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Sometimes a good Motorcycle Burnout gets you goin.

By GoldyLocks

This is just pure awesome. The german speakers in the background only add to the fun of it all. Looks like these guys were having a good time. Make sure to watch the whole video and see the ring of fire near the end.


Indian Motorcycles - What is the allure all about?

By GoldyLocks

Over the past several months we have visited a number of bike events; and find ourselves constantly being drawn to the one or two Indian Motorcycles in the group. In a nice chat with the owner we gain a bit more insight to the history and interest in Indian bikes.

We found this interesting video to whet your whistle about Indian motorcycles, a pretty good group of them. Maybe spot your favorite one and leave a comment here. Just what is the allure about an Indian Motorcycle? Why do I want to own one now? We'll appreciate the comments as we investigate our Indian Motorcycle allure? Thank you.

It's Our Birthday!

By GoldyLocks

It has been a fun, and fast, four years since we launched Motortopia!

Hey, we appreciate all the help, fun, and support along the way. Please leave your birthday wishes here.

Google and Motortopia fight the Communists! You can help!

By GoldyLocks

A few weeks ago it was Google who was scrappin' with the Chinese, and now we are too.

Here's what's up. Over the last few days we have had many of you contact us about the spam you are getting from "lovely woman" and other such spam-type email. We have tracked all of these down to messages coming from China. They must have a whole stadium full of folks online just trying to spam sites like Motortopia.

But, hey, we're workin' on it and with our Yankee ingenuity, we'll figure out how to squash 'em. But, we need your help to keep us alert of what is happening.

Here's what to do....

If you come across a message in your Motortopia inbox that is clearly spam, just click the "Report as Spam" link in the message. We'll take care of the rest.

And, if you get an notification in your email box that you have a message on Motortopia, and when you click on it the message is nowhere to be found, that's because it was spam and we got to it (and the spammer) before you did.

Dirty Commies. We'll keep you updated.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team!

Hemp As a Fuel Source??

By motortopia

Hemp is touted as great fuel substitute.

We are starting to do some year-end clean up here at Part of that process takes us through story suggestions by many of our members. Here's one that seems interesting for year's end; and, quite frankly, one that we would like to know the thinking of our members about.

Various sources tell us that hemp would make a great bio-diesel.

Other sources seem to indicate that while hemp could be a good fuel, there are some performance characteristics to consider.

And, then again, if it doesn't work our for a fuel source, it seems to make good diapers.

Thoughts, anyone?

When you Steal a Car - Don't Leave Tracks in the Snow

By GoldyLocks

Utah may be one of the snow capitals in the world with lots of great slopes and resorts, but it may also be the dumb-car-thief-capital this week.

It is a short, but amusing, story. Guy steals car. Guy gets caught because the police can follow his tracks in the snow.

That folks, is just plain dumb. So, if you live in a snowy region with a snowstorm going on, like we do here at Motortopia HQ, then you should be calling your insurance agent asking for that snow discount? Whad'ya think they' say?

You canread more here.

Fallen Police Officers Honored by Lakewood Mustang Club

By GoldyLocks

We all heard the terrible news; last week that police officers were killed in Seattle and Parkland, Washington.

Recently the Lakewood Mustang Club honored the officers with a memorial, processional drive.

More than 40 mustangs took part in this solemn, slow line of Mustangs as all remembered those who had been killed.

Read more.

Help Motortopia Grow - Win a $250.00 Shopping Spree

By motortopia

Win a Griot's Garage $250.00 shopping spree by helping Motortopia grow. It's so easy!

Join for Free or Invite others to Join for Free. That's it.

Invite your buddies, club friends, and other car, bike, plane, or boat enthusiasts to join Motortopia! Just use our awesome, invitation system. (or click on "Invite" in the Motortopia top navigatoin bar)

For each person who joins Motortopia from your invitation - you increase your chance to win the $250 Griot's Garage shopping spree! An early Christmas for you.

We'll announce the winner at noon on January 20, 2010. So, get started inviting folks to join the best place on the internet for motor enthusiasts.

And, by doing so, you will help -- entirely created and provided by car enthusiasts.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team

Lunokhod - It sorta looks like what it sounds like.

By GoldyLocks

When you look up at the moon tonight - (ya, we know, Motortopians are the type who stare at the moon each night and receipt muscle-car poetry) you can think about how the first lunar vehicle started roaming around on the moon way back on November 17, 1970.

The mission was the Luna 17 and it was a mission of the Soviet Union. Sure, the USA first set foot on the big piece of cheese in the sky, but the Soviets were the first to cruise around with their own RC-controlled vehicle.

Top speed was about one football field an hour. But the battery lasted five times longer than expected.

And, comment on this post if you can think how many they had in the pit crew when this thing was roaming about the moon.


Women of SEMA 2009 - Day Two - Wow!

By motortopia

Trick our Treat is over. . . but it seemed like a holiday to us.

We promise, we'll get your some car stories and pics soon (tonight) but thought you should have these right away.

And, remember to leave those trophy votes on the photo slideshow to show your appreciation.

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