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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Conservation of the winter of car electronics products car Raiders


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Conservation of the winter of car electronics products car Raiders

By tingyuya

??Conservation of the winter of car electronics products car Raiders
??Conservation of the appearance of the car electronics products:
??1. Northern winter cold and dry, car often by snow, sand attacks, so that the paintwork appear matte phenomenon in advance, regular cleaning of the vehicle, and timely waxing not only anti-UV can also play a resistance to acid snow corrosion, abrasion effect.
??Winter maintenance, vehicle washing with warm water, you can not directly rinse with cold water. Especially after warming up the engine, the front of the car high temperature caused by rapid cooling with cold water at a disadvantage on the surface of the paint, but can not directly wash the engine. Opened the door in a timely manner after washing dry traces of water, to prevent the crack in the door at the residual water freezes, frozen doors. Do not force the switch when the window is frozen, with particular attention to power windows and wait until the natural melting before using.
??Electrical maintenance aspects of car electronics products:
??In the cold of winter, the car's power consumption than other seasons is much greater. Car battery before the arrival of winter care, anxious lest beat the fire. Not maintenance-free battery if you have to use a longer time, should the battery sent to the repair shop to conduct a thorough charging to keep the battery in good working condition. General battery life is two to three years. Close to the life of the vehicle, especially automatic models ahead of the best replacement to prevent drop the ball.
??Conservation of car electronics products to the conservation notified:
??Winter maintenance of the car mainly in antifreeze, battery, engine, tires, windshield wipers and other relatively high temperature requirements aspects.
??First, the battery. Should always check the electrolyte level and specific gravity, so that the battery always maintain a good state.
??The second, the the dry filter clean. As we all know, most of our winter windy, dry air, fine sand with empty wind filled electronics display gas into the cylinder after the cylinder wall to form an abrasive accelerate the wear of the cylinder, and with oil sticking to led the big screen with accelerate the rate of deterioration of the oil, so do maintenance every 5000 km must be clean and empty the dust on the filter.
??Third, the engine. To pay attention to check the engine temperature is normal, is actually check the thermostat open, regardless of the engine temperature is too high or too low, will cause increased wear and tear of the engine.
??Fourth, the tire. To pay attention to check the tire pressure of the spare tire. The plastic tire wall has cracks, breakage, or muster the packet. If the situation must be immediately to professional maintenance station processing.
??Fifth, the wipers. If damaged, must have replaced, and fill windproof glass cleaner inside the hood, in order to maintain a good line of sight and visibility.
??Sixth, clear glass on the frozen ice. The car parked outside the garage, after a cold night, in the glass to form a layer of frozen thick ice. Hurry to go to school or go to work, do not use hot water to thaw. This is not only easy to make window glass broken, wiper deformation, but the weather is very cold, the hot water poured icing immediately, but more difficult. Recommend to your method: the air conditioner to the hot air blowing mode for the front windshield until the wiper naturalized open. At the same time, scraping ice and snow flakes slowly self-the crevasse between eradicate ice. Did not bring a snow shovel brush, also can use a credit card to scrape slowly.
??This article from: Batteries & Power Supplies, and would like to know more about car electronics maintenance of common sense, Personal/Office Electronics Click car electronics, Personal/Office Electronics

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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Conservation of the winter of car electronics products car Raiders

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