Trivia Question of the Day (Jan 6th, 2009)

January 5th, 2009 by JerryandMary

First Blood movie (1982)

Can anyone tell us where the writer got the name Rambo? Originally budgeted at $11 million, can you tell us about how much the film ultimately cost? For the scene where Rambo jumps from the cliff and falls through the trees, Sylvester Stallone opted to do the last part of the stunt himself, much to the concern of director Ted Kotcheff. His concerns were apparently well founded, as the stunt didn’t go as planned and Stallone broke three ribs. This apparently took place on camera and the shot is in the movie. do you know who did the rest of the stunt fall? Can you tell us the name of the Sporting good store that Rambo blows up? Please answer what you can. Take a guess if you don’t know for sure.




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