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Cars > Forums > New Members > Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,


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  • Topic: Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,
  • Started by eason8488 Dec 24, 2012 at 1:48 am
  • Last post by eason8488 Dec 24, 2012 at 1:48 am
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Topic: Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,

Forums > New Members > Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,

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  1. #1 Dec 24, 2012 at 1:48 am

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    Because I am a woman ( Figure) , relationresultIn the Alexander McQueen died ,as design director Sarah Burton realizes he can hide behind others
    At the same time ,she told her : ,I can pretend to be Lee .
    In this von miller broncos jersey way, she let the talented left the world brand was real and powerful .No one expected in Lee Alexander McQueen, another of those dark ,extreme violence ,even with the haze ,above the runway itself Alexander McQueen conference can be viewed .
    Thistrip to Beijing ,Alexander McQueen as a talented left the world brand ,more show its robust and everything in good order and well arranged .Although only in the T table cloth made before dark within tens of seconds, wearing a black dress Sarah Burton is exploring the ultimate direction of public attention .
    Littleis known about the people on her past ,she was described as a somewhat shy ,introverted woman .She quickly turn into the background ,leaving a figure for all speculation .When the area across the stage behind the black lift, the blonde woman in Alexander McQueen under reveals its true and strong side .
    No nail polish lady Alexander McQueen in Beijing ( in fact is also China big show ) ,the Chinese girls want to challenge not only a grand ,beautiful, like a dream dress ,and a McQueen who is also very difficult to manage the show high-heeled shoes .
    Donot wear their own shoes is not good to walk, although out of the trust, will be a pair of difficulty especially loud shoes were allocated to Ji Lili ,she accidentally fell on stage .
    JiLili fell down and up again ,winning the applause from the audience .This also made me think of ,Sarah Burton has been described as a talented left wearing shoes walking successor .
    In the giant shoes ,walking on a load with up on the road, she moved to ?After sitting down in Sarah Burton ,let people first noticed her hands .No painting decorative nail polish ,finger both sides with daily work .
    This is a person from the interviews identified a 4 years ago Alexande rMcQueen jacket design director, and even her own clothes brand also is a few years ago a black jacket .In 1996, have not yet graduated from Saint Martin College of art and design ,Sarah was added to the McQueen design team .
    Ayear later she becomes a full member ,after a lifetime of time on the team .She was not keen to proclaim their own ,only to the media repeated self expression is ,I can pretend to be Lee .
    Wearing a McQueen female very confident ,very powerful, but also very feminine ,sometimes very romantic . As for the McQueen design has been present in the darkness ,she sees it as a Vitoria style of expression .
    Ifyou read the Vitoria period of the Gothic novel, or browse through the period paintings ,we can understand the that time the people to the death of the of the respect and esteem run in the same groove .
    We are not a beautiful known brand of light and dark ,we all be present .We sometimes very beautiful and romantic ,but sometimes also reveals the dark side ,the contrast is one of our characteristics .
    Everycoin has two sides ,not all stories are the happy ending ,we have two endings were to be rendered ,the McQueen is very important . So von miller jersey you can be in the Alexander McQueen 2011 winter series, see those from a layered ,with huge trailing skirts .
    Cansee the white fur deposits ,such as the snow queen general design .If the eyes moved away, in the spring and summer of 2012 in the series, you will NFL2012 regular season game in the first 12 weeks of the first started by adding Houston Texans 34-31 victory over the Detroit Lions.U.S. time on November 22, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day NFL delicious visual feast for the audience goes.The ball tough Texans team score was 14-24 behind the final run by the team ace Wei Yali An - Foster rushing touchdowns tied the score at 1 minute 55 seconds before the whistle completed, send the game intoovertime.Overtime von miller broncos jersey Texans team once again played a tough defensive ace, the final kicker Shane - Graham in the end of the overtime, launched into a key 32-yard free kick to score to win the game. as a set of dress ,in the mind of a coral ,shell ,algae, sea world .
    Inthe real world, all such brilliant beauty actually exists in many years not see the sun the eternal darkness .I can hide behind others current and former difference is I is terminal ,I can hide what people behind ,I now know he was how much pressure .
    Lee died after the first series of the time of publication, Sarah Burton told the WWD reporter said ,as himself and as photographer husband the coexistence way ,past her own feeling is in the protection of McQueen ,and now McQueen in turn to protect her .
    Ina style closer to the artist side ,indeed enormous pressure .But the Sarah mouth has been emphasized in the strength of the team ,she is a member of a group ,but now as a successor design director while being pushed onto the stage .
    Shealso had considered refused the appointment ,working in a team for many years after, she and Lee have the same design method .Design of clothes doesn from the virtual black in the form of so-called an epiphany ,but through the clothing that tells a story .
    Fashion is not just style ,clothing ,embroidery ,handmade these surface element ,but rather on how to innovation ,based on how to age ,and allow them to become an immortal .She can use a similar syntax to write Lee sentences ,but when the time comes, she didn write .
    Ashy character Sarah got from Lee drive ,which has encouraged her to be more independent ,although ultimately reached the form of any unexpected .Sarah eyes Lee are not living in a void in a man ,she recalled the Lee in the spring and summer of 2009 show ,out of a rabbit loaded decided to wear it out ,face even fly a typical British red .
    Lee is such a not afraid to show their character in the dark and even vulgar people ,this is obviously not the way Sarah .For those who question the Sarah, 2012 spring and summer should let them dormant season .
    Sarahis not that the creation of the world ,a visual history .But to her own way to promote a brand creativity presentation ,as her simple hands reveal .She was in her effortless process that expressive pour out ,around a three-dimensional human handmade clothes are high fashion ability of the perfect embodiment of dreams .
    Her recent seasons has been with the mighty forces of nature ,she may not be able to resolve the dark element control .This and the McQueen style is like a harp on different strings ,tonal differences are still in an atmosphere of .
    Inour list of problems has a through portion, about her shortly before the British Princess designed the wedding dress .It may be understood as a von miller broncos jersey when she expressed hope that the outside the realm of things ,especially when you know ,standing in the Weisimin cathedral wedding ,as one of the guests, Sarah felt it is all too good to be true ,she don become in the fairy tale field trip .
    Fashion has changed very fast ,and I know a lot of people don soon were out of fashion .I have a Vitoria style jacket ,has more than 10 years, still wear well ,I feel that it will


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Forums > New Members > Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,

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Cars > Forums > New Members > Von miller jersey orange Because I am a woman ( Figure) ,

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