Would you buy a car from me? – July 15, 1903

July 15th, 2010 by GoldyLocks

Master SalesmanIt is our everyday experience to see thousands of car ads and drive past a seemingly unlimited number or car sales lots.  Out here in the Midwest we watch these sales lots grow and evaporate about as fast as milk weeds.    But, everything has to start somewhere and the art of selling cars in America (at least big time, consistent sales) began with Ford Motor Company on this day, July 15, 1903 in Detroit.

The fellow who ordered the first Ford car put in his order at the factory and got the car a week later.   Oh, could it be so easy anymore.  No Carfax reports or VIN number lookups, and certainly not any finance companies to deal with…just money on the barrelhead.

If you have a short comment about a car sales or buying experience, please post it here.  This is the anniversary of  car sellin’ and buyin’.


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