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    Forum: The Local Choke and Puke

    • Topic: Great Run!
    • Started by JesupTransAm May 20, 2012 at 7:29 pm
    • Last post by formula71 Jun 14, 2012 at 12:46 pm
    • This topic has been viewed 2776 times and has 15 replies
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    Topic: Great Run!

    Forums > The Local Choke and Puke > Great Run!

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    1. #1 May 20, 2012 at 7:29 pm

      JesupTransAm’s Profile Photo
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      Hat's off to Dave and Michelle Hall and Co. and to Debbie C. The bandit run seems to get better each year. Thanks for all the great organization and good directions. Role models are hard to come by these days, thanks Dave and Michelle for a great family example.
      Bandit Runners, We are home and happy about that, We pray each of you make it home safe. If you guys ever visit Savannah or the coast of Georgia give us a holler and maybe we can hook up with ya. Thanks for all the fun and friendship. smile image
      Randy and Joyce smile image


      1980 Trans Am SE
      1999 Firehawk
    2. #2 May 20, 2012 at 7:51 pm

      solargold’s Profile Photo
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      I have to agree. Thanks to Dave and Michelle for continuing to promote, organize and sponsor The Bandit Run. I am grateful to have been allowed in on part of the planning and I hope all enjoyed their visit to Louisiana. Thank you Deb for working with me to make that happen.
      The run just keeps getting better. I joined at first to enjoy driving my car and now I look forward to spending time with each of you. The fun, laughs and good times with everyone is now the best part for me. Thanks to everyone who participated for making this another great experience. My wife had not been before and I could never get her to understand. She does now thanks to you all.


      Any day above ground is a GOOD day!!!
    3. #3 May 20, 2012 at 8:36 pm

      GTOStan’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 109
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      2995.1 miles, lots of good times. Thanks to Dave and Michelle, Debbie and Mark, Wayne and Tonya, James and Debra, and all the other folks that worked this week while Pam and I had a good time. This was a truly a great trip.
      Glad to be home and unloaded.


      GTO Stan
      '65 GTO Conv
      '02 WS6 Trans Am Conv
      '02 Black Firehawk
      '07 Grand Prix GXP
    4. #4 May 20, 2012 at 11:19 pm

      MacGyver’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 467
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      Glad to be back on the 'Runs. thanks to all involved.. was a lot of fun again.


      -Geno (AKA MacGyver)
      1983 WS6 "Wind Charger" (Getting revived)
      1987 GTA "Project WS87" (Under construction)
      2002 WS6 "Silver Streak" (Under raced)
    5. #5 May 21, 2012 at 7:58 am

      Tinman5’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 165
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      As it seems to be the case every year, this Bandit Run was one for the record books. I echo the sentiments of Geno, Mike, and the others in thanking Dave and Michelle Hall, Mark and Debbie, and everyone else for putting together a great's good to be back and reconnected with my Bandit Run family!

      Since Tyler was not able to join us this year (save a brief visit at the Country Inn and Suite in Braselton), I'd like to extend my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to all that worked in support of the truck and trailer. A special nod goes to James and Debra Buie, Debbie (again), my wife Jackie, Dave Watson, Mike (Solargold), Rick Rodriguez, and Adam and Joni DeNino.

      We were able to cover the fuel costs through the generous donations and support of Bandit Runners and Tyler informs me we'll be sending a nice check to Wounded Warriors as well.

      Also, a special thanks to Mike Burress, his daughter Paige, and to his (and my new) friend, Tom Garner for driving my '73 Brewster green T/A and making it possible to have both cars on the road this year.

      I also enjoyed meeting a lot of new people on the trip, let's stay connected! Bandit Runners are the best!



      "If you don't make dust, you eat dust"

      1939 Pontiac Silver Streak (street rod)
      1973 Trans Am
      1974 Grand Am
      1976 Trans Am (50th Anniversary)
      1979 Trans Am (10th Anniversary)
      2006 Jaguar XJ8L
    6. #6 May 21, 2012 at 12:23 pm

      the_loon’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 119
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      a copy of my Facebook post ....

      Home from the Bandit Run 2012. The boys and I had such a great time! smile image The Run was so special for me because I got to share it with them. I want to especially thank: Clint , Adam , Ryan , Wayne and Cathy for sharing your time and 'rides' with them. It really made the Run great! Thanks to my entire Bandit family (too many to name) for these memories smile image A big thank you to Mark and Debbie for all their time and effort. Thanks to Dave , Michelle and everyone at Restore a Muscle Car for making the Bandit Run possible. Thanks to everyone at Year One for their continued support of the Bandit Run and the Hot Rod Children's Charities.

      See some of you soon of the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour....

      much love ~ Loon, Loon-a-tic and Loon-a-see


      1996 WS6 'Ram Air' Formula 1LE.
      1 of 524 '96 Factory WS6 Formulas
      1 of 10 '96 1LE (all Formula)
    7. #7 May 21, 2012 at 3:20 pm

      Shaker’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 1016
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      The 2012 Bandit Run was certainly one for the memory banks! First of all, thanks to all who endured Lanny's heroic laughter and non-stop funnies. He is a blast to be around as most of you experienced. Several things happened on this year's run that set the emotions going back and forth from high to low to high to low...

      Lanny going with us on the run was certainly a HIGH for us. Losing the engine in the L'il Red TA was certainly a low point BUT the car didn't owe me anything after all the fun we've had! Overall, I'd say it was perhaps the best run ever simply because of the numbers of Firebirds attending!

      Sure was great to see everybody again! Cheers and Take care till next year! Stay in touch!


      "Ready to Roll Roy?"
      78 WS6 TA, Original Owner, Martinique Blue, Coupe
      79 WS6 TA, Mayan Red, T-Tops
      and a couple of others that will remain nameless!
    8. #8 May 21, 2012 at 6:36 pm

      LarryMow’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 75
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      This engine....this wouldnt happen to be the $200.00 engine that lasted eight years is it? I had a guy at Waffle House tell me something about his brother or maybe it was his friend losing an engine on the way.


      Proud owner of an underpowered Trans Am clone
    9. #9 May 21, 2012 at 10:12 pm

      1tinindian’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 79
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      I would like to add my thanks to RAMC and Year One for making the Bandit Run possible.
      Debbies undying efforts to arrange all our stops and making the places we visit a true joy is greatly appreciated.

      Dave and Michelle Hall, thank you for taking the time we had to get to know each other a little better. You and your family are a true pleasure to spend time with.

      To all the runners I bothered getting a picture with...THANK YOU!
      These will be a constant reminder of some of the best people I have ever met.

      The best part about the run is the lasting friendships that come from it, and this is what I take home with me and keep in my heart.

      You Franks boy...WOW, you guys are a hoot! Love you all!

      We made it home safe at 6:45 pm today, but we had a blast on the Tail of the Dragon yesterday. Got my son to drive it with my 79 T/A...he's never driven that car before, what a way to get used to it for the first time, right? LOL! He was awesome, and he earned his Dragon wings!



      Drive it like you stole it!

      1966 Pontiac Catalina (project)
      1979 Trans Am
      1983 Trans Am
      1995 Grand Prix GTP
      1998 GMC Sierra
      2004 Bonniville SLE
      1960 Triumph 650
      1982 Suzuki GS1100L
      1991 Yamaha FJ1200
    10. #10 May 21, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      sdcarsey’s Profile Photo
      Total posts: 14
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      This was my wife and I first run and we had a blast even tho our T/A didn't get finished in time. I enjoyed the gators (even tho the guy got bit and freaked my wife out) and really enjoyed Gresham's track time with the Vette! Would've liked to have that time at Barber too, but still had fun. If we are able, we will be joining the group every year if possible, real clean fun.

      Thanks to everyone that made it possible,
      Scott and Donielle


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    Forums > The Local Choke and Puke > Great Run!


    Cars > Groups > The Bandit Run > Forums > The Local Choke and Puke > Great Run!

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