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Truck” Album
Description: Here are some pics. of my semi truck that I own and drive everyday.

I am a 2005 freightline classic. I am baby blue which everyone calls it werner blue.

I have a 435 cat. with 255,000 on it right now. My engine is not even broke in yet. At one million miles I will be ready for a rebuilt. I can haul up too 45,000 lbs. at a time which then I will bne gross out at 80,000 lbs. I go 125 mph at 2100 rmps. When I am hauling a full load I can do 65 mph up a hill.

I have a 9 speed Eaton and Fuller tranny. I will have a 13 speed by the end of the summer.

I have 3:55 rear end. With 4 air bags.

I sleep two people at one time. Right now I never stop but to fuel, when the drivers are eatting, waitting for a load. and/or on home time. Home time is once every three month.

I have a lot of mods and will be getting more in the next few years.

I will keep pics that will show you the new mods as then happen.
By: jazzz
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Updated: Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:05 pm
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