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Slideshow for the “Chopped 51 F-1” album.

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Chopped 51 F-1” Album
Description: My latest PROJECT...
I will be updating this album as I do different things to the truck. Some will be small and others may be major and I will photograph the process and progress.

Last week, I added the Torque Thrust Wheels and New Tires.

I am still polishing on the Old School Aluminum Slots...

I was off work today so... I took the dash all apart and started "detailing" it a little bit.
I stripped all of the parts off of it, Glove Box, Ash Tray, Trim, Speedometer and Guage Cluster, Headlilght Switch, Horn Button...
Then I spent some time sanding all of the trim pieces down as well as the Glove Box Lid, Ashtray, and finally the dash itself. A little bit of time and a lot of effort...
Then it was time to mask it all off and see if the idea I had in my head would look as good as I pictured in my mind!
I am hoping to add some Autometer Phantom guages to the dash SOON.
I am thinking that the White faces on the Phantom Guages will help achieve that LOOK that I am wanting.
Possibly backed up with some RED filters on the lights in the back of them!
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