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Cars > EternalOne’s Garage > Blog > 1999 Mercury Cougar (Eternal) > Don't bother challenging me...


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M –43
Redford, Michigan
United States


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Sun Feb 11, 2007  |  comment
Don't bother challenging me...
Fri Jan 19, 2007  |  2 comments
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Don't bother challenging me...

By EternalOne

Filed under: 1999 Mercury Cougar (Eternal)

Ok, I accepted the first two challenges just to see what they're like. After realizing they are nothing more than a popularity contest I will no longer be accepting any challenges -- I think its absolutely stupid that cars that wouldn't even stand a chance against me in a car show come within a few points of a tie. I also don't like the fact that I receive messages asking me to vote for them so they can win a challenge -- again that's not how you should win, if your car is good enough it will win on its own...

I didn't spend $50k on this car to see it get beat by some of the worst looking or some bone-ass stock car, I swear some people have no taste when they are building their cars and others think they can buy a new car and compete with no mods...

Hate me for it if you like, haters will be haters...

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EternalOne’s Profile Photo
Feb 13, 2007 at 1:46 pm
I had to approve ROLNGTZ's comment, simply to prove a point here. He seems to think that winning challenges on this site is an "honor" or something -- its not, its a stupid system where you challenge someone and then PM all of your friends to vote for you. Even when I first joined I said I'd never do the challenges, then I recieved my first challenge from none other than ROLNGTZ -- had I known at the time he did nothing but sit on here all day and challenge people I would have declined the first one -- but I accepted to see how the system worked. I confirmed that the system is stupid (as a car show judge he should know that, unless of course he's a corn-field car show judge) -- and then I posted the original entry. Now he comes on and acts like a child because I scorned his challenges, and hurt his ego.

He says I have a poor attitude, because I think my car is the ****. No, quite different here. I have a great attitude about my car, its built for a very specific purpose, to win car shows and promote products and services for my sponsors and my shop. Unlike him, I do this for a living.

He claims I refused a challenge because I would lose, no I declined because I posted a damn bulletin saying don't challenge me because I'll decline, how ****ing hard is that to understand, idiot? I'm here because I needed a quick and easy way for my sponsors to check up on the car until the website its redone this year, chatting with a few people about cars is only a bonus.

He then proceeds to say I was crying and call me a loser, funny here he is challenging every car he can get his hands on to increase his Internet Ego, and then says I'm crying because I don't care about the challenges? No, fact is he is the one crying, because I called out his precious challenges for what they are, nothing more than a way for people with ****ty cars to "win".

So, he claims I'll be beaten in a real car show by his friend with a two-tone Cavi. So... Bring it. Stop talking, grow a pair, and show up at any major show around the area, Detroit, Indy, Chi-Town -- I'll be all over your neck of the woods so come on out, and beat my car in a REAL show. And just for ****s and giggles we'll run on the track, I'll show ya what a 3L Supercharged Jaguar motor running over 20psi with a 150 shot does on the track... (I'll even record using my rearview camera as I walk you on the track.) you said, go cry to someone else... I'll be on the phone designing next years project car.
ROLNGTZ’s Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2007 at 7:35 pm
You think VERY highly of your car don't you. I judge and compete in car shows. Picutres RARELY EVER do a car justice. For you to think your car is all that. Its a POOR attitude to have. I actually had a friend challenge you and you declined. In a REAL CAR SHOW, your Cougar would have lose to him. But you took the cowards way out by declining. If you don't beleive me, checkout imphat260. Its a two tone Cavalier.

Howeber, you wouldn't be the first to whine over losing or tying in a challenge. You just happen to be the first to post a journal about it.

Now go cry to someone who cares. LOSER!!!

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Cars > EternalOne’s Garage > Blog > 1999 Mercury Cougar (Eternal) > Don't bother challenging me...

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