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Slideshow for the “Father-In-Law's Escort Wagon Rocker Panel Repair” album.

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Father-In-Law's Escort Wagon Rocker Panel Repair” Album
Description: I started this project in the spring and it sat dormant all summer. Just recently I desided it was time to finish it up and call my labor trade even. He helped us out getting our roof done last fall before winter. I agreed to fix his rockers in trade for his help. I started on it in early spring, but my welder ran out of gas and wire before I got it done. I shifted my attention over to getting my Trans Am on the road before I got around to finishing his car. He had electrical problems my step-son was going to fix for him. He stepped aside and decided to let professionals do it. He trailered the car to our house and dropped it in our garage where I park the Trans Am. So I have to get this done before I can park the T/A there for the winter.
By: Crazyfast79TA
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Updated: Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:14 pm
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