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Forum: Drag Events '10

  • Topic: 2010 Midwest Open Comp Series
  • Started by FlashBack Jan 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm
  • Last post by FlashBack Oct 27, 2010 at 9:02 am
  • This topic has been viewed 1607 times and has 11 replies
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Topic: 2010 Midwest Open Comp Series

Forums > Drag Events '10 > 2010 Midwest Open Comp Series

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm

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    Midwest Open Comp Series 2010
    ELIMN8U.COM / MustangCentral.Net

    May 22
    June 12
    Aug 7
    Sept 25
    Oct 16

    All races are at Cedar Falls Raceway

    Set your schedules now and come on out!

    2010 MWOC Sponsors

    Glory Days Racing
    Diamonds Body Shop
    Bill Colwell Ford
    Weber & Hazlet Automotive
    Arnold Motor Supply
    Custom Wire Sets - FireCore50
    Andersen's Automotive Service
    Roeder Performance Machine
    Roush-Yates Performance Parts
    Quick Fuel Technology


    Glory Days Racing

    Edited Jun 17, 2010 at 1:53 pm

  2. #2 May 19, 2010 at 9:54 am

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    Race #1 Coming Up...check for gate times!


    Glory Days Racing
  3. #3 May 23, 2010 at 5:12 pm

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    Race One MWOC 2010

    Qualifying Order
    1.Gene Hinders................79 Fairmont.............0.026
    2.Jim McConeghey............86 Camaro.............0.043
    3.Bill Lehman...................68 Mustang..............0.045
    4.Jason Neshiem..............70 Mustang..............0.048
    5.Corey Herman...............79 ElCamino............0.054
    6.Eric Youngblood............02 Mustang...............0.057
    7.Brian Davis...................69 Chevelle...............0.269
    8.Eric Sloan.....................86 Mustang...............0.283
    9.John Miller....................70 Nova...................-0.009

    Round One

    NAME............... RT....... Index........ ET....... MPH ........W/L

    Jim McConeghey...0 .045-- 9.45---- 9.624--- 116.07------ W
    Eric Youngblood....0 .067 --12.07 ---12.332 --113.64------ L

    Jim McConeghey's holeshot aided in his win over Eric Youngblood in the first race of the first round.

    Jason Neshiem ...0.003 ---10.69 -----10.856----- 124.38 ------W
    Eric Sloan ...........0.265 --13.64 -----13.419----- 105.82 ------L

    Jason Nehiem's near perfect reaction time in his winning run didn't leave any room for error for Eric Sloan as both racers were a bit off their indexes.

    John Miller.......0 .036 -----10.32------ 10.401----- 123.59 ----W
    Corey Herman ..1.61------ 10.20------ 10.201 -----131.87 -----L

    Corey Herman's nearly dead-on pass still missed the mark as John Miller's holeshot aided pass was too much to overcome.

    Bill Lehman.....0 .449---- 10.22 ------10.313------ 119.67 ------W
    Brian Davis ----Foul -----12.62------- Broke --------------------L

    Brian Davis's wild day ended against Bill Lehman who cruised on to an easy pass after Brian redlit at the start.

    Gene Hinders....0 .034--- 10.39----- 10.391 ------129.47 -------W

    As #1 Qualifier Gene Hinders recieved the bye-run due to the odd number of cars and ran a near dead-on pass, missing it by .001 of a second.



    NAME...... RT .............INDEX....... ET.......... MPH....... W/L

    Jason Neshiem ....0.033 ---10.69 ------10.818 ----124.03 ----W
    Gene Hinders.......0.173 ----10.39 -----10.378----- 127.28 ----L

    Jason's good reaction and Gene's bad reaction time sealed the race for his
    '70 Mustang as Gene was forced to 'break-out' trying to run down Jason.


    Bill Lehman .......-.102 ---10.22 -----10.115------ 132.23 ----W
    John Miller........ -.003--- 10.32 -----21.278 -------52.71 -----L

    John's redlight came first and gave the win to Bill even though Bill's light was worse it didn't matter at that point....advantage to being the quiker car.

    Jim McConeghey...0 .026---9.45 ----9.418-------- 143.84---- W

    Jim made a nice pass on his bye-run and was able to see where his car was really at.


    NAME......... RT........... INDEX..... ET ..........MPH....... W/L

    Jim McConeghey..0 .101 ---9.45---- 9.418 -----143.41------W
    Jason Neshiem ...-.018----10.69 ---10.872----- 123.87 -----L

    Jason's redlight handed the win over to Jim who laid down a run identical to his previous pass, even though he was under his index the win was his due to Jason's foul start.

    Bill Lehman...........0 .032 --10.22 ---10.116 ----124.67 ---W

    Bill also used the bye-run to gauge where his car was at, he'd need to slow it up a bit for the finals so as not to break-out.


    NAME.......... RT....... INDEX..... ET ...........MPH .........W/L

    Jim McConeghey....0 .138 -9.45 --9.480 -----123.76------ W
    Bill Lehman...........0 .007 -10.22 -10.173 ----122.74 -------L

    Bill had a huge advantage at the start via the .007 reaction time but his pass was too quick off of his index and Jim's 9.48 off of his 9.45 index was the winning pass.


    It was good to get back out to track finally for the first round of the Midwest Open Comp Series, the day was a bit hectic as the track had alot on the schedule despite it being billed primarily as a Test&Tune day.

    It was definitley a warm and muggy day but everyone had the same conditions to deal with. You could tell it was the first race of the season based on the wide range of reaction times everyone was dealing with...we had a great turnout for the race and hopefully a few others will join the fray at the next event.

    Brian Davis was the winner of one of the 25.00 Gift Certificate that Quick Fuel Technology has donated for each one of our five races...we had planned on handing these outto each events #1 Qualifier but being that I (Gene Hinders) was the #1 qualifier and that I am a dealer for and sponsored by QuickFuel I decided that since that was the case we'd put the other eight drivers names into a hat and have the CFR track personel draw one name to recieve the certificate.

    Round Two will be June 12th at Cedar Falls Raceway...Hope to see ya there!


    Glory Days Racing
  4. #4 Jun 10, 2010 at 8:57 am

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    Race #2 this looks a little iffy but we'll see, you know how thoses forecasts can be!


    Glory Days Racing
  5. #5 Jun 17, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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    Will have results from #2 posted soon!!


    Glory Days Racing
  6. #6 Jun 18, 2010 at 10:59 am

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    Race 2 MWOC Results June 12 2010


    1. John Miller---------70 Nova-------------------.006
    2. Gene Hinders-----79 Fairmont--------------.020
    3. Corey Herman-----79 ElCamino------------.057
    4. Mark Weerheim---87 Mustang-------------.071
    5. Tyler Gardner-------62 Nova-------------------.080
    6. Jim McConeghey--86 Camaro--------------.080
    7. Eric Sloan------------86 Mustang-------------.134
    8. Bill Lehman----------68 Mustang-------------.008-

    Round One

    John Miller*****70 Nova**.008***10.55**10.592**112.73 W
    Tyler Gardner**62 Nova**.008***11.72***11.798**113.98 L

    Great reaction times by both racers, but first time O/C racer
    Tyler Gardner was a bit off his index and John Miller took the win.

    Corey Herman****79 ElCamino**.088**10.27**10.324**120.44 W
    Eric Sloan*********86 Mustang***.219**13.50**13.497**103.96 L

    When Eric refinds his spot on the tree he's going to be killer as
    he's always close on the index, but Corey had the better reaction
    on this pass and cruised on for the win.

    Bill Lehman******68 Mustang*.021**10.14****10.177**130.97 W
    Mark Weerheim***87 Mustang*.090**11.59****11.585**113.94 L

    Bill Lehman's reaction time was the key in his round win overformer
    champ Mark Weerheim, who was out for his first race in quite some time.

    Gene Hinders*****79 Fairmont**.045**10.44**10.462**124.96 W
    Jim McConeghey**86 Camaro***.132***9.43**9.434****143.12 L

    Both Gene Hinders and Jim McConeghey were close on their
    indexes but the reaction time was the difference once again as
    Jim was a bit late at the start.


    Gene Hinders***79 Fairmont**.031**10.44**10.469**123.54 W
    Corey Herman**79 ElCamino**.137**10.27**10.276**130.63 L

    Once again both racers were right on their indexes but the reaction
    times spelled out the outcome as Gene Hinders light was slightly better
    than that posted by Corey Herman.

    John Miller****70 Nova******.047**10.55**10.584**119.16 W
    Bill Lehman****68 Mustang***.021**10.14**10.260**130.34 L

    A change as the better reaction time of Bill Lehman couldn't hold
    off the closer to his index pass posted by John Miller.


    John Miller****70 Nova*****.005**10.55**10.514**118.81 W
    Gene Hinders**79 Fairmont**.059***10.44**10.397**128.77 L

    The reaction time posted by John Miller (a near perfect lite) was
    too much for Gene Hinders to overcome and both racers actually
    "broke-out" running under their indexes.

    The next race (Round Three) is scheduled for August 7th at
    Cedar Falls Raceway and with the top four in points seperated
    by six points it's not only the weather that's gonna be hot!


    Glory Days Racing
  7. #7 Aug 22, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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    August 7th 2010...Round Three

    A great hot summer day of Open Comp racing at Cedar Falls Raceway:


    1. Gene Hinders*****79 Fairmont********.016
    2. Mike Allen*********71 Vega************.033
    3. Alex Harken*******82 Camaro*********.045
    4. Mark Weerheim***87 Mustang********.057
    5. Corey Herman*****79 El Camino*****.064
    6. Ryan Ladeberg*****79 Capri**********.116
    7. Bill Lehman********62 Falcon*********.294

    It was good to see a few new faces show up as some of the regulars had prior commitments, hopefully the newcomers will be back and the final two races will have more competitors as we've been trying to build the class back up to prior years numbers.

    Ryan Ladeberg, Alex Harken, and Mike Allen were the new faces that joined in with regulars Bill Lehman (who was in attendance but with a new car as his regular '68 Mustang was having some head-gasket issues but he rolled in with a sweet little Falcon "Ranchero" to compete with) Mark Weerheim, Corey Herman, and Gene Hinders.

    With an odd number of cars the #1 qualifier (Gene Hinders) would receive the bye-run for the first round.

    Alex Harken***82 Camaro***10.01*****.082*****10.066**134.85--W
    Ryan Ladeberg*79 Capri*****12.45*****.131*****12.533**109.46--L
    A slight advantage at the start allowed Alex to take the win by a .07 margin at the stripe.

    Mark Weerheim*87 Mustang***11.58*****.063*****11.572**114.85--W
    Bill Lehman****62 Falcon*****17.00*****.108*****16.462***79.38--L
    Mark's holeshot and Bill's larger breakout pass (he finally got the Falcon to hook pretty good) were both factors in this race.

    Mike Allen****71 Vega********10.73*****.003*****10.786**123.71--W
    Corey Herman**79 El Camino****10.29*****.065*****10.255**125.38--L
    First time O/C racer Mike Allen put down a near perfect light and held on for the win as that forced Corey to break out.

    Gene Hinders**79 Fairmont*****10.42*****.012*****10.454**128.20--W
    On the bye-run Gene cruised down the track with what amounted to another test-pass.

    Gene Hinders****79 Fairmont**10.42***.038*****10.433**127.38--W
    Mark Weerheim*87 Mustang****11.58***.051*****11.557**114.83--L
    Always a good match up between these two former O/C Champs...this one was close as well...the margin was .03 with Mark breaking out by .02 of a second.

    Mike Allen****71 Vega*******10.73****.003*****10.870**114.66--W
    Alex Harken***82 Camaro*****10.01****.223*****10.147**134.74--L
    Two first time O/C racers in this match up and Mike's reaction was once again near perfect and Alex just couldn't make up the difference.

    Gene Hinders***79 Fairmont****10.42*****.117*****10.437**121.42--W
    Mike Allen******71 Vega******10.73*****.091*****10.826**123.66--L
    After good reaction times from both racers in previous rounds it seemed that neither one was pushing the tree in the finals. By being just that much closer to the index was the key in Gene's win as it was a mere .05 margin at the stripe.

    Next race is Sept.25 2010


    Glory Days Racing
  8. #8 Sep 20, 2010 at 8:25 am

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    Round Four this upcoming weekend....Sept 25th
    Hoping for good weather!


    Glory Days Racing
  9. #9 Sep 21, 2010 at 9:06 am

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    Good Luck! Kick some butt! punch image


    "Texas Don" Zielinski Motorsports
    Relatively Civilized Builders of Uncivilized Racing Machines
  10. #10 Sep 26, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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    Rained Out yesterday...bummed!!


    Glory Days Racing

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