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December 9th, 2008 by

The creators of Motortopia turned their passion for cars, bikes, planes, and boats into what Motortopia is today. They didn’t just build it for themselves, they built it for you. They consulted with dozens of car clubs about what they wanted. Many clubs said they would like free tools to handle online registrations for car shows. So with a lot of elbow grease, they created a set of tools that are easy to use and make managing registrations a breeze. When we build tools for you we got a lot of responses. Here are some kind words from people just like you.

“I’ll admit I was hesitant at first toward using Motortopia’s free online registration system because we had never used anything like it before for The Bandit Run. Boy am I glad we did though! It worked great with how we had always done things. It saved us a lot of time and headaches so that we could focus on making The Run better by planning fun activities. The staff was great, they helped us set it up and were always there to answer questions. I wouldn’t even think of putting on an event anymore without using Motortopia’s registration system.”

-Dave Hall- “The Bandit Run” &

“Motortopia’s online registration system has been a huge success for our club and great tool for our participants to register online. Entering mail in registrations is a breeze, which is great because that is how we have done it in the past and can still do with Motortopia. Plus, all of your information can be transferred to your own system with ease. One key step to successful future shows is proper data collection from past shows.

I like that it uses PayPal, which is the safest and easiest way to transfer funds online. If you have an automotive event that your participants need to register for, use Motortopia’s Online Registration System! I’m already on my second show with it. Thanks to Motortopia for bringing BCMC to the next era in car show logistics – online registration!”

-Jon Schultz – President – Beach Cities Mustangs Club

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