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M –57
Brockton, Massachusetts
United States


check out youtube under new 383 stroker for the 79 'vette or buddluv1

By buddyluv

You guys and ladies can check out my short video of me, my brutha Will, and my cousin Jeff B. Spinning the tires a little just to see if it could. We took it easy because we just got the motor running and didn't want to break anything. This thing should haul butt! buddluv1 or new 383 stroker for the 79 'vette on YouTube. Thanks for watching!


By buddyluv

Big Blue has once again done the family right. Another southern trip under his belt and no complaints from me or anyone else that was a board this tiny ship! By God's grace and Mooney's garage (West Bridgewater Auto) and (the Awesome Oil that is Mobile One), Atlanta Ga. and Pachuta Ms. (22 miles south of Meridian) were traveled with confidence! At 368,000 plus miles, Blue has no engine sludge whatsoever! Gas (on the other hand) was rediculous!!! 100 dollars to fill the tank when it got near (that's right NEAR) empty. It cost about $300 to $350 each way. far as performance goes, it has all the power it ever had to get the job done!

Just a few more thing's!

By buddyluv

Joe @ Corvettes and Classics has not slept trying to get all the hott 'vettes road worthy, and mine was no exeption!
Joe found out that after the engine was replaced, a couple of little problems occured. 1. Some of the light's didn't work 2. A gas leak 3. The horn didn't work 4. All the wheels needed to be aligned. But being the " Vette expert" that he is, he fixed everything! Exept the alignment.
So now, I need to get the paint done, get the stereo put in, get the Foose wheel's I ordered, get the tires for the Foose wheels, Then drive that badboy like I stole it!
The maryland trip to Ocean City is around the corner, and I need to get some road time before we leave just to make sure "everythang is everythang"! (praying that it's gonna be ok)

Thank each and every one of you M' topians for your Interest in the 'Vette project. Your encouragment and kind words helped me build my dream car and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.
Thanx again, Buddyluv!

Exhaust is finished

By buddyluv

Joe at Corvettes and Classics is still the man in my book, along with my man Mike,and also, John,Steve, and Jason! these dudes go all out for their customers.Believe me when I tell you that anyone who goes there to get work done will be more than happy with these guy's.

Joe and Mike got the exhaust finished, and it looks and sounds like the Vette is just about ready for business. I picked out the duel tips (as usual) for the look i wanted and they made it happen. Mike is an awesome welder among other talents in the automotive field, (you go Mike!) and when the mufflers came in Mike welded the tip's to them and I got exactly what I wanted!

Now the only thing's left to do are, 1. fix the cruise control 2.Fix a gas leak that mike spotted. Joe said it's common in that spot that it happened in so they're on it! (told you they're good!!!) 3. Get the wheels aligned. Then the rest is up to me!

Thank's again guys for everything you've done to bring the 'vette back to existance!!! I'm a customer and a friend for life!

1 milestone completed

By buddyluv

Oh man, let me tell you! This engine needed TLC. Don modified things like you wouldn't believe. His words where, " when you change one're gonna change everything!". As you can see...he was right! Even something like the alternator needed a modified bracket and spacers to line it back up with the other pullies (don't ask how that happened). The waterpump we needed for the 'vette wasn't listed but if you order it, they have's just not listed (WTFreak) just ask for the year and that it's for a 'vette(it took us 3 try's! New rubbers to fit the 4 core radiator and some spacers for the shroud (that was easy).Running the tranny lines and then the fuel line for the electric fuel pump, then the bracket for the accelerator and kickdown, the wires and made-up brackets from scratch,you just don't realize how much all that little(but important) stuff can take out of ya.Anyway, it kicked over on the first crank (thank you Lord). Don's gonna time it and hook up the vacuum advance this week. I'll get more video (with better lighting) and then on to the next task.
Buddluv's ya, Peace!

almost complete.

By buddyluv

The engine is coming along great. it look's real good,and i'm hoping it run's as good as it look's! Now that it's back in the car, there's just odds and ends to tie up.The new electric fuel pump is hidden and look's great where it is,and the new carb' is on,and the new 4 row radiator should be in on Monday the 10 of Sept. Slowly but surely it's coming along. Thank's for all the great compliments and encouragement, it means alot to me. Much love to all of the M-Topians!

Engine work

By buddyluv

We decided to check the cam for round lobes and it had none. so since it was already apart, I thought " change some thing's"! This 350 should get up and go ( in a street sort of way). The head's are being checked and the other part's are for preventive maintanence. All in all, thing's look pretty good.Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Big Blue

By buddyluv

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359,000 plus miles as of June 29, 2007. This van works and works. I've taken this bad boy to miami Fla. once. Atlanta Ga. 3 times, Mississippi 5 times, Alabama 3 times, Oklahoma once, New York city Twice, Long Island NY once, and all over Massachusettes every night for 7 years! Chevy did this one right! Thank you God! It's just now starting to have some problems. the rear end is starting to make some noise and the intake manifold has a small leak in the back of the motor. the tranny was rebuilt but i didn't like the service it got. I won't take it back to those guys ever again! Other than that, i'm proud to own Big Blue and i have no complaints!

Thanks to:

By buddyluv

Rick's Custom Fabrication in Bridgewater Ma.
Turnpike Transmission in Bridgewater Ma.
My Cuz' Jeff Burgo Of E.Taunton Ma.
Corvette's and Classics in Taunton Ma.
Mclaughlin Chevrolet in Whitman Ma. Don's Garage in Middleboro Ma.and My man Mark at the Speed Shack in Norwood Ma.
So far these people have come through for me and i'm sure they'll see me again very soon!

Thanks guy's!

My poor vette

By buddyluv

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This badboy needs everything! So far we replaced-Power steering pump, Brake lines,calipers and rotors, transmission(done by Turnpike Transmission in Middleboro Ma.) The owner is also a Corvette nut, I liked him he was cool! Then the cross-member needed to be fixed 'cause it was bent up. Rick's custom Fabrication in Bridgewater Ma. took care of that. The trailing arms need to be replaced,the suspention needs to be replaced front and rear(because I want to do it right.) New roller cam, lifters, and rockers comin'up. Corvettes and Classics in Taunton Ma. gave me their catalog so i think they got me covered. I'll keep those of you who are interested up to date on the progress. thank you for the positive comments it really, really helps!

Brakes are done man!!!

By buddyluv

This is where it starts. We started doing the brakes and found that the lines had been cut on both sides,then the e-brakes were rusted so bad...that the rears didn't work anyway!! I think the cam is junk,and the nose was hit harder than it looked. The power steering pump was empty, and when we added ran right back out onto the ground(no wonder it was empty). so we replaced the power steering pump and all the rotors and calipers. now we find out that the tranny doesn't have reverse, so you know the forward gears are gonna suck!

I wanted to do this vette my way out of want, not need...... But.....i'm not bitter,it's my PROJECT car......but that doesn't mean i want to live in the projects! Peace!

Buddyluv's Vette

By buddyluv

If you watch the powerblock then you might have seen Horsepower TV when they built the 76 vette (project stink/stealth ray) Man....they hooked that car up!!! I'm gonna do my best to get my ride as nice as the cars on motortopia,you guy's are unbelievable..... It's on !!!

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