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Unforgettable Autos 26th Annual Antique And Custom Car Show/Swap Meet” Album
Description: The day started off for yours truly with a near catastrophe, which took the form of the rubber line, hidden inside the steel braiding of the dual feed line for the Holley Double Pumper on my 1976 Trans Am, deciding to let loose, and start dribbling gasoline on to the Intake Manifold. Fortunately we noticed the problem as soon as it occurred, shut the Engine down immediately, and replaced the deteriorated rubber inner Line, with a fresh piece of Fuel Line. Problem solved, and we went to pick up my other car (1960 Plymouth Savoy), and headed out to the 26th annual Unforgettable Autos Club Show without any further incident. The Show set a record this year for the Unforgettable Autos, since moving to Skinner Plaza in Dunellen NJ some years ago, of 170 vehicles registered. The vehicles came in starting before the Show Field even officially opened at 9:00 A.M., and continued coming in waves until nearly 11:00 A.M. Vehicles ranging in age from Model T Station Hacks, to nearly modern customized vehicles, made up the Show Field, and while warm, it was nowhere near as unbearable as it has been in some years past. Even the threatened Showers held off until well after the Show had ended, hopefully allowing all the Vehicle Owners ample time to get their vehicles back in their Garages. Hopefully next year’s Show will be draw even more participants, and be an even bigger success than this year’s was.
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