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Summer Sport Bikes” Album
Description: Well our youngest decided to get a motorcycle this summer so I made him start reasonable with a nice easy to ride Suzuki GS500. It was a great starter bike. This fall he wanted to move up so my wife bought his 500 and he found a very nice GSXR600. Then we got a call back in September from someone we talked to about his Suzuki SV650 whos sale fell through and he needed to let it go cheap to pay bills. Our oldest son cried no fair so I ended up trading our old CT70 mini bike for a Yamaha R6 project bike for him with a bad engine. So this is how we went from no bikes to having four in six months!!! They are rediculously fast so everyones taking saftey courses. Mostly worried about our oldest @ 21 who seems to have a superman complex. Check em out. The SV650 and R6 pics will post later.
By: SittinLow
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Updated: Tue Dec 4, 2012 10:36 am
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