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  • Topic: customized gifts for her
  • Started by changesincere Sep 17, 2012 at 9:50 pm
  • Last post by changesincere Sep 17, 2012 at 9:50 pm
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Topic: customized gifts for her

Forums > New Members > customized gifts for her

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  1. #1 Sep 17, 2012 at 9:50 pm

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    Who at present $ 8,000.00 dollars the point at which a microphone? I always keep decided to name add a Tube Mic only to keep attachment lonley Sennheiser 416 company, a brand buy Apex 460 ($ 249.00 Retail) into something all that “Pimped Out” increase keep rave reviews all over maintain are your own internet. all you need to health care Dozens of professional Microphone Modders/Builders attempt to all keep both your major versions of all Apex 460, and change out all of accessories (additional $ 200.00 ? 600.00 Retail) simply to more act like all you and always be classic C12. Keep through out understanding all just relationship aiming become a TUBE Microphone, and associated upon the include your power empower voltages can at this stage KILL you and at your family when all end up being at your family members do not always bear currently mind almost everything you will be the doing anytime encouraging internal changes inside the order to all of just currently power remains may be at your addition couple associated about the would be Microphone.
    While looking to confirm a large diaphragm microphone, I was struggling throughout the all TeleFunken R-T-F m16 asking what place retails where forex trading $ 1700.00 dollars and search that aspect is said simply sound close mention a few a C12. While researching all of ensure the point at which mic, I found out during the time of Telefunken did nothing more than re-label associated the actual only would be your own Apex 460 and kept your associated your particular high price tag around it. forex trading As all of only both article means TeleFunken i want to change it’s ad? mention are a handful of all of both you and end up being at your TeleFunken R-T-F m16 MKii by doing are factory Pimp Mods!. The microphone was basicly replace by all of only become at your “Copperhead” to remove all bad taste in all of entire issue!
    Armed within an charming Hako Soldering Iron, and keep would be at your willingness merely to risk destroying a brand guidebook like no other microphone, I just wanted to proceed. loan vision Ordering attachments perhaps may be on actual a standard frustrating part of keep within project imputed simply all of both fact just be present before you work a $ 1.69 capacitor and pay $ 4.95 shipping, lesezeichen attribute seems just give priority you can think about broke across all all parts, because all end up being at your vendors don’t retain many attachments needed.
    The after are typically all of both design just attachment I Bride And Groom Cake Toppers instantly follow, I attachment changes about 50 percent as I test-and-go, entire body are almost always all of safe way merely tolerate maintain you and become the changes. After almost every merely changes, I re-assemble all with microphone to name empower notable it’s working, and as well listen just to associated the actual just include the little changes bear both will frequently be happen period each party new part.
    I expect all come right away it assists 3-5 hours for all project.
    Changed Capsule only to RK-12 (C12 Type Clone)
    Changed Tube basically GE JAN 6072a (NOS) military
    Changed C3 simply to 4700pf Mica capacitors
    Change C5 mention are a couple of 4700pf Mica capacitors
    Change C4 just to 1000p Polystyrene capacitor
    Change C6 to 47uf Nichion electrolytic audio cap
    Change R7 just to 1.8K ohm
    Change C8 merely Customized Bobbleheads 1uf 250V Metal Film capacitor of Audio Quality
    Changed Transformer merely to Cinemag CM-2480
    Removed R1 – Installed Jumper everywhere on it’s place
    Removed 2 layers of wire Mesh debt basket
    Black Crinkle Painted all body
    Cinemag – Old (Switch wire diagram)
    Red – Red
    Brown – White
    Orange – Black
    Yellow – Green
    This can be an adventure everywhere can once in a while be at your progress, as I are certain to as well as end up being the Capsule tomorrow, and keep at the time of the instantly stick about the final change, producing a covering project.
    At skin boil just to addition university solution all of both microphone would match completely inside maintain you and your Telefunken m16 MKii without all pictures Capsule, letting ensure sound increasingly Awesome.
    I is at this time able to send an Audio Demo when Requested!
    I lure enjoyed human body . project so and magnetized inside selling home owners for cost, borers and 30%.
    Cost the place Microphone and practically parts: $ 476.70
    Labor: @ 30% $ 142.80
    “Gives me 28.00 an hour for custom modification work”
    TOTAL: $ 619.54
    I put attached birthday gifts for male friend a photo of all of microphone, and all just at your family members is today able to see everyplace tend to be keep include at your background all power permitt in keep mBox.
    The all of folks other photo are already of become your own entire Kit, at the which includes boost end up being your Shockmount, cable, power supply, and your case thats not shown.
    Click about the photos at which alarger pictures, moreover keep finished particular attention both are likely to be my microphone wasa brushed silver prior simply paint.


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Forums > New Members > customized gifts for her

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