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Forum: General Discussion

  • Topic: Food for thought
  • Started by SINISTERGN Apr 23, 2007 at 6:01 pm
  • Last post by bobjob Feb 11, 2010 at 10:19 am
  • This topic has been viewed 1836 times and has 49 replies
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Topic: Food for thought

Forums > General Discussion > Food for thought

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  1. #41 Apr 23, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    SINISTERGN’s Profile Photo
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    Big Dog, your a Lucky Dog!!


    may the fire in my eyes, light the way for me.
    may the bridges that i burn, take down my enemies....
  2. #42 Apr 24, 2007 at 7:01 am

    kartrac3r’s Profile Photo
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    sinstergn, your right, mud is an obscurity, as well as a damaged one. What about that ice storm we had? with a half inch of ice or more over everything Im sure you couldnt clearly make out the know what kills me? the people who dont wash their cars AT ALL, and when it comes time to get new tags, the clean off just enough of the plate to put the sticker on and thats all.


    Edited Apr 24, 2007 at 7:02 am

  3. #43 Apr 24, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    SINISTERGN’s Profile Photo
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    We didn't get much Ice here in Fairmont. My house in Minden (which is for sale by the way) got it pretty bad. Were you in Kearney for the two "big hail" storms? I was working in Kearney for an Engineering firm then. I have a picture of one of our work trucks that got hit. It's pretty cool. I keep my tinted covers on my Buick, and I have clear covers on my new GTO. They kcan just keep giving me warnings. If they want to fine me, that's okay too. I don't see any of them rushing over to help me scrub the bugs off, so the covers stay on. biggrin image


    may the fire in my eyes, light the way for me.
    may the bridges that i burn, take down my enemies....
  4. #44 May 3, 2007 at 7:36 am

    ThePeaceKeeper’s Profile Photo
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    Having accepted my invite to join this "nofrontplate" group, I will now voice my personal and professional opinion regarding the "need" for a front plate.

    First: Unless you are a -metermaid- with a poor memory and cannot remember the plate info ( on the rear of the car ) then I guess the need for a front plate becomes an issue. Another point would be the physical condition of the metermaid. Some "added weight" will slow he or she down and make the presence of a front plate a good thing. Saves on those "extra" steps that would have been needed "recheck" the rear plate to complete the ticket.............. AND can have a positive effect on the overall numbers for the day. Less Steps = MORE tickets !!

    Second: Police Training can range from ReallyGood to Mediocre depending on the state in question. For example, in New York State the Police Training is extensive - months long and rather strict when it comes to pass or fail. Oddly enough ........ not one course is presented that teaches the trainee how to read a license plate BACKWARDS.

    Third: Police cars approaching you can be made aware of your presence by your approaching speed BUT if you are going THAT fast .......... chances are the plate cannot be "read". The overall info ( make - color - number of occupants perhaps ) can be observed and then, depending on where the officer is ....... a "U" turn ,etc can be made. But again, NO value to the front plate.

    SUMMARY: I've often wondered why NY for example has never tossed out the front plate, sometimes referred to as the useless plate. Money can definitely be saved and used for better purposes elsewhere and aside from the "gassavings" ( actually very little ) there is NO question that most cars look better without the plate sticking out.

    The issue is more asthetic than anything else. SInce not all states require TWO plates, the argument for keeping them in those states that still require two is pointless. If the second plate was seen ( by law enforcement ) as "REALLY" needed, I tend to think that by now every state would have changed over to two.............

    My opinion is based on my personal experiences. The "PeaceKeeper" is not a misnomer. I've been "in" the business long enough to have NO doubts as to the lack of a need for a front plate. For the record, my agency is in New York State where we have two plates issued. My GN has no front plate other than the "GN" I picked up at a local show.

    Now for the "bad" part. During Summer months I used to have a problem driving some of my collection. The Grand National has no front plate - the Torch Red "Vette does and the "flamed" Honda del sol ( my road rally car ) has one.................................. BUT

    Local Police like to have a "reason" to pull you over. From personal experience I can attest to that and a good "reason" is the missing plate...... Now there is a "reason" to say hello to you..... GOOD advice. Never argue the traffic stop ----- you do not win ( Remember, you do NOT have a plate ) ..... I found that the answer is the honest answer........ I take the car to cruises and shows and use it primarily for that purpose and the plate looks ugly. 9 out of 10 will go with that . In NY it is what we call an "equipment violation" and can be fixed within 24 hours and dismissed...... Also carrying the plate with you and having it ready to put back on does help....

    As for my final answer, I went and got some custom plates that sorta "ID" me and unless I am going over the limit or some other such violation ( which I do NOT do with my SHOW cars, anyway ) I no longer have the problem.

    A basic "pain in the b+tt" situation which deserves a change. the front plate is NOT needed----------------lets end it



    Hudson Valley Region
  5. #45 May 3, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    rangerxlt’s Profile Photo
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    i've always wonderes why there is a need for the front plate.

    how are cops going to read the front plate if they're behind you.
    my only guess is so the government can make you pay more for two plates than they can with one.

    really if you think about it the front plate is useless. it just takes away from the look of the car or truck. they can't even tell if your tags have expired untill they look at the rear plate.

    we should all start a petition against front plates and get rid of the useless waste of metal.

    Ohio and other states that issue two plates need to stop. nobody likes them so why have them. the rear plate is the only essiential plate on any viehicle.


    growing up is over rated. growing old just happens

    and The American Auto Group creator

    Edited May 3, 2007 at 8:33 pm

  6. #46 Aug 20, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    icuall’s Profile Photo
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    Texas has a front plate law and interesting enough the Local (Corpus Christi) police didn't bother to enfore it until the City recently began installing Red Light Camera's. It is all about how to take your money ! I for one am tired of all the "fees" etc. that are being put into place by the Politicians, Judges, Commisioners, etc to take our money "Without raising taxes" ! mad image mad image


    Michael D. Hunt
    Corpus Christi,Tx. 78414
    2000 Midnight Navy Blue Coupe & 1971 Classic White Coupe
  7. #47 Aug 15, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    awiilyd’s Profile Photo
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    I live in Wyoming, we are required to have front plates. We are not required, however, to have things like doors or windshields or fenders or beds on our pickups!?!? My town of Laramie has a noise ordinance that states your radio cannot be heard from 50 ft, but states nothing about vehicle noise. Open headers are legal, my Jetta has a high flow cat and is pretty much straight piped the rest of the way and is loud as hell and I'm legal.
    Now for the ranting to begin! A problem I've seen EVERYWHERE I have traveled is that heavy equipment is allowed to travel on public roads. How many times have you seen tractors, farm equipment, construction equipment, and others traveling down the street or highway?? We're all forced to register and insure a vehicle equipped for highway travel, with proper safety equipement, bumper height, lighting, turn signals and others. Any jerk off in his front end loader driving from his job site to the gas station is not even given a second look. Especially in growing areas with lots of construction. I've nearly been hit by a guy in a boom lift cause he has to drive with the boom down in front of him so he doesn't hit the trees he's traveling under. Of course it's hard to see, even with out a load, when there's a 6'x8'x3' boom directly in front of the cab. He could easliy ram that boom right through the windshield of any small car with out hitting the bumper to set off the airbags. They NEVER trailer the equipment like they are required to, or even take a pilot car to clear traffic. They drive right past that a$$h0le cop who's got me pulled over for not displaying my front plate!!


    Build it like you'll show it, Clean it like you own it, Drive it like you stole it!
  8. #48 Aug 18, 2008 at 1:57 am

    srt4eclipsenavigator’s Profile Photo
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    no front plates here in florida biggrin image but they do give big nice fines though for noise ordinace radio is 150 feet and where i live there is one long road and the police officer was sitting off one of the side roads and i had got caught in my navigator and when he pulled out and pulled me over he ask me (what the hell you got in there boy) he said i shattered the 150 feet law he told me he herd me for about 5 mins he said he couldn't understand were it was coming from it sounded like a regular punks radio at first then it sounded like i was right behind then he said it got were he thought he had a concert in his car and it just kept getting louder and louder then he told me he seen me about 250 feet away and it sounded like he was standing next to a frieght train i told him pretty cool huh he said ya so are these tickets eek image and he gave me one for noise was $198 weepy image disturbing the peace and wreckless driving was $300 mad image i was so maddd but it taught me a lesson banghead image hissyfit image duh image bawling image


  9. #49 Feb 11, 2010 at 10:19 am

    bobjob’s Profile Photo
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    out here in Arizona ,,, we don't have front plates .. just rears .. of course we don't have any rain to speak of ether ... just a lot of dust storms out here ... my truck i have ,, the front plate is almost un readable and it still has cal. plates .. do your plates get too bad to read where you live ???


    "drive em like you stole em only have to be smarter than the junk you are working on ...."

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