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Slideshow for the “Face lift for Lil Angel” album.

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Face lift for Lil Angel” Album
Description: While I was in Nashville in my 88 Vette I attended the 2008 Nashville "Good Guys" car show. The show was a success, (shown in a different album here) But on the ride back to the motel I got in a traffic accident. I was hit from behind in stop & go traffic. Although only minor damage was done to the back end, it required replacing the rear clip. I decided to take my car to a local Corvette restoration shop to do the repairs. And while they were at I had them do a complete paint restoration job on the whole car. I had a gash in the hood inflicted by a rock from an 18 wheeler and numerous chips on the front end clip from 21 years of being on public roads. Here's how she turned out. These were taken in the shop and some dust is on the car and I will take better 'out door' pictures later.
By: TerryO
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Updated: Thu Oct 9, 2008 9:21 pm
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