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Slideshow for the “Trigger 3 - looking back!” album.

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Trigger 3 - looking back!” Album
Description: I had two 76 t/a's to choose from for the biuld, i used the silver one only because it had a title. The maroon car shown here was bought on ebay for big $$$, a title was promised, he never came up with it. That turns the car to junk with parts value only. (Not right) I want to warn people of the scams that goes on,- on ebay. Very costly lies, beware!
That car needed less work, and was far better all around, which is what drew me in. Note all the maroon parts on the my car. I was very determanded to get my moneys worth out of that car. I think i did it's remains left in a 5x10 quad trailer far from full.
Two cars and still need more, notice the hoods orange. I got lucky at the swapmeet $200 ,but it was red with hand painted bird!....push on.
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