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Ibuonline share the basic knowledge of PCB blind plate making

By tingyuya

??Ibuonline share the basic knowledge of PCB blind plate making
??custom pcb manufacturer ?ith the development of electronic products to high density, high precision, corresponding to the same request to the board. Method to improve the PCB density is the most effective to reduce the number of vias, and an accurate setting blind, buried hole to realize. circuit board manufacturing companies http://www.ib...ring-Services
??1 blind holes defined
??A: with the through hole vias in relative terms, refers to all the layers of drilled holes, blind holes are not drilled hole. ( illustration, eight example: through holes, blind, buried hole ) B: blind segmentation: blind hole (BLIND HOLE ), BURIED HOLE ( outer layer of buried hole can not see ); C: distinguished from the production process: the blind hole in the pressure before drilling, and the through hole is drilled in pressing.
??2 making method:
??A: drill with:
??( 1 ): selection of reference point : select the through hole ( i.e. the first drilling of a hole ) as reference hole.
??( 2 ): each of a blind hole drilling with are required to select a hole, marking its relative unit reference hole coordinates.
??( 3 ): Note which drilling with corresponds to which several layers: unit hole and drill bits are required, and before and after the name to be consistent; not divided hole pattern is represented by the a B C, while the front and using 1st, 2nd said.
??Note that when the laser hole and inner hole buried together, namely two drilling with holes in the same position, ask guest mobile laser hole position to ensure the electrical connection. ( illustration 9430 )
??B : the production of PNL plate edge process hole:
??General multilayer board: the inner layer is not bored;
??( 1 ): GH AOI GH, rivet, et GH are etched plate making after ( beer out)
??( 2 ) :target ( GH CCD drilling hole ): outer need to cut copper, X-ray machine: direct hit, and pay attention to the long side for a minimum of 11inch. 11228.
??PCB blind plate:
??All tooling Kong Jun drilled rivets, pay attention to GH; need beer, avoid contraposition bias. ( AOI GH for beer out), the production of PNL board side need to drill, to distinguish each plate.
??3 Film modification:
??( 1 ): note film positive, negative:
??General principles: the plate thickness is more than 8mil ( without copper) go positive flow; plate thickness is less than 8mil ( without copper) go negative processes ( sheet ); thick line to line gap valley when to consider d/f when the copper thickness, rather than the base copper thickness. Blind ring do 5MIL, do not need 7mil. Blind hole corresponding to the inner independent pad reserve. The blind can not do without ring hole.
??4 flow:
??Buried orifice and double sided board practices consistent.
??PCB blind plate, namely, one is the outer layer:
??Positive flow: for single d/f, careful not to roll fault plane ( double bottom copper inconsistent ); d/f exposure, black tape covering the light copper surface, prevent light. Because the PCB blind plate two times above board, drawing power, refined easily Banhou ultra thick, so figure electric attention control plate thickness copper thickness, etched copper thickness thickness range specified. Press end plate with X-ray target hole machine making multilayer board.
??Negative processes: for sheet ( ' 12mil ' because it is unable to copper in Figure electricity production, we must be in the water production, while the water we cannot face current, cannot according to requirements of MI do not hit single current or small current. Such as positive process, often leads to a single copper thick thick, resulting in etching difficulties, fine line phenomenon, so that the board needs to go negative processes.
??The 5 through hole, drilling holes of the different order, deviation is not consistent when making;
??PCB blind plate is easy to produce deformation, a horizontal feed on multilayer contraposition and pipe distance control with difficulty, therefore cutting only transverse material or only direct material.
??6.Laser drill:
??LASER DRILL is a blind hole, has its own characteristics:
??Size: 4 - 6 mil, PP thickness to ' =4. 5MIL, according to the aspect ratio ' =0.75:1 calculation, selection of PP three: LDPP 1061080; FR4 1061080; RCC.
??7 how to define the buried plate with resin jack:
??A. H1 ( CCL ) :H2 ( PP ' =4 ) thickness ratio
??B. HI ( CCL ) " 32 MIL
??C. 2OZ and 2OZ + laser buried orifice; high thick copper, high Tg plate with resin sealing.
??This board Andante process should pay attention to the first resin sealing do line so as not to cause great damage to the line.
This article from: ibuonline circuit board manufacturing companies, cheap pcb manufacture, All Rights Reserved

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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Ibuonline share the basic knowledge of PCB blind plate making

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