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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Ibuonline car electronics teach you the techniques of car waxing method


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Ibuonline car electronics teach you the techniques of car waxing method

By tingyuya

??Ibuonline car electronics teach you the techniques of car waxing method
??Free passage during the National Day this year, the car, many car owners choose traveling by car travel, returned from vacation, 4S shop after-sales service at waiting in a long queue, many car owners anxiously awaiting maintenance. In fact, some maintenance projects own hands to save the provincecar electronics.
??Tire pressure detection
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??Checking tire pressure each time the 4S shop maintenance and long-distance detected before the necessary items, in fact, the operation is very convenient. The lid on the valve core unscrew the docking interface with the valve core air gauge, tire pressure table displays the current pressure for 1-2 seconds, the tire pressure to maintain normal circumstances the most appropriate in the 2.2-2.3.
??Replace the glass of water
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??Few believe the friends have to go to the 4S shop to replace the glass of water, if you are unfortunate in this small number of people listed that you had better pay attention, this is a very simple task, when a small glass of water can not be ejected, purchase bottle glass of water, the engine cover is open, one marked with a cover glass and spray logo (often blue or yellow), poured into the glass of water can be found on the left side.
??Change wipers
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??Wipers as a consumption accessories, there is no clear replacement time, but according to the situation of conventional vehicles, 2012 will certainly require replacement. Summer and winter, rain and snow erosion and temperature differences on the rubber material, wipers often appear abnormal sound, scraping clean, if so, that we need to replace the wiper.
??Current market wiper replacement is not uniform, but most of the models installed in the form of relatively similar central location with a clamp, press down gently slap wipers on the natural shedding, the operation is very simple. The installation method is the same case, the card slots are aligned with each other outside a pull to.
??Replacing the air filter
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??Most car air conditioning filter replacement interval of 1 year, of course, different vehicle car environment need to be adjusted according to their own circumstances. The installation location led replaceable difficult outside except for a few models, many models of air conditioning filter can be replaced.
??Should first understand their own models of air conditioning filter position, we can from the vehicle owner's manual or at 4S shop to get an answer, general vehicle air-conditioning filter in the bottom of the center console (about indefinite). Replacement process is not difficult, is nothing more than open the shell of the filter is removed and replaced with new, different positions of each car air conditioning filter, disassembly methods and different, but it needs to be noted that the demolition of some vehicles to follow fixed order or need some tools and techniques, we can consult the maintenance master, in accordance with the formal way home to try more than once.
??Using this approach the owner can check regularly that accessories, simple clean when the air filter is dirty, but has not yet reached the replacement of the degree, but need to pay attention, avoid washing clean air filter or filter water easily soft rot. Purchase new accessories need to pay attention, try to choose a more formal parts store to make a purchase, otherwise fake not only a waste of money, is a loss of vehicles and car in order to save a few maintenance money to spend.
??The body waxing Mo own
??About waxing is good or bad has been the people debated topic, waxing can be dirty and oxide finish sanding, paint looks more bright. But at the same time from the theory waxing indeed be paint some damage, However, with the development of car beauty industry, now wax products has long been different from the past, also greatly reduced damage to the paint, not the use of substandard the products too frequent waxing, can damage the paintwork negligible.
??Reporters learned that regular waxing method is the first in a relatively enclosed indoor thorough car wash, waxing followed at the same location, and professional staff with professional polishing machine operation, while he waxed effect is necessary much worse, so is recommended for this project to go professional beauty shop or 4S shop owners.
??In addition, the replacement of oil operations in fact very simple replacement vehicle set up to let go of the old oil, there are certain requirements for venues and facilities, therefore not recommended to replace their own.
??This article from ibuonline car electronics, more reading: ibuonline Batteries & Power Supplies, ibuonline LEDs & Optoelectronics

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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Ibuonline car electronics teach you the techniques of car waxing method

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