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Cross Junction, Virginia
United States


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Thu Aug 7, 2008  |  3 comments
Valley Cruisers in Winchester, Va.
Sat Jun 14, 2008  |  5 comments
Autorama & Muscle Car show
Wed Aug 1, 2007  |  1 comment
Fri May 25, 2007  |  comment

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Valley Cruisers in Winchester, Va.

By harleylady

I have no problem losing when we enter a car show if its just but to enter one from Valley Cruisers in Winchester, its just wrong. They have shows that are open to all cars, trucks, and bkes. However, if its a new car we have been told by one of the members, "YOU WON"T BE CONSIDERED AT ALL TO WIN". They will take your money but not tell you this little tidbit. I
have been in quite a few shows and have won but not in there's. So I am telling all that wants to attend one of there show, make sure you car is in the 70's or older otherwise you are wasting your time. If they want Antiques, then car it an Antique Car Show.

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jphillips’s Profile Photo
May 25, 2009 at 5:38 pm
this is very true,, all the club members will win,I have a older car that does very well at all shows but not at a v/c event,,and know one has ever asked me to join,
harleylady’s Profile Photo
Aug 2, 2008 at 8:49 am
As far as it goes Mr. Secretary, I have been to your show at Sherando Park, last year. I was told by your President that they DO NOT even consider the newer cars in the judging. He was asked what the deal was and not only once but twice, we were told that the newer Shelby's wouldn't even get the votes. These are beautiful cars as well as the old ones and we take great pride in cleaning them down when we get to car shows as well as most everyone else that has the older ones. I know that a three tone 60's Chevrovelt Convertble won at your show in Strasburg. That car looked like it had set for years with no TLC and its going to beat out these cars. There was 5-6 newer cars there. Four Shelby's, and 2 GT's all new and they can't beat this Chevy. Come on, you can say what you want but that was not fair voting. We were walking around voting ourselves and we saw a lot of sheets that had our number on it, funny but when it came time to give the awards, well lets just say that number got lost. Fine, you say you all run a clean show. Then show the ballets next time before you throw them out. I know we will find out that someone that first of all owns a Ford might win and someoe with a newer car might win. I been to a lot of these shows, and its so funny to know before the awards are giving out that, all the old Chevy's will place. We know your President, but he is the one that made the comment that we or anyone with a newer car will never win at your shows. Trust me, we are not the only ones that know this. We had a guy from down in the city that bought a newer car to one of your shows and he knew he should have won but of course he did not, so he decided to start bringing his older car. Well, he then won. All I am saying is, when you have your car shows, call it An Antique Car Show.
Jons69RT’s Profile Photo
Jul 27, 2008 at 10:12 am
Ok, I just spent at least a half-hour preparing a comment on your post but it simply disappeared when I hit the Preview link. So, I'll rewrite the condensed version.

I am the Secretary and Treasurer of the Valley Cruisers and I could literally write a novel on how messed up the voting is at "Most" of these local car shows. However, you are off-target with your criticism on this post.

The "Valley Cruisers" organizes ONE "Car Show" annually. Over recent years it has been the show at Sherando Park in conjunction with the Frederick County Family Fun Day. This years show was held on June 21st so obviously, you are not talking about that one. What show are you talking about? It sure doesn't sound like it was a "Valley Cruisers" show!!!!! We go out of our way to ensure the voting is as fair as possible.

Our vehicles are parked and judged separately from the rest of the participants at our show. Our vehicles are voted on by the Event Organizer (In this case, the Frederick County Ruriitan Club) and the other participants vote on the Non-Valley Cruiser vehicles. We "SPECIFICALLY" set it up this way so as to avoid any criticism. We also NEVER hand out ballots until registration has closed. Many events hand out the balltos when vehicles register. Of course, everybody runs right off and starts voting while other vehicles are still arriving! Yeah, that's fair! Don't hand out Ballots until Registration has ended!!!!!!!!! We would also recommend that other shows use similar processes to avoid comments like this.

You are much mroe likely to have seen one of our DJs supporting an event run by some other organization! We normally have little direct influence on things like voting and awards for those shows. We offer our advice on the "Right Way" to do it but we are (in essence) the "Hired Help" and we do what the event organizer tells us. We support many local events (Fund raisers for local churches or social clubs and even some events for the Town of Strasburg and what not. We also hold monthly cruise-ins but ther eare no awards at them so I'm sure you're not talking about that.

So, I can only suggest that you talk to the people who organized the event about their awards process. I "Suspect" it was a participants vote so they might even tell you to go talk to all the people who entered the event that day!

It's a popularlity contest! If you want serious judging, stay away from the local, yokel small time car shows and go look at the bigger events. Look at the national events but dont' think jsut becuase you purchsed a brand new "Stock" (Special) car from the factory that you will win an award. Unless you've really put some effort into the car to make it special, you will get handed you lunch.

Fo myself - PERSONAL PREFERENCE - I'm 46 and grew up watching the Dukes Of Hazzard. My Dad is the youngest of 6 brothers and his entire family is MOPAR. Are you surprised that I like MOPAR and drive a 69 Dodge Coronet R/T? I like "Near Original", BIG, MUSCLE cars! I appreciate the effort people put in to their vehicles and I recognize "Special" cars.

Until somebody puts out instructions telling me what criteria to use when filling out my ballot - I guess I'll just have to go with"Personal Preference"!

I personally do not simply vote for other club members, but I also won't vote for cars where the owners are too lazy to open the hoods, I also don't like "Small" cars, (Not a BIG fan of even the Cudas or Challengers). Dirty Cars and quite frankly - there are just so freakin' many Mustangs that they're not nearly as special to me as they would be to others. I really hardly ever vote for track cars but all this is my "Personal Preference" and like I said, if nobody handed out any Voting Criteria instructions, then who could possibly complain when their vehicle isn't selected?

I like to see something different - Sorry, but how long will I have to look on my daily commute to see a Shelby? How long will I have to look to see a numbers matching Coronet R/T? Not at all suggesting that my 40-50K value car is better than your Shelby at &X value but that's the point. It's not about MONEY!

I go to car shows to see something different. I would certainly Vote for a Shelby and I frequently do, even before my own if I think it's particulalry special.

Your complaint is NOT with the Valley Cruisers. We do the best we can to eliminate the things we can like Home Field advantage (try the Marshall Ruritan Club show if you want a taste of that!) and we make sure that nobody can start voting before registration has closed but we can only do that for the events we run!

If an event gets large enough, it starts making sense to start creating various classes for voting. That takes a lot of work and you look stupid (and waste money!) if you have 3 trophies paid for (2000 - 2008 Mustangs) and only 1 shows up. How about if you set aside 3 trophies for 68-70 MOPAR B Bodies and I'm the only one that shows up?

If you want fairness, go look at the BIG shows. Just be prepared for what you're going to expereince there.

We do the best we can. We certainly try to help otehr event organizers understand the best way to do it but we rarely directly control it.

Jon Young/Valley Cruiser of Winchester

Beyond simply counting the votes, the VCOW obviously has no influence on what vehicles won or did not win awards at our ONLY show this year. I personally tallied the votes this year and the ability to make a tick mark on a paper and counting to 30 are things that I mastered a long time ago.

You are much more likely to see our DJ playing music for some other community event. We make a few dollars (and sometimes donate our DJ services for free!) by hiring out our DJ to play the music for various churches and other community groups (like the Moose or other social clubs)
harleylady’s Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2008 at 5:43 pm
Ok maybe I sound like asore loser. Let me finsh by telling you this. We had our car, a friend had his Black and White GT500 Shelby and a Re GT500 Convertable both 2007's There was another 2007 Red GT500 convertable and a 2007 GT. We all never placed because they were all new cars. These Shelby's are just as nice as some of the old ones but thats ok, we know what we have.

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