836 And S-2074 Hotrod & Streetrod Registration Bill In NJ

By bencar

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Sema Style Legislation in New Jersey

Establishes a motor vehicle registration for STREET RODS and CUSTOM MOTOR VEHICLES


Full Bill here


The Sema Style Legislation was submitted to the New Jersey Assembly and Senate in June of 2008. It has been sitting in committee since, with NO ACTION.

We desperately need anyone who is a car enthusiast to e-mail the chairs of these committees and urge that these bills be posted for a committee vote as soon as possible.

Please take the time to e-mail and call these chairmen.

Sen. Nicholas Sacco Chair Transportation Committee
(201) 295-0200
9060 Palisade Ave.
North Bergen, NJ 07047

E-mail Bill S2074

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson Chair Law and Public Safety Committee

(201) 541-1118

1 Engle St., Suite 108,

Englewood, NJ 07631

E-mail Bill A2836

All you need to do is say you support this bill and urge them to post the bill for a committee vote as soon as possible. Please provide your name and address.

It would also help if you sent a thank you to the bill sponsors.

Senator Paul Sarlo

(201) 804-8118

207 Hackensack St., 2nd Floor,

Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

E-mail Bill S2074

Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk

(201) 666-0881

220 Kinderkamack Rd.
Suite E
Westwood, NJ 07675

E-mail Bill A2836

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka, and Happy New Year

By bencar

A merry Christmas, happy Chanuka, and a happy New Year to all my Motortopia friends.

Btw, Jan 1 is also my birthday, I'll be 39 again :) .

Remembering Our Troops All Year Long

By bencar

Around this time of year, everyone starts to remember our Troops overseas, which is a good thing, but these guys and gals need to know they're not forgotten all year long, and there's a group called, whose mission, is to see to it that our deployed Troops, are not forgotten. You can visit the Group's Website at .

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