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The Metuchen High School Project Graduation/Metuchen Rescue Squad Benefit Car Show” Album
Description: It happened, the Show that was in a way, ten years in the making, "The Metuchen High School Project Graduation/Metuchen Rescue Squad Benefit Car Show." In reality, the Show was put together starting in the 2nd week of June, with a Show date of August 8, 2010, and in that short span of time, came the arduous task of getting Show Benefactors, Trophy Sponsors, a DJ, Bathroom facilities, Vendors, etc. In fact, only 2 weeks in to this process, we were almost going to pull the plug on the whole thing, because we didn't even have enough money to cover the Insurance. Thankfully, a number of local businesses stepped up to the plate, and 24 hours after we thought we'd have to cancel the Show, we had enough money to cover the insurance, the DJ, the Bathroom faculties, and all the other up front costs that are part and parcel of putting on a Car Show.
The weather cooperated, and while it was quite warm, high 80's, the humidity was down, and we had 43 vehicles in attendance.
The kids of both the 2010, and 2011 classes of Metuchen High School did the judging, after a rather thorough crash course on the subject, taught by Car Show veteran, my Son, Martin. We had our Mayor come down and pick his favorite car, and we even had a Celebrity judge, Robert Hedges (Juan Epstein of Welcome Back Kotter fame). Other than a minor mix-up on a few Trophy Plaques, all went well, our local Rescue Squad stopped by for a while, and unexpectedly, put on quite a Show for the crowd, as they roared off to the rescue of a local resident, who had been dragged by an fleeing felon, only blocks from the Car Show. Did I say all went well, okay, it actually did in the end, as the dramatic departure of the Crew and Rig from our Show, was a poignant reminder of why it was we needed to be there for them, because they showed, no matter what, they are there for anyone who needs them, any time, and anywhere they need them.
A HUGE thanks to our Benefactors and Trophy Sponsors (see copy of Show Program pages for their names), without whom this Show would not have happened, thank you to the kids from Metuchen High, who helped register, and judge at our Show, thank you to our Mayor, Tom Vahalla, the Police Department who were there if we needed them, and to all who attended, or somehow helped make this Show as good as it was.
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