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Cars > Forums > General Automotive > Just need some advice.


Forum: General Automotive

  • Topic: Just need some advice.
  • Started by sho_shane Jan 6, 2010 at 11:52 am
  • Last post by bobjob Feb 10, 2010 at 8:15 am
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Topic: Just need some advice.

Forums > General Automotive > Just need some advice.

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  1. #1 Jan 6, 2010 at 11:52 am

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    I am really strugling with things in my hobby life. I mean cars to us are just hobbys. Things we like to do to fill our time.

    So latly iv been going back and forth about doing to bavfoon (my V8 powered AWD Olds Bravada) or getting a project boat. I have a 15 foot fiberglass V bottom now with a 75hp motor off if it. Its a good boat for the 400.00 I paid for it.

    I really find myself getting back to my redneck roots since I dont really hang with my old friends any more. Well not really me not hanging as much as no one hanging any more. Everyone has moved on around me and im slowly doing the same. Now I find myself wanting other things in life. Like wanting a nice boat, and fishing gear. I would like to start fishing alot. I want to tube and go on trips. There are just so much more I want in life then just a cool car. A house I own, a nice dog, and so on. I guess what im saying is that in my head a car is starting to fall to the back of my mind.

    I found a 26 foot Regal for 800.00 and me and the guy are talking, trying to work something out. If you dont know what a Regal is (MR. betty mmm yes im sure knows) its a Cabbin Cruser. It has a inside compartment that has a bed, stove, and a ****ter. This boat is a fixer upper but it has a good running 350 in it and twin props. It does need some work tho, The floor needs some patch work but it was on the lake last summer and he said it ran fine. Oh and 350 does have a miss. I dont really know anything about boats but I do know 350's and I figger the rest will come to me as I start the work.

    I dont now why im shering this with yall but I just wanted to see what yall thought about everything im saying since (and this is sad) yall are the closest thing to friends I have. frown image


    To me its not about winning or losing. Its about the Race!
  2. #2 Feb 4, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    chumbrother’s Profile Photo
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    MY fellow hobby car/ boat lover/family guy/ and what else you got going on,,,,, thats nothing, I am 42, have 5 old trans ams, I am always messing with, a 88 chaparral boat, 2 ole 1960 john deere crawlers(loaders/bulldozer), broken dirtbikes, that my kids love to blow up, a wife,4 boys, 3 dogs, a house payment, bills, an old buick grand national, that loves to leak liquid horsepower, lets see what keeps me going and gives me a reason break away from it all to be with my family.....its cool, we all get burnt out after a bit, just always work towards a completed project and not a stalled out one.. if you loose instrest, sell it, move on, its only metal, and theres lots around.......keep on truckin of luck.........Mark..aka.chumbrother


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  3. #3 Feb 10, 2010 at 8:15 am

    bobjob’s Profile Photo
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    whatever floats your boat .... a cabin cruiser is cool .. nice to have something to just kick- back on .. and a bed is a plus .. i would have a boat ,,, but i'm in the middle of the desert ,,, nearest water is 3 hours away.. i used to ride my motorcycles out here ,, and could ride for a couple of hours before putting my foot down ... now that i'm getting old (56 now) and things are starting to hurt too much to enjoy it ... but i can sit and drive all day.. so i got a new project .. 48 dodge 4 door choptop .. still needs a lot of work .. things slowed on my toy when i got laid-off 2 years ago due to the economy .. im a tractor mechanic and can't hardly move anymore .. and of course there isn't any work out here ... but i refuse to give up ..... and yes the people out here are my only link to sanity also .. since you got a boat ,, and going to get another ,,, may need a cool truck to get it there also ....
    ...... keep the faith .. you are doing fine .... bob...


    "drive em like you stole em only have to be smarter than the junk you are working on ...."

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Forums > General Automotive > Just need some advice.

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Cars > Forums > General Automotive > Just need some advice.

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