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A little bit about Jerry, Mary, and Jack” Album
Description: Two questions I have been asked a lot lately. Do you or Mary ever do anything without the other? And: Who is Jack. I will try to answer both questions with this album.
First: who is Jack? Jack was a friend of both my parents. He has been my friend for over fifty years. His mother Trixie was like an extra Grandmother to me and his father was a dear friend. I was a pall bearer at both their funerals and have fond memories of them.
Jack had the one knee shot completely out of his leg by a W. German soldier in WWll. He spent 3 years in the hospital with a bad leg that never was fixed right. Jack is 88 years old and has no family (except for Mary and I). He recently went into the hospital when one of my grandsons found him on the floor unconscious. Jack is in long term care at the hospital as he does require around the clock assistance.
As long as I am able Jack will never lack for anything that I can provide. He is a dear friend and Mary and I both care for him a great deal.

Now for the hard question. Do Mary and I ever do anything apart from each other. No, we never have. We became friends when Mary was 12 and I was 15. I picked Mary up and took her to school everyday, picked her up at lunch, did her home work, took her back to school, and picked her up after school.
We were Married at a young age (Mary 14 Me 17). We are retired now but have had many businesses in our time and have always worked together. A long time ago I worked at Northrop Aircraft co. I became a foreman and Mary went to work for a friend across the isle from my area.

I consider my life before Mary as only practice. My life started the day I met her and I would not trade one day with her for everything on earth.
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