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Tupelo, Mississippi
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challenger vs camaro

By rhonda

2nd UPDATE:Sorry everyone, but this is a major purchase and future investment, not to mention a fun toy right now.;) While we were looking around we discovered a 2003 Shelby Mustang Convertible with 22,000 miles on it for 18,000 dollars. My husband hung up the phone, asked me if I wanted it, I said yes, called right back and they were selling it!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH Anyway, my husband started looking at the new Camaro for me, and I like them as well. BUT, I want a convertible and can't get one until next year. We can put down the deposit and do the order May 11th of this year, but I won't have it for a year, because I GOTTA have the convertible.;) A couple of people have suggested the new Camaro, so any input helps. Oh, if anyone is interested John Schneider (Bo Duke) has a new challenger for sell on Ebay and if you buy it he will spend the day with you and take you riding where they filmed parts of the Dukes of Hazard and have lunch with you, etc. Wasn't worth it to Thanks for all of the comments and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of it is considered and appreciated!!!!!

UPDATE:We stopped today to test drive both of them. The RT has NOTHING on the SRT8. The RT was the 6 speed but it had a rev limiter and and not even close to the power of the SRT8. They could order a SRT8 with a 6 speed, but the one they have now has a his/hers shifter which is pretty cool. It has a sun roof but no convertibles.:( I believe it would keep up with the Grand National. It is the orange with the black on the hood. We did talk to the sales manager because he was a long time friend of my father-in-law's but they don't give them much room to play on them. It is a 2009 model. It is amazing how much difference 50 horsepower can make.

I know what opinions are like, but I'm still going to ask for them. My husband and I have lots of vehicles, some of them very nice, and no payments on any of them. I have been having a stare down contest with a challenger that I pass at least twice a day for a couple of months. I have stopped and looked when no one was there and stopped Saturday and talked with someone that wouldn't give me much room on the price. Last night my husband offered the car for my birthday next month. Sticker price is 45,000. I hate to go into debt like that. We can afford the payments, just hate to have a payment and be in debt for it. It will be a little while before we could just outright pay for it, with all the recent vehicles, gravel, garages, etc we just bought and built. I just believe it will be a good investment. I also need to know which is more valuable. I know what the price difference now is, but I mean in the future. There is a RT and SRT8, 5.7 hemi and 6.1 hemi. The smaller motor is a 6 speed and larger motor is automatic, so there are just some tough choices. Which will be worth more in the future? Or my other choices are to get a big diamond or take a vacation. I have lots of big diamonds and We can take a vacation any time. This picture is what it looks like.

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Lonewolf_Corvette’s Profile Photo
Apr 8, 2012 at 2:52 pm
You have had so many comments to date that you may be a bit overwhelmed with it all. The original Challenger was a short lived but beautiful car so I always leaned towards it in this regards. The Mustang beat the camaro in the Pony Car Field by coming out 1st in 1964. Being a GM & many Camaro owner I tend to lean in this direction even today. mauiblue89 is correct as even with all 3 having nostalgic appearance's they are much taller & boxier than the originals of yesterday. Old news; the July 2009 issue of Car & Driver gave the Mustang the overall rating winner of the 3 they tested as the winner. The final decision is yours.
reefblue’s Profile Photo
Nov 25, 2010 at 9:46 pm
If you want to go faster with better handling and pay less:
2011 5.0 Mustang GT
This is not my opinion but empirical data that Motor Trend, Road&Track, Car&Driver, and every other major automotive magazine that has tested the Camaro, Challenger, and the Mustang.
ChevroletBuick1’s Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2010 at 9:46 pm
the challenger is a torque monster, the 4500 pound curb weight decreases fuel economy and acceleration. But hey its got some sexy looks and sounds nice! I'm a GM junkie but i do like anything american!
db67tranny’s Profile Photo
May 25, 2009 at 7:04 pm
If I was making a payment I'd get the biggest 8 and a manual trans and load it , cause the car comp. are rediculous right now.
I like the Challenger for looks, the Camaro for performance
carfanatic1’s Profile Photo
May 16, 2009 at 5:02 pm
I disagree with Mauiblue 89. The Camaro did not "smoke" the Challenger and Mustang. Get the Motor Trend magazine and read the article. The Mustang with a disadvantage of 315 horsepower to the Camaro's 400+ horsepower actually kept up with the Camaro. And the Challenger used in the comparison was an R/T and not an SRT8 where the horsepower would have been closer. Don't get me wrong, the Camaro is a hot car but I would indeed expect it to smoke a new Mustang with it's horsepower advantage and it does not. The Camaro is a heavy weight too.
Mauiblue_89’s Profile Photo
May 15, 2009 at 8:05 am
Hi Rhonda, I love the way the Challenger looks but upon close up inspection, it is a bit chunky to me in its midsection (from the top of the door down to the bottom). I saw one in a show that almost looked like a 4X4 in its stance. An SRT8 is a must, since the car is so heavy you'll need the extra ponies. In the Camaro, it smokes both the Challenger & the Mustang performance wise. Beats each to 100 mph by 2 seconds! Even the V6 does the quarter in 14.2! It's a tough call, although the Camaro looks the best in convertible form I feel. I'd wait until the convertible Camaro comes out, then decide. Hopefully it will be built.
dragon_chick_99’s Profile Photo
May 8, 2009 at 11:43 pm
i read an article in motor trend magazine. they were comparing the three new pony cars: mustang, camaro, and challenger. of course the camaro came under the most scrutiny because it just came out. but it got a good report. better than the challenger. of course the challenger is a great looking car. but if you realy want a convertible, you might want to wait on the camaro. of course mustang already has one. but you know the saying: all good things come to those who wait smile image
HUS34’s Profile Photo
May 6, 2009 at 8:06 am
Rhonda. I'm with you on the Camaro. Hope this will help you a little in your choice making.
mwg55’s Profile Photo
May 4, 2009 at 4:02 pm
Rhonda, If it were me I would wait for the Carmaro Ragtop. (providing GM is still around, but we know Chrysler will be Fiat soon), but I have always been a Chevy fan.
In the end you have to do what YOU want, The Challenger is a very nice car with good power and lasting appeal but again do what makes you happy.

Good luck
Chevelleski’s Profile Photo
May 4, 2009 at 6:43 am
Rhonda, I'm with you on the Camero Conv't. Unfortunately I just read GM has now pushed that out to 2011 for production. This is due to, well we all know what going on in Detroit. Anyhow, the Challenger is a nice car also. Read good reviews on the car. The SRT8 with the auto is likely the better choice of purchase from the stand point most folks these days can't drive a stick. Never taught, so the automatic has better resale value. Good luck, it does sound like you have time and you might be able to get a better deal on the sale depending what the auto companies do to survie.

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Cars > rhonda’s Garage > Blog > challenger vs camaro

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